Drexel University Releases 2023 President's Report on Powerful Partnerships

Image of area around Drexel's campus

In presenting the “President’s Report 2023: Powerful Partnerships,” Drexel University President John Fry points to an emblematic moment that illuminated the University’s unique strength: the thrilling debut of our Men’s Basketball team in the Big 5 Classic at Wells Fargo Center. Playing on an unfamiliar court, Drexel student-athletes displayed tremendous heart, talent and teamwork to deliver an unforgettable upset victory over perennial national power Villanova.

 “As we know, higher education is a deeply competitive industry that places a premium on teamwork,” said Fry. “Fortunately, we at Drexel exercise and build our teamwork muscles every day through enriching, strategic relationships with fellow academics, industry leaders, employers and community organizations.”

This year’s report celebrates these myriad collaborations, which have helped to power the University’s accomplishments on many fronts: rankings, student retention, reputation, research investments, and new alliances to secure our future as a thriving, innovative and civically engaged teaching and research institution.

“It is a privilege to share these stories with you,” said Fry. “They are a testament to the value of Drexel’s culture and our collective dedication to excellence and inclusivity.”

The report is available at the following link.

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