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Sport Coaching Webinars

MS in Sport Coaching Leadership

Learning in Drexel's Sport Coaching Leadership program extends beyond the classroom through our coaching webinars. World-renowned coaches, athletes, and others join us online to tackle a variety of hot topics facing coaches. Check out the list below to view any of our past webinars.

A bad playing field recognizing and remedying toxic cultures in sport: Perceptions for administrators, coaches and athletes Jeremy Piasecki

In this webinar, Jeremy will share:
  • The impact of a toxic culture in sport
  • Short term and long term issues on athlete performance and experiences from a mental, physical and emotional perspective, and
  • Exploring opportunities to address the problem of a toxic culture.

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Better Late Than Never - Lindsey Shoop

In this webinar, Lindsay discusses:

  • Help teams find their identity & purpose
  • Communicate effectively between athletes, coaches, and administrators
  • Implement strategies for goal-setting and trust-building, and how these might differ from scholastic, club, & collegiate athletics

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What is the Impact of Youth Sport?

In this webinar, Dr. Cameron Kiosoglous, Program Director for Drexel's Sport Coaching Leadership shares the following:

  • The foundations of what impact youth sport can make on the individual
  • The ways youth sport has evolved as a vehicle for change
  • The trends and directions for youth sport 

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Moving Beyond Sport: Specialization and Athlete Motivation Return to the Fun in Sport

In this webinar, Drexel University School of Education Assistant Clinical Professor Dr. Cameron Kiosoglous shares:

  • The fundamental principles of why we participate in sport
  • The balance between participation and performance
  • The debate of sport specialization and whole athlete development

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Injury prevention: Strategies to improve athlete performance - Ashley Goodrich

In this webinar, Ashley will share:

  • Insights on risk management and its application beyond just SafeSport training and abuse prevention
  • Issues relating to risk management as a way to implement comprehensive athlete care
  • How every aspect of life impacts sport performance ranging from academics, to mental health, to competition execution

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The Value of Sport in the U.S. - Daniel Freeman

In this webinar, Dan shares:

  • The power to create social change can be seen as benefit or detriment
  • How sports can empower athlete development
  • Insights on the complex debate over college athletes being paid to play

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Dear Coach: What I Wish I could Have Told You

Dr.Sara Erdner, CMPC asked athletes one question: What do you wish you could have told your coach but never did? In her book, Dear Coach: What I Wish I Could Have Told You, Letters from Your Athletes, athletes responded with the good and not-so-good via confidential letters, providing a wealth of knowledge for coaches, sports administrators, and all who care for athletes. 

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Athlete transition out of college sport

This 1-hour webinar discusses how athletes move on from being a player to the next step in their career.

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Can we develop athlete leadership: Lessons from the best

John Crawley, United States Olympic Committee High Performance Director discusses how his coaches and programs optimize performance. He also discusses the seven traits of athlete leadership that are relevant to sport teams at all levels. 

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What can coaches learn from olympic athletes about dedication to success

Cameron Kiosoglous, PhD, US Rowing National Team Coach and Drexel Sport Coaching Leadership program director shares his knowledge to help coaches understand more about the olympic athlete's commitment to success and how to apply that mindset into their coaching profession.

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Creating a culture of success

This webinar helps coaches assess the current climate and culture of their team, implement new strategies to change the culture, and monitor and continuously improve team culture.

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Athlete wellness of athlete burnout: Thinking long-term about athlete success

This webinar that takes a serious look at how coaches are being trained to view the young athlete from a long-term perspective and to help them enjoy and engage in sport for life. This discussion will focus on utilizing the USOPC American Development Model and how the model has influenced organizations like US Ice Hockey and US Lacrosse.

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Fundamentals of coaching with olympian Tim McLaren

In this webinar, Tim McLaren, a six-time olympic medal winning coach and athlete, explains the key factors of coaching effectiveness. 

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Meal ritual resets refuels fitness

Athletes’ life, training and fuel routines are generally fine-tuned to support health and performance. With this unprecedented change in lifestyle and routines caused by COVID-19, what is the optimal shift in diet to meet this new “normal” at least for the next several weeks? This webinar will share with athletes and coach’s tips on for more fuel burning while staying in place. 

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Starting strong: Creating success in life after sport

In this webinar, you will learn five essential steps to create success after sport in any climate. Learn how to create "You 2.0" to transform and achieve success in your life after sport.

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A Coach's Journey: Insight into a Coaching Career

Drexel University Director of Tennis Mehdi Rhazali shares insights from his coaching career. His journey began in Morocco and led him to Philadelphia where he has made a tremendous impact by growing the tennis program at Drexel University.

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Coach Wellness or Burnout

Dr. Ken Murczek shares strategies to help coach's avoid burning out in the coaching profession. Ken discusses the reasons why coaches try to outwork people and grind it out.

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Getting Better at Getting Better

So, you are a coach who is always looking for ways to get better, right? Sarah McQuade, a renowned coach and teacher, will share the most effective strategies to focus your time and energy on best practices from some of the best coaches.

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Going online with coaching

Tammy Merhtens from NZ Netball shares the keys to working with coaches remotely from the perspective of coaching development in New Zealand. Tammy will share adaptations to the principles of LEARNS, which is an athlete centered model for coach development, to help coaches adapt their practices to coaching remotely.

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A holistic approach to today’s baseball player

Caleb Mezzy is a Sport Management professor at Neumann University and Ed.D. student at Drexel University. In this presentation, he presents his dissertation research which is focused on developing a career transition model for professional baseball players. 

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Learning and sport participation: Personalizing your program and coaching older adult athletes

Rachel Le Mieux, an alumna of Drexel's Sport Coaching Leadership program shares her insights from her coaching experiences highlighting:

  • The challenges and joys of coaching older athletes
  • The need for us to better understand the adult athletes
  • Resources to support athlete and the coaches

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Keeping Athletes Engaged

John White, Drexel Squash Coach, discusses the current state of play as the head coach of the varsity men's and women's squash teams at Drexel University since 2011. A native of Queensland, Australia and a Scottish national, White is a former top-ranked player in the world. John shares his ideas on the following questions: What is the latest in coaching for you? How has sport changed? Where are we headed?

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Access to Sport Programming

Jimmy Lynch discusses the opportunities to equitable access to sports programming. There are growing numbers of issues that have a negative impact to participation. Jimmy shares  the need to focus on alleviating any challenges to participation that students encounter. He also shares ways school districts can be creative in how they offer their scholastic athletic programming.

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Building Team Identity with Lee Elias

Lee shares insights on how coaches and athlete can establish and maintain their team’s identity and mission. Lee also shares the importance of identity and the key to a developing the concept of team. This webinar includes the local, region and national community and how these areas can help create a culture in a successful program.

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The Future of Coaching: Moving Through These Uncertain Times

Chris Snyder, Director of Coaching Education for the US Olympic Committee, speaks about the future of coaching from an Olympic sport perspective that includes national governing bodies and specific sport organizations. Chris highlights the unique opportunity we face right now to advance the profession of coaching. Chris will speak to the vital role that coaches play in the development of athlete wellness and overall athlete and coach experience. 

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Flow State: The Power of Questions to Share the Learning Between Sport and Business with Jamie McPherson

Jamie has over 20 years of coaching in the sport and business context. His area of expertise is using question as a tool to improve performance and has work with the world’s leading athletes through to thought leaders in the business world. Jamie shares his experience on how to use effective strategies to transfer knowledge to improved performance.

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Working for Change in the Coaching Profession: A Conversation about Supporting and Retaining Good Women Coaches

In this session, Cameron Kiosoglous, program director with the Sport Coaching Leadership Program and Ellen J. Staurowsky, professor in the Department of Sport Management, will talk about the challenges women coaches face working in a male-dominated profession and the factors that affect the success of women coaches. They will also discuss strategies for supporting and retaining good women coaches. 

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Lessons from military to sport: Leadership qualities from the best with John O'Grady

In this webinar, John outlines key leadership qualities from 30 years in the military and sport, shares the key similarities and differences between leadership in sport and the military, and highlights ways to overcome the greatest leadership challenges.

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Dealing with the mental stressors in collegiate sport with Dianna Marinaro

In this webinar, Dianna Marinaro shares an outline of the key components of athlete wellness, warning signs of athlete burnout, and keys to assessing wellness and how to overcome athlete burnout. 

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Assessing Coaching with Liam McCarthy

In this webinar, Liam McMCarthy discusses how assessment in coaching is under-researched and as a result, often overlooked in the design and delivery of coaching education programs. He provides practical examples of case studies and concrete examples of contemporary approaches to assessment and assessment principles that coaches and others can consider and apply.

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Empathy and the Art of Listening with Madeline Barlow

 How good are your listening skills? In this webinar, Madeline Barlow shares insights into the power of "talk less, listen more," the importance of using silence and other listening skills, how empathy and the art of listening applies to coaching, and how to interrupt someone without being rude.

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Winning Strategies: Innovation and Creativity in Sport Leadership

In this interactive webinar, Dr. Larry Keiser explains how and why a creative and innovative mindset is needed in sports leaders and shares creativity tools and techniques sports leaders can use and implement within their teams.

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Mentoring and Supporting Coaches Improve their Own Performance with Chris Clements

In this webinar, Chris shares the work he is doing with the top coaches in the US, including innovative ways to help coaches self-reflect. He also shares insights into taking your own coaching practice to the next level. 

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Coaching and Developing Athletes from a Global Context

In this webinar, TJ Buchanan will share:

  • Insights into his role developing Lacrosse around the world
  • Connects between athlete development and coaching education
  • Innovative ways to promote sport as a vehicle for change

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Future of Sport and Athlete Development: Preparing our athletes for how sport is evolving

In this webinar, Ken Martel from USA Hockey describes how the USA Hockey ADM is at the center of coaching conversations, their vision for the future, and the latest trends in coaching.

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Lessons learned the hard way 

In this webinar, John Kessel shares lessons learned in his coaching and coaching development career. He provides thoughts and observations on coaching and sport during the COVID-19 pandemic, and provides directions and trends on where sport is heading post COVID-19.

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Making Sense of Learning in Lockdown: Supporting Coach Learning Virtually and the Future

In this webinar, Andy Bradshaw from UK Coaching shares insights of the coach and coach developer support programs and initiatives that UK Coaching has delivered over the last 6 months of lockdown. He highlights lessons learned in the online learning environment and discusses new and innovative approaches for future coach development programs.

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Staying Motivated: 2020 Olympic Preparations and Innovations From the Lockdown

In this webinar, Michelle De Highden from Gymnastics Australia discusses:

  • How preparations for the Tokyo Olympics 2020 are unfolding
  • The biggest challenges athletes and coaches are currently facing
  • Ways athletes and coaches are innovating in this time of extreme complexity 

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Moving coaching education through the COVID-19 world

In this webinar, Anna Swisher, Coach Education and Sport Science Manager for  USA Weightlifting, discusses:

  • What were USA Weightlifting trying to achieve with coach support when COVID-19 hit?
  • If only we knew then what we know now, what would have we done?
  • Trends and directions coach education and coach support is headed moving past COVID-19?

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The Evolution of Tennis and the Role of the Coach

In this webinar, Anne Davis from USA Tennis shares:

  • How the role of the coach in tennis has evolved in relation to athlete development
  • Current trends in coaching as it relates to athlete wellness and athlete development
  • Future directions of where coaching in tennis is headed beyond the COVID -19 pandemic 

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The Pressure to Perform in Professional Sport

In this webinar, Alex Auerbach, Director of Wellness and Development for the Toronto Raptors discusses:

  • His pathway from athlete to sport psychologist and how that helps in the transition from research to practice,
  • Current trends in the NBA and professional sport for support of athlete wellness, and
  • Strategies moving beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Managing the Transition from Assistant to Head Coach

In this webinar, Kim Chavers, Head Coach for Women's Rowing at Michigan State University shares:

  • Her transition to the role as Head Coach of the women’s rowing program at Michigan State
  • Things she found to have been helpful from her time in Drexel's Sport Coaching Leadership program in her current role
  • Advice for others who are preparing for a coaching career

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Handling the Pandemic: Opportunities and Challenges Now and Moving Forward

In this webinar, Asiya Mahmud, Assistant Head Rowing Coach for Drexel University shares: 

  • Ways the program has handled the challenges and opportunities from the pandemic
  • What is going on right now with the program
  • Moving forward how are the coaches and athletes preparing for the new year

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Sports nutrition: Translating science to practical application for professional sports teams. Dr. Nyree Dardarian (Part 1 of 2)

In this webinar, Dr. Nyree Dardarian, Sports Nutritionist for the Philadelphia Flyers and Philadelphia Union, shares her experiences feeding professional teams from the training center to the COVID-19 bubbles. Learn about environmental and individualized factors that improve a team’s nutritional status as well as meeting individual player goals.

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Culinary Nutrition, the role of a personal professional chef in an athlete’s home (Part 2 of 2)

What is the difference between a Chef and a Performance Chef? Chef Muse shares her experiences and expertise providing the highest quality of food from ingredients to preparation with some of the most prestigious athletes in the world. Learn how a private chef extends the training room to the dining room table by providing the dinner meal and nutritious snack meeting the personalized macronutrient and micronutrient needs of each player.

Rachel Muse, Private Performance Chef, Owner of Discreet & Delicious, also known as the Math Chef with her degree in mathematics. Cooking for high profile footballers in the English Premier League is her specialty.

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Sports Nutritionist and Performance Chefs: The bridge between science and application

Rachel Muse and Nyree Dardarian shares the importance of the collaboration and extension of sports and culinary nutrition. Sports nutritionists and performance chefs work together to provide meals for athletes to ensure the nutrients for high performance, rest and periodization are met while the player is eating what they like. Nyree and Rachel discuss how the bridge between nutrition education and the plate is accomplished.

Key Themes:

  • Building a collaborative approach between the sports nutritionist and performance chef
  • Bridging the gap between nutrition for sport and food on the plate

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