Dear Drexel Students and Colleagues,

Since I wrote to you on Sunday with my immediate reactions to the Hamas terrorist attack in Israel, I recognize that emotions are running high throughout our community as each of us continues to process the devastation and suffering in Israel and Gaza. Many among us hold strong opinions about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and many among us now are worried, aggrieved, or already mourning the deaths of friends and loved ones in Israel and Gaza.

During this wrenching period in our lives, we need to recognize that the anguish of a classmate or colleague deserves our compassion, regardless of their views. For those who need help coping with so much loss and devastation, please draw on the University’s network of support. Students can reach out to counseling professionals by calling 215.895.1415 or after regular business hours at 215.416.3337. They can also be reached at or by visiting the Creese Student Center, Suite 201. Employees can seek short- or long-term counseling assistance, with both virtual and in-person options through Drexel’s Employee Assistance Program. The Office of Spiritual and Religious Life is also available to all members of the University community

As a campus community, we need to maintain an environment of mutual respect that supports the free expression of ideas through civil discussion and peaceful protest while facilitating deep and authentic exploration of complex issues. There are appropriate venues on and off campus for expressing opinions and engaging in peaceful protest.

At the same time, there is a line between expressing strong opinions through robust discussion, debate, and peaceful protest — and targeting any individual for discrimination, intimidation, or hate. Unfortunately, we were made aware of a distressing situation that included destruction inside one of our residence halls. Thankfully, no one was injured. We are investigating to determine if bias, discrimination, or hate, which we do not tolerate at Drexel, was the motivation behind this incident. The investigation into this incident is ongoing, and we will update the community once it has concluded.

In the meantime, as we maintain a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment for all our students, faculty and professional staff, let us also ensure that Drexel remains a place where the pursuit of knowledge and respect for one another's dignity thrive together.

John Fry

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