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Academic News and Key Reminders for Students

Winter Quarter 2019-20

January 6, 2020

Dear Students, 

Happy New Year, and welcome to Winter quarter 2020.

I wish you all a healthy, interesting and productive quarter. To help you navigate the quarter, here are a few key reminders for the Fall Quarter. 

Academic Calendar

Key dates for Winter Quarter can be found at

Some Key dates for our Winter Quarter 2020 are:

Winter Quarter 2019-20

  • Classes begin: Monday, January 6, 2020
  • Course Add/Drop deadline via DrexelOne (11:00PM): Sunday, January 12, 2020
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. day (University Holiday): Monday January 20, 2020
  • Course Withdrawal deadline: Friday, February 21, 2020

Policy Notes

Academic policies may be found at Among various policies that have been updated to better promote student engagement and success, I call your attention to the following policies:

Enrollment Confirmation

All students are required to confirm their term enrollment; they will be alerted to confirm enrollment upon log in to Drexel Connect.

Course Enrollment

Attendance in a class requires official enrollment for two primary reasons:

  • many courses use Drexel Learn (Blackboard Learn) which requires enrollment and students are precluded from access without official enrollment
  • students sitting in class with or without instructor knowledge leads to late add requests; enrollment must be linked to attendance in a class for compliance, data accuracy, and safety.
Course Add/Drop

The add/drop period extends through the first week of the quarter.

Course Withdrawal

The withdrawal period begins the second week of the quarter and ends on Friday February 21, 2020.

Academic Integrity

The rationale for the policy is clearly stated: “Drexel University expects all members of its community to uphold the highest values of academic integrity.”  Possible violations include the use of electronic media and self-plagiarism.

Course Repeat

Noting that several Drexel courses require a C grade in their prerequisite courses, this policy reduces the penalty incurred in students’ GPAs for a limited number of instances of sub-par performance. With enhanced advising and tracking of student performance, students will be allowed to petition, upon registering to retake a course that only the highest grade be counted in cumulative GPA. This petition may be sought and used up to a maximum of four separate occurrences in the course of an undergraduate degree. This option is limited to one occurrence for each specific course for courses in which the prior grade was a C- or below. Advisor guidance is required in this process as the petition form can only be retrieved directly from undergraduate advisors.  Notwithstanding, each time a course is taken appears on the transcript and credit toward degree counts only once per course. Students who do not petition the grade substitution option or have exceeded the allowed occurrences for grade substitution, will have all repeated grades averaged into their term and cumulative GPAs. 

Academic Standing – Undergraduate Students

Students may be dismissed and reinstated to the University a maximum of two times. A third academic dismissal will result in final and permanent dismissal from the University without the right to return. 

Satisfactory Academic Progress

All students are reviewed by the Office of Financial Aid each year to ensure they are making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).  Withdrawing from courses as well as adding or dropping courses may impact a student’s academic progression and time to degree, Title IV financial aid funding for the term in question, and will be considered in the assessment of Satisfactory Academic Progress. Before withdrawing from class, you are urged to review the impact of withdrawal on their program plan, particularly if withdrawing from critical pre-requisite courses. Contact Drexel Central or your academic advisor to determine the potential consequences of withdrawal on fulfillment of federal financial aid criteria. You are strongly encouraged to review the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy posted on the Drexel Central website.

Please see information on the Financial Aid website:

Change of Academic Program - Undergraduate Students

The change of major process has been streamlined.

Statute of Limitations for Change of Grades or to the Academic Record

This policy specifies a one-year timeframe under which appeals for such changes will be considered.

Statute of Limitations on Earned Course Credit

This policy specifies the timeframe for acceptance of courses taken in years prior.


Drexel Learning Alliance

The Learning Alliance is a network of offices on campus and online that support students' academic success including tutoring. By working together, the partner offices ensure students receive guidance and support, and this network provides a direct referral to additional resources when needed. The member offices of the Learning Alliance can be found at

Center for Learning and Academic Success Services (CLASS)

The Center for Learning and Academic Success Services (CLASS) <> and empowers students to develop skills and strategies that foster academic success and personal growth through purposeful interactions with peers and professional staff.

CLASS supports Drexel University students' efforts to achieve their academic goals through a variety of services, including Academic Coaching, Tutoring, Teaching GSTD 100: Strategies for Academic Success, Workshops and Events. CLASS also houses several programs that promote student success and academic engagement.

Religious Observances

The Religious Observances Policy respect for the diverse spiritual backgrounds of the Drexel community and sets guidelines to accommodate the observance of religious holidays and practices.  Please review this policy and the Religious Observances Calendar 

which lists dates for most observances that might be invoked. Instructors are expected to provide appropriate accommodations for religious observances. More information on religious accommodations can be found at <>.

Absence from Class

In the event of absence due to a routine medical illness, students are encouraged to notify instructors that they will be unable to attend class and engage in appropriate self-care. Extended absences due to medical illness may require supportive documentation. Policies on absences due to several factors can be found at:

Medical illness <

Extended absence - Absence from Class <>

Religious observance - Statement on Religious Observances<>

Military service - Absence due to Military Service <>

University Sponsored Activities - Absence from Class<>

Disability Accommodations

Through the Office of Equality and Diversity’s Disability Resources (DR) team, the University provides reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities to ensure equal educational and employment access, including equal access to University courses, programs, facilities, services, and activities. Please see the Office of Equality and Diversity's general policies page to access the Reasonable Accommodation of Individuals with Disabilities policy along with the Service and Assistance Animals Policy.

Students, faculty or staff seeking reasonable accommodations for their disabilities must register with DR to receive an accommodation. It is the individual's responsibility to provide their Accommodation Verification Letter (AVL) to the person facilitating their accommodations in advance of when those accommodations are needed, and to inform them of which of their approved accommodations they are requesting to use. Student AVLs are now provided to instructors electronically using the ClockWork5 system. When providing or facilitating accommodations for students with disabilities, it is important to remember that any student with a disability should be treated exactly the same as all other students, with the only exception being the accommodations specifically stated on the student's Accommodation Verification Letter (AVL). If a student requests an accommodation not listed on their AVL, they must be referred to DR to have those additional requests reviewed and evaluated.

Student statements of honor

In conjunction with the Academic Integrity Policy and the Student Code of Conduct, statements of honor have been approved for the undergraduate student population. 

Undergraduate Students

As members of the Drexel University undergraduate student body, we seek to uphold a learning environment that embraces preeminent standards of education, integrity, and community. We strive to conduct ourselves in a manner that is beyond reproach, adhering to the University's Code of Conduct and Academic Honesty policies. Devoted to the principles of mutual respect, equality, and honor, we assume an obligation to serve one another.

Drexel Central: Student Financial & Registration Services

Drexel Central <> provides services to students and families regarding billing, financial aid and registration issues.  Drexel Central has three offices:

University City Campus - Main Building, Room 106

Center City Campus - New College Building, Room 1142

Queen Lane Campus - Room G-27 

Promoting an Inclusive and Respectful Learning Environment

The mission of the Office of Equality & Diversity (OED) is to promote, support, and sustain a welcoming University environment of equality, fairness and respect that fosters life-long learning through diversity and inclusion. OED is responsible for ensuring equal opportunity and compliance with University policies and federal, state and local laws prohibiting discrimination based upon race, color, religion, gender (sex), marital status, pregnancy, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, genetic information, and any other prohibited characteristic. Please review the policies: Equality and Non-Discrimination Policy OED-1 and Sexual and Gender-based Harassment and Misconduct Policy OED-3.

For more information, please refer to the WIRED Guide at Students, faculty members, and professional staff with questions about or complaints concerning discrimination, harassment, and/or retaliation should contact the Office of Equality and Diversity at 215.895.1405 or Please visit the OED website and Title IX Resource Page for more information.

Security and Safety on Campus

Drexel University's Department of Public Safety prides itself on maintaining a safe campus environment for its students, faculty, and staff. The members of the Department of Public Safety are committed to the highest standards of quality in promoting a safe and problem-free educational environment. Drexel Public Safety encourages students, faculty, and staff to be alert, take precautions, and report crimes and suspicious activities. Your efforts to stay well-informed and take preventive action will help in maintaining the safest possible environment on Drexel’s campuses. “If you see something, say something.” For emergencies dial 215.895.2222 or 911. For non-emergencies dial 215.895.2822. Encourage students to register their cell phones for DrexelAlert and sign up for Drexel Guardian. The Public Safety website also contains a great deal of information that will help guide you. Here are some of the links that we think will be of great interest and benefit to you:

Drexel Student Veterans and their Dependents, Service Members

Drexel is proud to sponsor the Yellow Ribbon Program and provide educational opportunities for military veterans and their dependents as well as service members (including active duty and National Guard) across all of the University's programs. The University is committed to promoting an environment of support including assessing individual needs and providing services necessary to ensure the opportunity to participate fully in college life while meeting their service requirements. The Office of Veteran Student Services unifies services and support, and provides mentorship for student veterans and their dependents service members. These services include the provision of: admissions assistance; financing & certification of benefits; academic resources and support services referrals.

Students may contact Dr. Rebecca Weidensaul, Assistant Vice President at 215.895.2501 or For more information, visit the Office of Veteran Student Services at 215 Creese Student Center, 3210 Chestnut Street.

International Students and Scholars Services

All international students should be enrolled full time. The International Students and Scholars Services office staff advises international students, scholars and faculty on immigration, cultural and personal concerns. The ISSS office can be found in Main Building, suite 222.

With best wishes,

Dr. Shivanthi Anandan
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education