Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dear Students and Colleagues:

Each year at this time, we honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. — recalling his heroic campaign for equality and justice for all. Dr. King touched so many hearts and moved mountains, politically and socially, in his quest for an answer to one of the nation’s core challenges, racial inequality. And his message has never been more relevant than now, as we strive as a campus community and nation to create a just society and fulfill the true promise of democracy and freedom.

Each of us can take inspiration and courage from Dr. King’s example by embracing tolerance and acceptance of others from different cultures, as well as civil discourse, and especially by walking in the great man’s footsteps in the spirit of public service and civic engagement.

This year will be the 27th day of service commemorating the life’s work of Dr. King. All this week and through Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, January 17, the Lindy Center for Civic Engagement will honor Dr. King’s legacy with numerous activities from campus partners. All students, faculty, and professional staff are welcome to register for the programs on the Lindy Center’s Civic Engagement database, Drexel Galaxy Digital.

On Monday, I also encourage each of you to support the wider Philadelphia community by choosing volunteer opportunities hosted by outside community organizations. Listings can be found and accessed on the Global Citizen volunteer portal. For any in-person activity, please adhere to all COVID-19 safety protocols.

Joining all those who share the dream of freedom and equality, I welcome each of you to stand with me again this year in embracing the enduring humanitarian legacy of Dr. King, today and every day.


John Fry

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