A Reminder to Mine Our Diversity as a Source of Strength

Dear Students and Colleagues,

This week, we honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy of replacing walls that foster division and hate with bridges that bring humanity together. So, I am all the more pained to report that a message glorifying Adolf Hitler appeared over the weekend on a classroom whiteboard in the College of Computing & Informatics at 3675 Market Street. A Drexel student contacted Drexel police, who gathered evidence before wiping the message off the board and are now reviewing security camera footage as part of their investigation to identify the perpetrator of this deplorable act.

Let me clear: We will never tolerate antisemitism, lslamophobia, racism, or hate of any kind on our campus. It is one thing to engage in honest inquiry and robust debate about complex issues. It is another to traffic in hateful slogans and symbols that have nothing to do with inquiry or debate. Messages that extol the vile antisemitism and racial ideology behind history's deadliest conflict and the most monstrous crimes against humanity are utterly antithetical to our values as an academic community.

As Drexel police continue their investigation, I call on anyone with information on this incident to contact our Department of Public Safety tip line at 215.895.2222. To report issues and concerns of bias, discrimination, and harassment, please contact the Office of Institutional Equity and Inclusive Culture at EIC Incident Reporting form.

In the meantime, as we begin this winter quarter, we must rededicate ourselves to the work of following Dr. King's blueprint for building a beloved community: Let's strive mindfully to learn, empathize, and grow together across our different backgrounds, perspectives, and viewpoints, and mine our diversity as a source of strength.


John Fry

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