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Dear Drexel Alumni:

Wherever you are in the world, I know you are aware of the devastation that Hurricane Sandy brought to the Mid-Atlantic states this week. I hope that you and your loved ones stayed safe during the storm, but given the tens of thousands of Drexel alumni who live in the affected region, I am sadly certain that some of you have suffered a real loss.

I want you to know that the University community holds you in our thoughts and prayers. I wish you and your neighbors a full and speedy recovery from this disaster. As always, please let me know if I can help in any way.

I also want to let the alumni community know that Drexel as an institution was quite fortunate when it comes to the hurricane. We closed the University as a precaution on Monday and Tuesday and activated our Emergency Operations Center. Under the leadership of our Emergency Management Team, essential personnel worked to keep our students safe and our facilities operational, as well as providing critical services such as dining and access to the library. Ultimately, our campuses suffered minimal damage and no loss of power, and we were able to return to normal activities on Wednesday.

At a time like this, connections to loved ones are more important than ever. To all of our alumni affected by the storm, I hope your network of fellow alumni and Drexel friends will help sustain you as you get back on your feet. Cara and I wish you the best.


John A. Fry

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