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Courses Delivered on the Internet

Policy Statement

This official policy of Drexel University ("Drexel" or "University") concerns educational course development and delivery where delivery is through the internet. It also considers the ownership of intellectually property comprising the concept, content, expression and mode of delivery of a course of instruction delivered through the internet ("e-Course"). As such, it modifies the University's Copyright Policy.

The University recognizes and respects the intellectual effort and work of its employees ("Employee/Creator") who develop e-Courses. Two types of Employee/Creator developed e-Courses are considered in this policy:

  • A "University-Owned e-Course" is conceived and developed by an Employee/Creator through a documented work assignment ("Commission") and is owned by the University.
  • An "Employee-Owned e-Course" is conceived and developed, with or without the use of university facilities, during or not during customary work hours, independent of a documented work assignment ("Employee-Owned e-Course") and is owned by the Employee/Creator.

Beginning immediately, the Provost will maintain an official Catalog of e-Courses ("e-Catalog"). The e-Catalog will always be a subset of the official General Catalog of Courses of the University. Because the e-Catalog is a subset of the official General Catalog, all e-Courses will have been approved through the standard course review and approval processes of the University. The e-Catalog will contain the official description of all courses that are offered and delivered entirely through the internet. Some courses may be simultaneously delivered both using the internet and without using the internet. If a course is offered during a given term by both means of delivery, both will be shown in the schedule of offerings published for that term.

Senior management of the University may elect to contract with Drexel e-Learning, Inc., or with some other corporation ("e-Firm"), to market and deliver any or all e-Courses to students of the University. In such cases, the Provost will coordinate interaction between the academic deans and directors who are responsible for the academic content and supervision of instruction of e-Courses with the e-Firm(s) contracted to market and deliver the e-Courses.

At the inception of the e-Catalog, all courses listed therein represent intellectual property owned by the University. In time, there will be three possible origins of courses contained in the e-Catalog:

  • those included from the inception of the e-Catalog;
  • University-owned e-Courses; and
  • Employee-Owned e-Course(s) owned by other individuals or entities but for which the University holds a license(s) for use. The Provost will be solely authorized to make changes (additions or deletions) to the e-Catalog.

Commissions for the development of University-Owned e-Courses can include the conversion of a conventional course to an e-Course as well as development of a "New e-Course". If the Commission is for a New e-Course, the Provost will determine prior to the Commissioning that the course has been approved according the University's regular procedure for the approval of a new course Prior to Commissioning the development of a New e-Course, the Provost will confer with the authorized officials of the e-Firm(s) to determine the market potential for the New e-Course and with the Dean of the appropriate college to determine the suitability of the New e-Course for inclusion into the e-Catalog. If the faculty and the dean consider its inclusion appropriate, the faculty will formally submit the e-Course for consideration and approval according to standard procedure for adoption of a course. If the New e-Course is entered into the General Catalog of the University, the Provost may grant permission in writing for the e-Firm(s) to market the New e-Course.