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Honors Options

Honors Options allow Honors students to earn Honors credit in 300- and 400-level non-Honors courses at Drexel. A student works with their professor to design additional research, writing, or creative project worthy of Honors credit. Honors Options enrich and expand the student's depth of knowledge while encouraging collaboration and exploration beyond the standard coursework.

All proposals for Honors Option projects must be approved by both the Honors Program and their instructor. Do not begin working on your Honors Option project until your proposal is fully approved!

Honors Option Timeline

  • First 2 weeks of the term
    • Student meets with their professor to develop their Honors Option project and prepare their proposal.
    • Student fills out and submits their proposal details via the Honors Option Proposal form
    • Students completing an instructor-created project should refer to our step-by-step guidelines, found here.
    • NOTE: Honors Proposals will be submitted via a new Honors Option Proposal App. The new App is also mobile-friendly! Just install Microsoft PowerApps for Apple or Android! Using The App: The first time you launch the App, you may see a prompt like the image on the right. This App needs to connect to multiple Office 365 services associated with your user account. You must allow these connections for the App to work correctly. Note that none of your personal information is accessed by the App, but it will, for example, send email messages from your Outlook mailbox as necessary to the proposal review and approval process.
    • The Honors Program reviews submitted proposals, including sign-ups for instructor-created projects.
    • If approved, the student's professor will be notified to review and approve.
    • If rejected, the student will receive feedback with the possibility to revise and resubmit.
  • Honors Options must be approved by 4:00pm EST on the Friday of Week 3! Do NOT begin work on your Honors Option project UNTIL the Honors Program and instructor have approved your proposal!!! Please note that students using an Instructor-created Honors Option project still must follow all proposal processes and should abide by all deadlines outlined.
  • Weeks 4-10 of the term
    • Student completes their Honors Option project and submits to their professor.
    • Once completed, the student returns to the Honors Options system and notes that they have completed their project by 4:00pm EST on the Friday of Week 11.
    • The professor receives an email to their Drexel account and prompted to confirm the project’s completion.
    • Faculty must approve Honors Option completion by the time grades are submitted (12:00pm EST on the Wednesday after Final Exam week). Students participating in instructor-created Honors Options will still need to submit a completion form for faculty approval.

What is "Honors-worthy"?

The following questions should help guide students and faculty in determining if an Honors Option is honors-worthy:

  • Is the proposed project clearly connected to the learning objectives of the course?
  • Is the project something both student and faculty believe is academically worthwhile to undertake and complete?
  • Is the content, scope, and aim of the project clearly defined?
  • Are the parameters of the final project clearly defined?
  • Are the evaluation criteria clearly established?
  • Does the proposed project require additional work that is 10%-15% more than the course’s standard workload?
  • Is this an assignment that can be completed, submitted, and assessed within an 11-week term? Remember, grade submission still needs to be the last day of the term!

For a downloadable version of this list, please click here.

Instructor-created projects

Occasionally, instructors may have a pre-determined Honors Option project that they would like to use in their specific course. Instructors may create their own project and upload this on your Honors Option portal for students to sign up for, should you be interested. To note - not every course will have an instructor-created Honors Option project available, so it is important to check in with your instructor at the beginning of the term to inquire if this is an option for you.

If an instructor-created project is available, you must still adhere to all Honors Option proposal guidelines and deadlines.

Students are NOT limited to the instructor-created honors option projects and may propose an individual project for the course instead, should you choose. To do so, follow the student-created proposal process.

Please follow the steps below for instructor-created Honors Options:

  1. Enter your course CRN in the Honors Option Proposal form. If an instructor-created project is available, the option entitled “Instructor-Created Project Available” will pop up for selection.
  2. Once you select the instructor-created project, all project information will auto-populate with the pre-determined guidelines from your instructor. These projects are NOT editable. Please be sure to review all project details to ensure that you are aware of what is to be expected of you.
  3. You must then submit the proposal to indicate your planned participation in this project.
  4. Once submitted, this proposal will route to Honors Program staff for approval. Please see a step-by-step video guide here and tune in starting at minute 9:36.

General Policies

Students may register for no more than two Honors Options per term.

Students must earn a B grade or higher in the course to be eligible for Honors Option credit. The Honors Option is an extra project and should not have any effect on the student’s overall grade for the course. The student should be graded on course assignments and requirements alone. An Honors Option project does not receive its own grade. When reviewing an Honors Option project, faculty assess whether or not the submitted project meets what was outlined in the proposal. 

A student may not complete an Honors Option project for any capstone course or independent study. 

Honors Options must be completed within the academic term they are proposed.

The student is responsible for completing and submitting forms to the Honors Program prior to the stated deadlines. This may require working closely with faculty to ensure all approvals and confirmations have been entered into the Honors Option system. Work on the Honors Option project should not begin until the proposed project has been approved by both the Honors Program and the faculty-member.

Please see the Honors Options FAQ for more information about the process, responsibilities, and expectations.

Technical Troubleshooting

If faculty are having trouble approving an Honors Option proposal, please use this Faculty Guide for Honors Option Proposal Review and Confirmation

If you have any questions regarding Honors Options, please contact the Honors Program at