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Resources for City of Philadelphia Vaccine Mandate

The City of Philadelphia has issued an Emergency Regulation Governing the Control and Prevention of COVID-19 Mandating Vaccines for Healthcare Workers and In Higher Education, Healthcare, and Related Settings (“Vaccine Mandate Regulation”), effective as of August 16, 2021. The Vaccine Mandate Regulation mandates the COVID-19 vaccine for certain individuals who work, including providing goods and/or services through a contract, at an institution of higher education. Drexel hereby delegates to Contractor its responsibility as the Institution of Higher Education to comply with the Vaccine Mandate Regulation in connection with providing goods and/or services to Drexel.mThe regulation can be found via this PDF resource from the City of Philadelphia. Additional guidance from the City pertaining to institutions of higher education can be found via this PDF resource from the City of Philadelphia website.

Suppliers must perform all responsibilities of an institution of higher education required by the Vaccine Mandate Regulation (including any applicable guidance), in assigning any individuals to provide the services and goods, if any, on Drexel's campus pursuant to an agreement, purchase order, or any other request for goods or services. Specifically, but not intended to be limiting, the supplier shall:

  1. Report to Drexel the following information for all personnel assigned by the supplier to perform services or other work (and/or provide goods) in person at Drexel: (i) The percentage of assigned individuals that are vaccinated; (ii) The percentage of assigned individuals with exemptions approved by the supplier; and (iii) The results of COVID-19 screening testing of assigned individuals when necessary for contact tracing at Drexel.
  2. Make all required records available to the Philadelphia Department of Public Health and/or Drexel upon request as required by the Vaccine Mandate Regulation.

Drexel also has adopted health and safety protocols in response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic that apply to each supplier and its employees, volunteers and subcontractors coming onto campus to provide services or goods. Suppliers must review and comply with these health and safety protocols available at, including, without limitation, wearing certain Personal Protective Equipment ("PPE"), including face masks. These protocols are updated from time to time, and the supplier agrees to review, and advise its employees, volunteers and subcontractors about, the link to the health and safety protocols and Drexel's COVID-19 Response webpage for the most updated information relating to visiting campus and/or providing goods and providing services to Drexel on site. In addition, the supplier, for itself and its employees, volunteers and subcontractors, agrees to comply with any additional instructions, guidelines, protocols or other directives from the University.

The supplier, for itself and any of its employees, subcontractors or volunteers as applicable, acknowledges that University cannot guarantee a risk-free environment, and that the risk of becoming exposed to and/or infected by the COVID-19 virus may result from the actions, omissions, or negligence of the supplier and others, including, but not limited to, any University trustee, officer, agent, faculty, staff, volunteer, or student. The supplier further acknowledges that the use of PPE does not remove all risks of illness and that the supplier's choice of PPE is at the supplier's discretion and the University has no liability for the supplier's choice of PPE or for PPE provided by Drexel, if any.