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Return FAQ for Students: Winter Quarter / Spring Semester 2022

Drexel University returned to in-person instruction for the Winter Quarter / Spring Semester 2022 the week of January 17. The following are frequently asked questions about the return to campus as it relates to academics and the classroom. For the latest public health and COVID-19 guidelines, please visit the Drexel Response to Coronavirus.

Last Updated: January 18, 2022

Classroom Health & Safety

Are masks required in classrooms?

As of August 3, 2021, Drexel requires all students and employees to wear a mask in all on-campus public and shared spaces, including instructional and research settings, regardless of vaccination status. Specifically, masks are to be worn in classrooms, lecture halls and seminar rooms. Masks are also now required when in Drexel libraries and in designated teaching and research laboratories/spaces. In addition, masks must be worn in all public spaces and settings where members of the public will use University facilities or visit the University. In general, at this time masks should be worn when indoors unless you are alone in an office or have a special exemption.

As of January 5, 2022, the University now strongly recommends that all members of the Drexel community upgrade their masks to KF94, KN95 or other NIOSH-approved, valveless respirator masks. While 2-layer, surgical face masks with wire clips are still somewhat effective, strongly consider doubling up with a surgical mask underneath a cloth mask that fits snugly against your face. Neck gaiters, masks with valves, and scarves DO NOT count as adequate face coverings indoors at Drexel.

Are there circumstances in which students may ask for exemption from wearing a mask?

Students who are seeking accommodation based on a documented disability should contact the Office of Disability Resources at to determine if they meet the criteria for approval.

Can students or instructors remove their masks when speaking, eating or drinking in class?

Both students and instructors must keep their masks on for the entirety of the class period. Please refrain from eating in the classroom. If a student needs to drink water, they may briefly drop their mask, take a sip of their beverage, and then return the mask to correct positioning, covering both nose and mouth.

What if a student refuses to wear their mask in the classroom?

Drexel employs a layered approach to protecting the health and safety of our community. Masking is an important part of our collective commitment to reducing risk and staying safe on campus this fall.

If a student is not wearing a mask in the classroom, an instructor can ask the student to wear a mask. This may involve determining if there is a reason why the student is unable to comply with the request; for instance, they may not have a mask. If the instructor is able to assist the student in complying, such as directing them as to where to find a mask, they will do so. If the student refuses to mask, the instructor will inform the student that they will be referred to Student Conduct and they will be asked to leave the class.

Can my instructor ask for my vaccination status?

No, instructors are not allowed to ask students about vaccination status or other medical information. Members of the Drexel community cannot ask for an individual’s vaccination status unless the former is a University employee specifically tasked with ensuring that such requirements are met. The University will not share vaccination status with any faculty or staff member, other than those in a health and safety role on a need-to-know basis.

Do fully online graduate or undergraduate students need to provide evidence of vaccination status?

Per Drexel University’s policy, vaccination is not required for students who are attending fully online classes with no in-person requirements, who are not living on campus, AND who are not returning to campus at any time for any other reason including on-campus work, social engagements, or other extracurricular or programmatic activities. DragonCards will be deactivated for all students — including fully online students — who have not uploaded their proof of vaccination to the Drexel Health Checker unless they have received an approved medical or religious exemption; however this will not impact the ability to register for or attend/complete fully online classes. If at any time an online student enrolls in an in-person course on campus and/or a course that has any on-campus requirements, the student must comply with the mandatory vaccination requirements. If a student plans to be a visitor on campus at any time, they should follow the campus visitor COVID-19 requirements.

Is the University enforcing distancing in the classroom?

As of June 10, the University is operating at 100% capacity in all classrooms, labs, workspaces and University spaces. Consistent with current Philadelphia public health guidelines, there is no required social distancing.

What is the University doing to ensure its classrooms and facilities are safe?

As part of its commitment to in-person instruction, Drexel has taken many steps to prepare our classroom spaces and protect the health and safety of our community, with required vaccination and booster shots (for those eligible) among the most important steps. Drexel Real Estate and Facilities has assessed the ventilation systems in each classroom and office space and purchased hundreds of new air filtration devices. Masking also remains a requirement in all on-campus public and shared spaces, including instructional and research spaces, in line with City of Philadelphia requirements, to add a layer of protection against breakthrough infection and reduce the potential of classroom exposures. For more information on what the University is doing to ensure its classrooms and facilities are safe, please visit the Health and Safety page of the Drexel Response to Coronavirus website.

Accommodations and Absences

How is the University accommodating international students who cannot travel to the U.S.?

International students who are unable to obtain visas and travel to the U.S. should refer to the linked FAQs for international undergraduate and graduate students for the accommodation processes.

How is the University accommodating students with disability accommodations?

Students who seek accommodations or temporary adjustments for a documented disability should contact the Office of Disability Resources, which is the standard process.

Are there accommodation options for graduate student TAs?

Teaching assistants can seek accommodations based on a documented disability through Human Resources to determine if they meet the criteria for approval. If the request for accommodation is unrelated to a disability, TAs should contact their department head to determine if the issue can be addressed. Please keep in mind that departments cannot shift in-person courses to a remote format without approval from the dean or the COVID Surveillance Team.

Can students choose to remain remote for the Winter 2022 Quarter/Spring 2022 Semester for personal reasons?  

As the Provost shared on January 14, 2022, we have taken every step recommended by our medical and public health experts to facilitate the return to in-person instruction and the on-campus experience. Although courses have been taught remotely for the past two weeks, the University has remained open, including the Rec Center, Libraries, residence halls and dining facilities. While many students have expressed the desire to return, we know that others are anxious about returning to in-person instruction and have requested for Drexel to offer all courses in remote and face-to-face modalities.

Whether or not a course can be offered in a HyFlex (mixed modality) format depends on several factors, including course content, pedagogical needs and technology. Pedagogically, the strategies for teaching remotely and for teaching in person can vary greatly by course, making it challenging or impossible for faculty to deliver content in both modalities simultaneously. In some cases, offering both modalities would require offering additional course sections, which we do not have the capacity to do. For these reasons, we cannot universally accommodate student requests to remain remote. In the case of a student required by Drexel to undergo a quarantine or isolation period, instructors will make every effort to keep the student connected to the course material.

What happens if a student becomes sick with COVID-19 or requires quarantine during the term?

Instructors have strategies for supporting students who are required by Drexel to undergo a quarantine or isolation period and will make every effort to keep the student connected to the course material. Students required by Drexel to undergo a mandatory quarantine or isolation period will not be required to withdraw from a course.

If you feel sick or must isolate or quarantine during the term, follow these steps:

  • If you feel sick, follow the instructions on the following page: “What to Do If You Feel Sick.”
  • Contact your instructor as soon as possible and let them know that you will need to be absent from class. Students are not required to disclose any health information, including a suspected or confirmed illness from COVID-19, to faculty members.
  • Follow your instructor’s guidance on how to proceed with coursework. Depending on the course, this may involve viewing a recording of a missed class, working on an alternative assignment, joining the course via remote synchronous access, etc.
  • For more information about quarantine and isolation, please visit the Response to Coronavirus website.

What happens if a student is made aware of a potential COVID-19 exposure in the classroom?

Students should report a COVID-19 case, symptoms or exposure using the Drexel Health Checker app or by contacting the Student Health Center (215.220.4700). If you are not vaccinated and have been exposed, you will likely be asked to quarantine for at least 5 days; if you are vaccinated, you will likely be asked to monitor your health using the Drexel Health Checker and notify Student Health Center (215.220.4700) if you experience symptoms.

Are instructors required to record classes?

The University is not requiring that all classes be recorded. Please refer to the syllabus for each course for information on whether the course will be recorded.

General Academic Questions

How will instructors’ office hours be available?

Instructors may choose to hold office hours in person or virtually. However, if an instructor is teaching in person, it is strongly recommended that they also offer some in-person office hours. Masks are required indoors in public and shared spaces for all individuals, including those who are fully vaccinated.

Are there any changes to the final exam period?

There are no changes to the final exam period. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for important academic dates throughout the year.

Are there any changes to grading for the 2021-2022 academic year?

No, normal grading policies will apply. The University returned to normal grading in Summer 2021 after offering optional Pass / No Pass grading from Spring 2020 to Spring 2021.

What academic support and resources are available for students?

Drexel continues to offer a wide variety of support resources for students engaged in all learning modalities. If a student is seeking academic support for coursework, they should visit the Learning Alliance webpage to explore tutoring and other content resources. In addition, the Center for Learning and Academic Success Support Services (CLASS) offers peer and professional academic coaching to customize learning strategies to individual student needs; they are also well-versed on all institutional resources and can help students get connected to the appropriate support.

Travel and Wellness

What are the University’s travel guidelines and procedures?

As of Jan, 3, 2022, Drexel University remains in a limited phase for University-related travel. All Drexel travelers participating in University-related travel are required to be fully vaccinated, including a booster for COVID-19. Vaccinated Domestic travel no longer requires approval via the Essential Travel Request process. However, all domestic travel must seek approval via their supervisor or designated departmental travel approver. Vaccinated International Travel must be approved through the Essential Travel Request process. Any Travel by non-vaccinated travelers with a medical or religious exemption may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Additionally, all travelers must confirm that funding for their travel fits within the unit’s existing budgets.

For the most up-to-date information and guidance documents, please visit the COVID-19 Essential Travel Guidance page of the Procurement Services website.

What resources are available to support the health and wellness of students?

Students should visit the Student Health Center, staffed by doctors and nurse practitioners from Drexel Medicine, for physical health services. If they are having symptoms, students should contact the Student Health Center right away by phone (215.220.4700) or through the Drexel Health Checker. For more information, they should visit the What to Do If You Feel Sick page. 

Drexel’s Response to Coronavirus website lists resources and ideas on its Mental Health and Wellness page. The Office of Counseling and Health Services also maintains a comprehensive list of resources around topics like coping with COVID-19, suicide prevention, peer counseling, anxiety and stress reduction, and more. Please visit the Crisis Resources page for contact info related to mental health emergencies. Graduate students can also contact SupportLinc, part of Drexel’s Employee Assistance Program, or view more health and wellness resources on the Graduate College website.