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Fulbright U.S. Student Program

To learn more about this award, visit our Fulbright US Student Program page.

Aaron Sakulich

Aaron Sakulich, PhD, 2009

Materials Engineering

Fulbright Student Scholar to Morocco 2007-08
Critical Language Enhancement Award (CLEA)
DFO Fellowships Ambassador 2014, 2015
Adams Rackes

Adams Rackes,

BS/PhD Architectural Engineering '17, Honors

Akilah Chatman

Akilah Chatman,

BS Environmental Science ‘22

Fulbright Study/Research Grant to Cambodia, 2022-23
Amanda Decker

Amanda Decker, BS/MS, 2014, Honors

Chemical Engineering

Fulbright Student Scholar to Germany 2014-15
Antonis Mikalis headshot

Antonis Mikalis,

BA Global Studies '17

Fulbright English Teaching Assistant (ETA) Alternate (Brazil), 2017-18
Ashly Chteh

Ashly Chteh,

BA Political Science & Global Studies '22

Fulbright English Teaching Assistant (ETA) Alternate to Ecuador, 2022-23
Audrey Ryan

Audrey Ryan ,

BS/MS Architectural Engineering/Civil Engineering ’15, Honors

Bradley Boehringer

Bradley Boehringer,

MS Nursing Education and Faculty Role '14

Fulbright Student Scholar to Finland 2014-15
Drexel Fellowships Ambassador 2014, 2015
Caitlin Walczyk

Caitlin Walczyk,

BA Global Studies and Political Science '18, Honors

Boren Scholarship to Kazakhstan, 2016-17
Drexel Fellowships Ambassador, 2016-17
Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowship Finalist, 2017
Fulbright Study/Research Grant Semi-finalist (Ukraine), 2018
Caitlin Costello

Caitlin Costello,

BA International Area Studies '10

Fulbright Study/Research Grant to Senegal, 2011-12
Camille DiBenedetto

Camille DiBenedetto,

BA English ‘22, Honors

Candace Davis photo

Candace Davis,

BS International Business and Marketing '19

Carli Moorehead

Carli Moorehead,

BS/MS Biomedical Engineering/Materials Engineering '17, Honors

Carmen Cronin, MPH, '14

Public Health

Fulbright Student Scholar to Uganda 2015-16
DFO Fellowships Ambassador 2015
Chelsea Stone

Chelsea Stone, MPH, 2014

Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Peace Corps Volunteer to Cambodia 2014-16
Fulbright US Student Program Finalist 2014
Christoper Jang

Christopher Jang,

BS secondary education '23

Fulbright English Teaching Assistant to South Korea, 2023-24
Claudia Gutierrez

Claudia Gutierrez,

BS/MS Biomedical Engineering '15, Honors

Dakota Peterson image

Dakota Peterson,

BA Political Science '18

Fulbright Study/Research Grant to Bosnia and Herzgovina, 2019-20
Drexel Fellowships Ambassador, 2019-20
Daniel Tedesco

Daniel Tedesco,

BA International Area Studies '11

Daouda Njie

Daouda Njie,

BS environmental science '22

David Delaine

David Delaine, PhD, 2012

Electrical and Computer Engineering

NSF Bridge to the Doctorate (BTD) Graduate Fellow 2005
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow (GRFP) 2007-10
Fulbright Young Scholar Award, 2013-14
Dylan O'Donoghue

Dylan O’Donoghue,

MLS '19

Fulbright Study/Research Grant to Taiwan, 2018-19
Boren Fellowship to Taiwan, 2018-19
Liesbet Manders

Elizabeth (Liesbet) Manders,

PhD Creative Arts Therapies '15

Emily Buck

Emily Buck,

BS/MS Materials Science Engineering '14

Emily Herbert

Emily Herbert,

PhD candidate materials science & engineering, BS '19

Emily Lurier

Emily Lurier,

PhD Biomedical Engineering '19

Fulbright Study/Research Grant to the Netherlands, 2017-18
Whitaker International Fellowship to the Netherlands, 2017-18
Drexel Fellowships Ambassador, 2017-20
Emily Ostrow

Emily Ostrow,

BS/MS Environmental Science ’18, Honors

Goldwater Scholarship Honorable Mention, 2017
Drexel Fellowships Ambassador, 2017-20
Fulbright Study/Research Grant Alternate (Colombia), 2018
NSF Graduate Research Fellow, 2018-23
Farah Noorani

Farah Noorani, BS/MD, 2014


Fulbright Student Scholar to India 2012-13
Greg Risser headshot

Greg Risser,

PhD candidate, Biomedical Engineering

Gregory Niedt,

PhD student Communications, Culture, and Media

Fulbright Study/Research Grant to the European Union, 2017-18
Hunter Snyder

Hunter Snyder, BS, 2012

Film and Video

Fulbright Student Scholar to Greenland 2014-15
NSF EAGER Grant 2014
National Geographic Young Explorer Award 2014
American-Scandinavian Foundation Fellow 2014
Ian Nichols image

Ian Nichols,

PhD student, Biology

Fulbright Study/Research Grant to Cameroon, 2018-19
Isa Betancourt photo

Isa Betancourt,

MS Communication ’19

Janani Singaravelu

Janani Singaravelu, MS, 2011

Medical Science

Fulbright Student Scholar to India 2011-2012
Jesse Stover

Jesse Stover,

BS public health '23

Fulbright Study/Research Grant to South Korea, 2023-24
Photo of Jieying

Jieying Chen,

BS/MS Marketing and Elementary Education '20, Honors

Fulbright English Teaching Assistant (ETA) Alternate (Taiwan), 2021-22
Photo of Jorge

Jorge Fortin-Mejia,

BS Communication '19

Josa Hanzlik

Josa Hanzlik,

PhD Biomedical Engineering '15

Julianna Frangos

Julianna Frangos,

BA International Area Studies '16

Kaitlin Thaker

Kaitlin Thaker,

BA Global Studies '17, Honors

Kara Spiller

Kara Spiller,

PhD Biomedical Engineering '10

Fulbright Alumni Ambassador, 2012
Fulbright Study/Research Grant to Portugal, 2010-11
NSF Graduate Research Fellow, 2007-10
NSF International Research Experiences (IRES) and Doctoral Dissertation Enhancement Project (DDEP) 2009
Karen Miller

Karen Miller, BS/MS, 2010

Architectural Engineering; Science, Technology, and Society

Fulbright Student Scholar to Turkey 2010-11
Karen Sullam

Karen Sullam, PhD, 2013

Environmental Science

Fulbright Student Scholar to Switzerland 2011-12
Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid of Research (GIAR) program 2010
DFO Fellowships Ambassador 2015
Photo of Kathlyn

Kathlyn Elliott,

PhD student Educational Leadership

Fulbright Study/Research Grant to Finland, 2021-22
Kati Hinman

Kati Hinman,

PhD community health & prevention '25

Kent Troutman

Kent Troutman, BSBA, 2010

Business Administration Finance

Fulbright Student Scholar to China 2010-11
Kerry Hamilton

Kerry Hamilton, PhD Candidate

Environmental Engineering

Fulbright Student Scholar to Australia 2014-15
DFO Fellowships Ambassador 2014, 2015
Photo of KerryLyn

KerryLyn Kercher,

MA Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling '21

Fulbright Study/Research Grant to Germany, 2021-22

Keya Middleton, MS, '15

Creative Arts Therapy

Keziah Sheldon photo

Keziah Sheldon,

BS Physics '19

Fulbright Study/Research Grant to Austria, 2019-20

Kristian Linares, BS, '15

Information Technology

Kristy Buzard (Hills)

Kristy Buzard (Hills), BA, 2001

International Area Studies

Fulbright Student Scholar to Belgium 2001-02
Lauren Forbes

Lauren Forbes,

MPH '13

Fulbright Study/Research Grant to Ethiopia, 2013-14
Lauren Pitts

Lauren Pitts,

MS Couple and Family Therapy '13; EdD candidate

Liesl Driver

Liesl Driver,

MS Global and International Education '14

Marissa Olson photo

Marissa Olson,

BA Global Studies '20

Mary Grace Hodge

Mary Grace Hodge, BSBA, 2005

Business Administration, Marketing concentration, German minor

Matt D'Arcy

Matthew D'Arcy,

BS Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics '14, Honors

Matthew Parsons

Matthew Parsons ,

BS Physics '15, Honors

Nathan Taylor

Nathan Taylor,

PhD candidate, Mechanical Engineering

Neha Chongtham

Neha Chongtham,

BS biological sciences '23

Neil Eelman Headshot

Neil Eelman,

BS Computer Engineering '20, Honors

Fulbright Study/Research Grant Alternate to the Netherlands, 2020-21
Gilman International Scholarship to the Netherlands, 2019
Drexel Fellowships Ambassador, 2019-20
Nick Barber

Nicholas Barber,

BS Geoscience '18, Honors

Goldwater Scholar, 2016-18
NOAA Hollings Scholar, 2016-18
Drexel Fellowships Ambassador, 2016-20
Gates Cambridge Scholar, 2018
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) Honorable Mention, 2018
Fulbright Study/Research Grant to Indonesia (declined), 2018
ConocoPhillips Scholarship, 2018
Nick Meyers

Nicholaus Meyers, BS/MS, 2013

Mechanical Engineering

Fulbright Student Scholar to Germany 2013-14
Nicole Bedoya photo

Nicole Bedoya,

BA Global Studies '19

Obadiah Baker

Obadiah Baker,

EdD candidate Leadership and Management

Fulbright Study/Research Grant to Israel, 2022-23
Photo of Parisa

Parisa Khoshnood,

BA Global Studies and Modern Languages '20

Fulbright English Teaching Assistant (ETA) Alternate (Turkey), 2021-22
Paul Phelps

Paul Phelps, MD, 2010


Fulbright Student Scholar to India 2008-09
Regina Cagle

Regina Cagle, BS, 2008

Environmental Engineering

Fulbright Student Scholar to Ecuador 2008-09
Reva Swiedler photo

Reva Swiedler,

BA Global Studies '20, Honors

Fulbright English Teaching Assistant, Alternate to Mexico, 2020-21
Sarah Kushner

Sarah Kushner,

BS Computer Science '16

Fulbright U.S. Student Grant Semi-finalist (France), 2016-17
Sergio Machaca

Sergio Machaca,

BS Mechanical Engineering '18, Honors

Shawn Joshi

Shawn Joshi,

MD/PhD student

Peace Corps Volunteer to Lesotho, 2012-14
Fulbright U.S. Student Grant to the United Kingdom, 2017-18
Drexel Fellowships Ambassador, 2017-20
NIH Neuroengineering Course, 2017-18

Sheridan Clements

Sheridan Clements,

BA Anthropology '19, Honors

Fulbright Study/Research Grant to the UK, 2019-20
Shirin Karsan

Shirin Karsan,

Project Manager, School of Biomedical Engineering

Fulbright Student Scholar to the United Arab Emirates 2009-10
Critical Language Enhancement Award (CLEA)
Stephanie Katz

Stephanie Katz,

MS Arts Administration and Museum Leadership ‘20

Tim Gorichanaz

Tim Gorichanaz,

PhD student Information Studies

Valerie Newman image

Valerie Niemann,

BS Chemical Engineering ’18, Honors

Vaughn Shirey

Vaughn Shirey,

BS Environmental Science '17