Dear Students and Colleagues,

This past week has brought disheartening news for many across our country and within our own community — including the latest developments surrounding the tragic death of Breonna Taylor. I wonder if there is anything I can say that could possibly make a difference in this painful moment. I am reminded of Dr. King’s insight that, at times of distress, what’s often remembered is “the silence of friends.” So, instead of remaining silent, I want to simply say that Breonna Taylor mattered. A Black woman asleep in her own bed had every right to be safe. Yet, she wasn’t. And that should be unacceptable to all of us. I know it is to me. 

Each of us copes in different ways with the emotional impact when injustices are exposed in our society. For our Drexel community, please remember that the Student Counseling Center, at, is available to help and also has resources for coping with discrimination, hate and violence on its website. The Employee Assistance Program, at 888.628.4824, is available to help faculty and professional staff.


John Fry

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