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Instructional Technology Specialist Certification

Drexel University School of Education

The ​Instructional ​Technology ​Specialist ​Certification ​program at ​Drexel ​University's ​School of ​Education ​is ​designed ​to ​address ​the ​dramatically ​increasing ​need ​in ​education ​for certified technology specialists ​at ​every ​level ​of ​K-12 ​schooling. ​The ​program ​is ​available ​for teachers or ​educators who ​already ​possess ​or ​are ​currently ​pursuing ​initial ​teaching certificates.

Through ​the technology ​specialist ​certification program, ​you will become ​an ​expert ​in technology ​planning, ​assessment, ​and ​implementation, ​and ​learn ​how ​to ​integrate technology ​into ​the ​curriculum, ​providing ​your ​school’s ​staff ​with ​long-term ​support.

Technology​ ​Specialist​ ​Certification​ Program Benefits

For ​those ​with ​an ​avid ​interest ​in ​the ​use ​of ​technology ​in ​the ​teaching ​and ​learning ​process, the ​Instructional ​Technology ​Specialist ​Certification ​program ​offers ​many ​advantages:

  • Technology-based ​learning ​combined ​with ​a ​field-based ​experience
  • A ​focus ​on ​leadership ​development ​for ​using ​and ​implementing ​technology
  • Incorporation ​of ​research ​in ​creativity ​and ​creative ​problem-solving
  • Heuristic ​diagnostic ​learning ​– ​focuses ​on ​individual ​learner, ​the ​content, ​and pedagogy
  • Depth ​of ​the ​professional, ​technological, ​and ​teaching ​experience ​of ​faculty

Instructional​ ​Technology​ ​Specialist Certification​ Admissions​ ​Requirements

Applicants ​for ​the ​Instructional ​Technology ​Specialist ​Certification ​program ​come ​from ​a variety ​of ​undergraduate ​and ​graduate ​backgrounds. ​Applicants ​should ​have ​a ​minimum undergraduate ​GPA ​of ​3.0 ​and ​possess ​a ​valid ​Pennsylvania ​Instructional ​I ​or ​II ​Teaching Certification. ​Elementary ​or ​secondary ​teacher ​certification ​is ​not ​a ​requirement ​for admissions ​to ​the ​program.

Instructional​ ​Technology​ ​Specialist Certification​ Curriculum

For ​those ​applicants ​who ​possess ​a ​Pennsylvania ​teaching ​certification, ​minimum certification course ​requirements ​include ​25.5 ​credits ​of ​specific ​pedagogy ​as ​outlined below. ​These ​credits ​may ​be ​incorporated ​into ​the Master ​of ​Science ​in ​Teaching, ​Learning and ​Curriculum ​or ​the MS ​in ​Learning ​Technologies ​programs, ​or ​used ​as ​electives ​for another ​master’s ​degree ​program.

Instructional ​Technology ​Specialist ​Certification ​also ​may ​be ​obtained ​by ​students ​without ​a teaching ​certification ​by ​completing ​two ​additional ​courses ​in ​addition ​to ​the ​25.5 ​credits.The ​student ​will ​also ​need ​to ​complete ​the ​Praxis ​I ​exam ​series. ​Students ​must ​achieve ​the grade ​of ​B ​or ​better ​in ​each ​graduate-level ​course ​needed ​for ​certification ​and ​receive passing ​Praxis ​Exam ​scores ​(if ​not ​already ​certified) ​in ​order ​to ​satisfy ​requirements. Students ​will ​not ​be ​recommended ​for ​the ​certification ​until ​all ​course ​requirements ​are ​met and ​all ​required ​sections ​of ​the ​Praxis ​Exams ​have ​been ​taken.

Course ​descriptions ​may ​be ​found ​in ​the Drexel ​University ​Catalog.

How ​to ​Apply ​for ​Instructional ​Technology ​Specialist Certification

The Instructional Technology Specialist certification program is offered 100% online. You can get started by filling out the Drexel Online application.