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A-Round Is Here Again! (Reminders We Can All Use)

Posted on November 9, 2020
This Is Co-op

Regardless of how crazy things get in the world, one thing remains true — time marches on. There are still 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour, and that's still the same amount of time as it was last year (even if it doesn't feel like it right now).

This sometimes feels especially true at Drexel, especially with a quarter system that allows for more frequent breaks than most schools have. So here we are again, in fall term, and one other thing remains ever true: A-Round co-op job searching is about to begin!

Whether it's your first job search or your third, I wanted to share this post and reassure all students that overwhelming feeling is normal, and that you've got this.

So here's my advice for A-Round:

  • Remember that your résumé is never perfect, and it's never really "done." It's always worth it to take another look at your résumé or have someone else proof it one last time!
  • It's OK to not know what you want to do for your co-op. In fact, sometimes it's better that way. Keep your mind open whenever you're looking for jobs. It's the skills, opportunities, and responsibilities that count, not the title.
  • Just about everyone is overwhelmed during a job search, that's not "just you" or "just co-op." Searching for jobs is an uncertain endeavor — no one can tell you when it's going to end or how it's going to turn out. We just do the best we can, put our best foot forward, and see what happens. Additionally, you'll always be dealing with classes or another job (or two) on top of your job search, so finding the time and energy to review your résumé, submit applications, maybe write a cover letter or three…who has the time? No one, really, but we still find it. It's not just you — it's a lot. It's okay to feel overwhelmed at the prospect.

And that's the real bottom line — none of this is really co-op specific.

You don't have to know what to do with your career (I'm still working on that), you don't have to know what to do with your life — just figure out today. Make the best decisions you can right now to set yourself up for the next set of decisions, and then make those decisions when you get there. The co-op process and career development often feel most overwhelming when you're trying to plan four or five or forty-five years all in one moment — that's not how any of this really works.

So I encourage everyone, whether you're going on co-op soon, on co-op now, or in a program without a co-op:

  1. Figure out what you need to get done today.
  2. Figure out what you need to get done between now and the end of fall term.
  3. Leave it at that.

And of course, if you have any questions or concerns about your career plans and development, Steinbright can help. You can meet with your co-op advisor or one of our stellar career counselors, who work with students from their first day at Drexel all the way through their careers. Alumni are always welcome to reach out.

We'll get there — one way or another!

Dates and deadlines for the undergraduate and graduate co-op programs can always be found on our Important Dates and Deadlines page.

Rachel is enthusiastic about learning and lifespan development, and enjoys Philly sports (especially the Flyers), gardening, and watching TV in her free time.

Rachel Callahan

Senior Co-op Advisor for Training & Development