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Diversity and Multiculturalism Course List

Drexel University strives to provide enriching educational opportunities that prepare students to thrive and flourish in a diverse world. To support that goal, we encourage you to learn about, appreciate, and value a variety of cultures, life experiences, and perspectives other than your own. This list contains courses that increase awareness of diversity, equity, and social justice issues both domestically and globally. Please note that certain courses may require prerequisites other than the general University requirements and may also have additional restrictions.

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Course Title
AFAS 101  Intro to Africana Studies
AFAS 201 Cross Currents in Africana Studies
AFAS 210 Topics in Africana Arts
AFAS 220 Topics in Africana Society
AFAS 230 Topics in African History
AFAS 240 Topics in Africana Current Events
AFAS 250  African American Herstories
AFAS 260 Race, Politics and Religion
AFAS 385 Rum, Rice and Revolution: Caribbean
AFAS 295  ST: Representing Race
AFAS 295  ST: Gender & BLK Poplar Culture
AFAS 301  Politics of Hip Hop
AFAS 395 Special Topics in Africana Studies
ANTH 101  Cult Divers: Intro Cult Anthro
ANTH 117  Intro to World Religions
ANTH 205  Imagining Africa
ANTH 210  Worldview: Science, Religion and Magic
ANTH 212  Topics in World Ethnography
ANTH 215  Anthropology of Gender
ANTH 250  Anthropology of Immigration
ANTH 255  Psychological Anthropology
ANTH 265  Health and Healing Practices from a Cross-Cultural Persp
ANTH 270  Comparative Religious Ethics
ANTH 310 Societies In Transition: The Impact of Modernization and the Third World
ANTH 312  Approaches to Intercultural Behavior
ANTH 330 Media Anthropology
ANTH 350 Anthropology of Language
ANTH 363  Scared Traditions of the East
ARCH 421  Enviro Psych & Design Theory
ARTH 301  Asian Art and Culture
BACS 100  Life Span Human Development
BIO 444  Human Genetics
BLAW 358  Employment Law
CHP 670 Multicultural Competence in Community Health and Prevention
CHP 683 Intersectional Perspectives
CJS 210 Race, Crime, and Justice
CJS 220 Crime and the City
CJS 261 Prison, Society, and You
CJS 280 Communities and Crime
CJS 320 Comparative Justice Systems
CJS 362  Gender, Crime and Justice
CJS 372 Death Penalty - An American Dilemma
CJS 376 Sentencing: The History, Necessity and Morality of Punishment in America
COM 101  Human Communication
COM 200  Current Events in Media and Communication
COM 210  Theory/Models Of Commun
COM 246  Media & Identity
COM 250  Diversity in Media
COM 342 English Worldwide
COM 345 Intercultural Communication
COM 355 Ethnography of Communication
COM 360  International Communication
COM 362 International Negotiations
CULA 310  Fund of French Cuisine
CULA 405  Culture and Gastronomy I
CULA 427  The Kitchen Garden: Fall
DANC 190  African Dance Technique I
ECON 342  Economic Development
EDHE 664  Strat Ed Success
EDHE 669  Diversity in Higher Education
EDPO 636  Access & Equity in ED PM
EDUC 216 Diversity & Today's Teacher
EDUC 265 Instruction on English Language Learners
EDUC 316 Teaching Urban Contexts
EDUC 411  Family & Community
EDUC 500 Introduction to Global, International and Comparative Ed.
EDUC 504 The History and Theory of Comparative Ed.
EDUC 506 Comparative higher Education Systems
EDUC 510 Culture, Society and Education in Comparative Ed.
EDUC 512 Global and Educational Change
EDUC 514 Education and National Development
EDUC 516 Diversity and Today's Teacher
EDUC 518 Analysis of Policy in Global, Intl, and Comparative Ed.
EDUC 520 Comparative Economics of Education
EDUC 541 Special issues in Sustainability
EDUC 565 Foundations in Instructing English Language Learners
EDUC 608  The Intercultural Learner
EDUC 609 Language and Culture in Education
EDUC 775 ST: Global Education Colloquium
EDHE 500 Foundations of Higher Education
EDHE 520 Student Development and Management
EDHE 530 Higher Education Law
EDHE 660 Principles of Adult Education
EDHE 662 Critical Issues in Student Affairs
EDHE 664 Strategies for Educational Success
EDHE 669 Diversity in higher Education
EHRD 500 Foundations of Human Resource Development
EHRD 600 Organizational Consulting
EHRD 602 Coaching and Mentoring for sustainable Learning
EHRD 607 Global Human Resource Development
ENGL 203  Survey of World Literature
ENGL 204  Postcolonial Literature
ENGL 207  African American Literature
ENGL 220  LGBT Literature and Culture
ENGL 307  Literature of Genocide
ENGL 325  Topics in World Literature
ENGL 335  Mythology
ENGL 345  American Ethnic Literature
ENGL 350  Jewish Literature and Civilization
ENGL 355  Women and Literature
ENGL 365  Topics in African American Literature
ENGL 492  Seminar in World Literature
ENVS 323 Tropical Field Studies
EOH 510 Principles and Practice of Environmental and Occupational Health
EOH 550 Introduction to Urban Health
EOH 615 Environmental and Occupational Health Policy
EPI 621  Social Epidemiology
EPI 633  Urban Inequality and Health: Theory, Evidence, and Action
GST All Courses
GSTD 150  Intro to World Religions
HIST 118  History of Modern Biology
HIST 153  Culture, Ethnicity, Religion: An Introduction to Jewish Studies
HIST 155  The Historical Jesus
HIST 161  Themes World Civilization I
HIST 162  Themes World Civilization II
HIST 163 Themes in World Civilizations III
HIST 206  Race and Islam
HIST 208  Women in American History
HIST 212 Themes in African-American History
HIST 214  Civil Rights
HIST 215  American Slavery
HIST 216 Freedom in America
HIST 218 Race and Film in United States History
HIST 222  Hist Work & Workers in America
HIST 235  The Great War, 1914-1918
HIST 236  World War II
HIST 239  The Pacific War
HIST 248 History of Holocaust
HIST 249 Modern Jewish History
HIST 250  European Revolutionary Movements and Ideology, 1815-1914
HIST 251  Fascism
HIST 253  Jewish Life and Culture in the Middle Ages
HIST 254  Russian History Before 1900
HIST 255  20th Century Russia and USSR
HIST 257  The Reformation
HIST 260 Coexistence and Conflict: Jews, Christians, and Muslims in the Early Mediterranean
HIST 261  Making of Modern South Asia
HIST 264  East Asia in Modern Times
HIST 267  Twentieth Century World I
HIST 268  20th Century World II
HIST 270  Intro Latin American History
HIST 279  History of Modern Medicine
HIST 287  History of Science: Ancient to Medieval
HIST 288  History of Science: Medieval to Enlightenment
HIST 289  History of Science: Enlightenment to Modernity
HIST 291  Global History of Engineering
HIST 293  Global Legal History
HIST 303  The Study of Global History
HIST 315  History of Capitalism
HIST 320  Disaster in Global History
HIST 321  Themes in Global Environmental History
HIST 332  Empire and Environment
HIST 333  US-Mexican War
HIST 338  The Vietnam War
HIST 355  Venice and the Mediterranean from the Middle Ages to Napoleon
HIST 358  Witches, Demons, and Witch-hunters in European History
HIST 365  Science and State Power: Colonialism
HIST 366  The Black Atlantic: Slave Societies of the Americas
HIST 385  Transnational History of Science, Technology and Environment
HMP 550 Health Disparities: Systemic, Structural, Environmental & Economic
HMP 551 Historical and Contemporary Developments in Social Justice
HMP 552 Perspectives on Gender, Race, Ethnicity, and Social Class
HRM 130 Tourism I
HRM 150  Customer Service
HRM 215  Commercial Food Production
HRM 355  Resort Management
HRM 415  Fine Dining & Services
HRM 435  Wine and Spirits
HRM 455  Hospitality Human Rsc Mgmt
HRM 501  Found of the Hospitality Ind
HRM 610  The Global Tourism System
HRMT 323  Princ Human Resource Admin
HSAD 316  Health Care across Cultures
HSAD 323  Health Services & the Elderly
HSAD 336  Urban Health Care
HSCI 313  Clinical Trials Protocols
INFO 105  Introduction to Informatics
INFO 110  Human-Computer Interaction I
INFO 215  Soc Aspects of Info Systems
INTB 200  International Business
INTB 332  Multinational Corporations
JWST 211 American Jewish History
JWST 212 Contemporary Jewish Life
JWST 213 Jewish Cultural Tapestry
JWST 214 Language and Cultural Diversity in the USA
JWST 215 Reconstructing History After Genocide
JWST 216 Yiddish Literature & Culture
JWST 221 Anthropology of Interfaith Relations
JWST 280 Special Topics in Judaic Studies
JWST 298 Field Work in Judaic Studies
JWST 299 Independent Studies in Judaic Studies
LING 102 Language and Society
MKTG 357  Global Marketing
MLSC 210  Innovative Tactical Leadership
MLSC 230  Adaptive Team Leadership
MLSC 310  Leadership in Contact
MLSC 320  Complex Team Leadership Issues
MLSC 410  Developing Adaptive Leaders
MUSC 331  World Musics
NFS 391  Community Nutrition
NURS 303  Women's Health Nursing
NURS 308  Mental Health Nursing
NURS 325  Critical Issues in Nursing
NURS 337  Genetics in Nursing and Health
NURS 346  Health Assessment
NURS 370  Issues in Aging and Longevity
NURS 375  Nurses Building a Healthy Comm
NURS 403  Community Publ Hlth Nursing
NURS 460  Global Health & Policy Issues
ORGB 420  Negotiations & Conflict Resol
PBHL 304 Introduction to Health & Human Rights 
PBHL 313 The Social Determinants of Health and Well-Being 
PBHL 333 Health Inequality 
PBHL 457 Adapting to a Hotter Climate: Protecting Health of Vulnerable Populations
PHIL 102 Introduction to Eastern Philosophy
PHIL 212  Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 291  Judaism and Christianity
PHIL 330 Ethical Issues in Crim Justice
PHIL 335 Global Ethical Issues
PHIL 391  Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 421  Seminar in Ancient Philosophy
PHTO 452  Hist Contemporary Photography
PRMT 210  Rental Prop & Fair Housing Law
PRMT 333  Social Resp for Prop Mgrs
PSCI 100  Intro Political Science
PSCI 140  Intro Comp Political Analysis
PSCI 150  International Politics
PSCI 211  American Government II
PSCI 252  Global Governance
PSCI 255 International Politics Economics
PSCI 260 Social Movements in Comparative Perspective
PSCI 329  Theories of Justice
PSCI 345 Comparative Politics of the Middle East
PSCI 351  International Organizations
PSCI 352  Ethics and Intl Relations
PSCI 353 International Human Rights
PSCI 357 The European Union in World Politics
PSCI 360 International Law
PSCI 375 Politics of Immigration
PSCI 377 Politics of Latin America
PSY 150  Intro Social Psychology
PSY 222  Psych Probs Modern Youth
PSY 225  Child Psychopathology
PSY 244  Culture and Personality
PSY 252  Death and Dying
PSY 254  Psychology of Sexual Behavior
PSY 270  Psychology of Hate
PSY 356  Women's Health Psychology
PSY 368  Psychology - Inequity & Injustice
SMT 230  Sports and the Law
SMT 340  International Aspects of Sport
SOC 101  Introduction to Sociology
SOC 115  Social Problems
SOC 207  Medicine and Society
SOC 210  Race and Ethnic Relations
SOC 215  Sociology of Work
SOC 220  Wealth and Power
SOC 222  Sex and Society
SOC 230  Gender and Society
SOC 235  Sociology of Health and Illness
SOC 240  Urban Sociology
SOC 244  Sociology of the Environment
SOC 261  Sex and The City
SOC 271  Sociology of Aging
SOC 276  Global Climate Change
SOC 313  Sociology of Global Health
SOC 318  Social Networks and Health
SOC 320  Sociology of Deviance
SOC 330  Development and Underdevelopment in the Global South
SOC 340  Globalization
SOC 346  Environmental Justice
SOC 406  Housing and Homelessness
WGST 101 Introduction to Women's Studies
WGST 220 Writing on the Body
WGST 225 Women and Human Rights Worldwide
WGST 230 Arab Women Writers
WGST 235 African Francophone Women Writers
WGST 240  Women/Society Global Context
WGST 250  African American Herstories
WGST 260 Gender and Judaism
WGST 265 Sexuality and Dictatorship
WGST 270 Cigarettes and High Heels
WGST 275 Women's Health & Human Rights
WGST 280 Special Topics in Women's Studies
WGST 301 Seminar in Feminist Theory
WGST 308  Queer Theory
WGST 320 Masculinities
WRIT 315  Writing for Social Change