Dear Members of the Drexel Community, 

As we look forward to a thriving campus this fall, we are extremely pleased that we will be joined by a new first-year class that is larger, more diverse and, in true Drexel fashion, academically talented.

During one of the most challenging climates ever faced by higher education, we are delighted to announce that, as of this morning, we have received 3,161 deposits for our freshman class. After summer melt, using a conservative estimate, we expect to welcome 2,800 first-year students — a 21 percent increase from the 2020 incoming class, with nearly 500 additional students and 200 students above the enrollment target.

The adoption of a test-optional admissions model is typically followed by an increase in the average SAT of the incoming class, and that was the case for us this year. We are also excited to see an increase in the average high school GPA. We take particular pride in the demographic make-up of the incoming class: One-fifth will be racial and ethnic minorities — a 6 percent increase over last year. Nearly a third of the new Dragons will be the first in their families to go to college, and nearly 10 percent will be international students, drawing heavily from India, Vietnam, Nigeria, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

With the number of high-school graduates in the Northeast continuing to decline, and the shift to more remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been a huge accomplishment to recruit a new class of this caliber and size. Congratulations to Evelyn Thimba, senior vice president, and her entire Enrollment Management team, as well as our deans and the many faculty and professional staff who support recruitment efforts in our colleges and schools.

Our success in reaching out to this new class through literally hundreds of recruitment initiatives demonstrates the kind of enterprise and resolve that has characterized the Drexel community’s response to each and every challenge posed by the global public health crisis. This determination has made it possible for the University to weather this extraordinary year, emerging on a strong financial footing while continuing to provide students with a robust educational experience. Now, as coronavirus rates decline due to widespread vaccination, we can all look ahead to being on campus together in the fall.

Once again, we are so proud of the collaborative efforts of the Drexel community led by Evelyn and the Enrollment Management team, our academic leaders and their teams, along with everyone in this university community who shows such dedication and commitment. Due to your efforts, Drexel is well-positioned for the future.


John Fry

Helen Y. Bowman
Executive Vice President, Treasurer and Chief Operating Officer

Paul E. Jensen
Executive Vice President and Nina Henderson Provost and University Professor









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