This message was shared with faculty and staff on September 22. 

Dear Colleagues,

Last year, the University updated its Course Enrollment policy to ensure that all policies, procedures and deadlines governing course registration would also be applied to co-op registration [Course and Co-op Enrollment (PO-23)]. These changes improved the student experience and degree progression by ensuring all full-time undergraduate students were enrolled in classes or co-op prior to the add/drop deadline.

The next step to improve the student experience is changing the withdrawal options for students during their co-op cycle. An updated policy, Course and Co-Op Withdrawal (PO-25), has been approved and will take effect with the upcoming fall/winter co-op cycle.

Key Changes

  • Students need to withdrawal from their co-op according to the same timetable as Course Withdrawal.
  • A Co-op Withdrawal is not permitted in all situations, including after termination by a co-op employer or other circumstances resulting in a co-op failure (NCU).

You can find more information about the Course and Co-op Withdrawal (PO-25) policy on the Provost’s website. Students will receive notification of this policy change next week.

These changes represent another significant shift in the University's co-op policies and an important step in improving the co-op experience while keeping students on track toward degree completion.

We sincerely thank our colleagues who will help to lead and support students through this transition.


Paul E. Jensen
Executive Vice President
Nina Henderson Provost

Subir Sahu
Senior Vice President for Student Success