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Local Business Travel Policy


Drexel University will reimburse its faculty, staff and other authorized individuals for authorized local business and entertainment expenses incurred while conducting University business in the metropolitan Philadelphia area. Reimbursement will be made for expenses that are properly authorized, reasonable and appropriately documented as submitted on the Local Business and Entertainment Expense Report.

It is expected that all Drexel University faculty and staff will exercise appropriate care in incurring such expenses. Because the University is a non-profit, charitable, educational institution, or 501(c)(3) organization as defined by the IRS, expenses should be moderate both in frequency and in amount. Only actual expenses will be reimbursed. Individuals should neither gain nor lose personal funds while conducting business on behalf of the University.

By signing the Travel Expense Reimbursement Report [PDF], both the individual and their supervisor certify that the report is complete and accurate. Reimbursement of business-related expenses will not occur without such certification and approval, as well as all required information and documents including justifications and receipts.


This policy and its related procedures are applicable to all University faculty and staff of all colleges, divisions, departments and units regardless of the source of funds supporting such expenses. This policy is also applicable to all non-University personnel who incur such expenses on behalf of the University. Expenses charged to a sponsored project are subject to the terms of the grant or contract if more restrictive than University policy.


Local business expenses include local conference or seminar fees, meals, parking fees and other out-of-pocket expenses while attending local workshops or business meetings. Local business expenses also include the cost of meeting rooms and other conference facility rental expenses. All costs greater than $5,000 require 3 written price quotations, submitted to procurement on a Purchase Requisition Form. For more information, see the Procurement Spending Guidelines.

Individuals using their personal vehicles for local travel will be reimbursed at the business mileage rate in accordance with the Mileage Reimbursement Policy.

Local entertainment expenses are incurred while conducting ordinary and necessary business for the University such as fundraising, public relations activities and other University events. Expenses include meals, transportation, parking, tolls, meeting rooms and conference facilities. All purchases are subject to the Procurement Spending Guidelines. Charges for alcoholic beverages must be properly approved and separately itemized on meal receipts. Alcohol charges are unallowable for (cannot be charged to) sponsored projects. Alcoholic beverages for entertainment functions held in Pennsylvania must be purchased in Pennsylvania.


  1. The University requires original receipts for reimbursement of local business and entertainment expenses. Photocopies of receipts will not be accepted.
  2. Reimbursement of expenses will be made upon submission of a fully-completed and approved Local Business and Entertainment Expense Report. All information must be provided as described on the report including:Business purpose of the event
    • Amount
    • Date
    • Location
    • Names of guests and their affiliation with the University
    • Meeting agenda
  3. Each expense item must be substantiated by adequate records such as an account book, diary, log, statement of expense, trip sheets or similar records with each expense item recorded at or near the time of the expenditure.
  4. Refer to the travel account definitions for the appropriate account number for each travel expense.
  5. Cash advances will not be issued for local business and entertainment expenses.
  6. Conference and registration fees and hotel deposits may be paid in advance by completing a Travel Advance and Prepaid Expense Report. (See Prepaid Expenses in the Business Travel Policy.) Or, feesand deposits may be paid via the University Purchasing Card.
  7. Each Local Business and Entertainment Expense Reportmust be approved by the direct supervisor of the individual incurring the expense. Individuals cannot approve their own expenses.
  8. Within 30 days of incurring or paying the expense, thereport must be submitted to the Accounts Payable Office, 3201 ArchStreet, Suite 400, or dropped in the 3201 Arch Street lobby mailbox.
  9. Reimbursement is issued within three business daysafter entering into the Banner Financial System via direct deposit to employees who are enrolled in paycheck direct deposit. All other travelers will be reimbursed by University check, mailed to their home address. For additional information on business expense reimbursement via direct deposit contact the Accounts Payable Department at 215.895.2840 or email