Academic Dismissal and Reinstatement

If a student is academically dismissed from Drexel University due to the criteria outlined on the Provost's website prior to the start of a co-op term, the student's co-op may be impacted. The University Registrar informs Steinbright if a student has been academically dismissed from the University. A student who has been dismissed must complete the reinstatement process with their assigned academic department prior to the end of the add/drop deadline of the first term of co-op.

A student who is dismissed and then reinstated is advised to contact their assigned co-op advisor.

If a student is academically dismissed and not reinstated, then the student's co-op employment registration, cycles, and COOP 201 course registration are removed. If employed, Steinbright will notify the employer in writing that the student is no longer an active student at Drexel University, and not eligible to receive co-op credit. Students with F1 or J1 visas are not legally permitted to continue employment if they have been academically dismissed.

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