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All In The News tagged "HuffPost"

Do We Still Have To Wear Face Masks After Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Michael LeVasseur, PhD, an assistant teaching professor at the Dornsife School of Public Health, was quoted in a Dec. 21 HuffPost article about what is known so far about what life will be like after we are vaccinated for COVID-19.

Can Heaters Spread COVID-19?

L. James Lo, PhD, an assistant professor in the College of Engineering, was quoted in an Oct. 5 HuffPost story about how HVAC systems affect the transmission of the coronavirus indoors. The story was also picked up by MSN News and Yahoo! News.

GOP Climate Change Denial Set the Stage for Trump’s Coronavirus Conspiracies

Robert Brulle, PhD, a professor emeritus in the College of Arts and Sciences, was quoted in a July 28 HuffPost article about how the GOP’s climate denial contributed to its Coronavirus conspiracies.

What Happens If We End Coronavirus Social Distancing Too Soon?

Michael LeVasseur, PhD, a visiting assistant professor at the Dornsife School of Public Health, was quoted in an April 14 HuffPost article about the dangers of stopping COVID-19 quarantines too early and what's needed to get back to "normal" life.

Cleaning Your Home For Coronavirus? Don't Forget Your Indoor Air.

Jane Clougherty, ScD, associate professor in the Dornsife School of Public Health, was quoted in an April 3 HuffPost story about how to improve indoor air quality during the coronavirus outbreak.

Is It Ever Really Safe To Eat Raw Eggs?

Rosemary Trout, director of the Food and Hospitality Management department in the College of Nursing and Health Professions, was quoted in a March 6 HuffPost article about the safety of consuming raw eggs.

Why Zippers Are On Different Sides for Men and Women's Clothing

Lisa Hayes, an associate professor in the Westphal College of Media Arts & Design, was quoted in a Feb. 25 HuffPost story about the origin of zipper locations on men's and women's clothing.

Coal Knew, Too

Robert Brulle, PhD, a professor emeritus in the College of Arts and Sciences was quoted in a Nov. 22 HuffPost story regarding his recently released research that suggests the coal industry knew the gravity of fossil fuel induced climate change impacts, given how prominently it positioned itself in the climate denial movement.

EPA Air Chief Gave Presentation At Fringe Climate Denier Event, New Emails Show

Robert Brulle, PhD, a Drexel environmental sociologist, was quoted in a June 14 HuffPost article about Bill Wehrum, the EPA’s assistant administrator for air and radiation, who gave a presentation in early February 2018 at an event organized by the Cooler Heads Coalition, an umbrella group of tax-exempt charities and right-wing nonprofits that includes some of the most ardent proponents of climate change denial.

What Justice Clarence Thomas Gets Wrong About Eugenics And Abortion

David S. Cohen, JD, a professor in the Kline School of Law, was quoted in a May 29 Huffington Post article about misused data that fueled Justice Clarence Thomas’ argument that abortion risks genetic cleansing.

Families Squat In Abandoned Homes As The Housing Crisis Grips Detroit

Claire Herbert, PhD,  an assistant professor in the College of Arts and Sciences was quoted in a Nov. 13  HuffPost  article about how Detroit has a tangle of different conditions that make squatting a possibility for individuals and families struggling to afford rent.


Scott Knowles, PhD, a professor in the College of Arts and Sciences, authored a Sept. 15 Huffington Post article about how we define a disaster, which determines how we plan for and respond to them. The story was also picked up by Yahoo!.