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Drexel University has many faculty members who can offer expert commentary and analysis. News media professionals should contact the media relations team to schedule interviews with a Drexel faculty expert.

Robert D’Ovidio, PhD


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Jennifer Quinlan, PhD

Food Safety

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Girija Kaimal, EdD

Creative Art Therapies

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Abrams, PhD Cameron Abrams, PhD


Cameron Abrams
Abrams's research focuses on molecular simulations; the structure and function of HIV; and receptors for insulin and growth factors.
chemical engineering, biological engineering, biochemistry, molecular biology

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Abu El-Haj, JD, PhD Tabatha Abu El-Haj, JD, PhD

Associate Professor of Law

Tabatha Abu El-Haj's principal interest is the American political process, including the ways it is structured by constitutional law and the administrative state. With a background in the sociology of law, she is particularly interested in increasing the democratic accountability of political institutions through political participation. 

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Aghayere Abieyuwa Aghayere

Professor of Civil Engineering

Abi Aghayere

Aghayere studies structural systems and why they fail. He has written extensively about wood, concrete and steel construction and structural failure analysis. And commented in media stories about building collapses, the degradation and testing of infrastructure and the built environment.


structural engineering, structural failure analysis, buildings, civil engineering, engineering

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Agosto, PhD Denise Agosto, PhD

Professor of Information Science

Denise Agosto
Agosto’s research focuses on information literacy with a specific focus on how children and teens use social media and the internet to gather information. In addition to her work on young people’s use of digital media, she has published and presented on the role libraries play in helping people identify misinformation and disinformation online.
social media, youth technology use, information literacy, privacy, public libraries

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Airaudo, PhD Marco Airaudo, PhD

Associate Professor, Economics

Airaudo's areas of expertise include monetary economics, macroeconomics, international finance, international economics and computational economics.
School of Economics

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Alvarez, PhD Nicolas Alvarez, PhD

Associate Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Nicolas Alvarez

Alvarez is an assistant professor in the department of Chemical and Biological Engineering and head of the Alvarez Research Group. His expertise in applied chemistry draws on an extensive background in fluid dynamics, polymer and surfactant research.

chemical engineering, biological engineering

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Anandarajan, PhD Murugan Anandarajan, PhD

Department Head, Management, Decision Sciences & MIS

portrait photo of Anandarajan
Murugan Anandarajan is a professor of Information Systems and Business Analytics at the LeBow College of Business. His research areas intersect the areas of crime, internet of people, things and service, and analytics.
cybersecurity, information security

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Auchincloss, PhD Amy Auchincloss, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Auchincloss' research focuses on social and environmental determinants of chronic health conditions. Her work has examined restaurant nutritional labeling and its impact on healthier food choices; spatial risk factors within residential environments that influence health behaviors related to obesity and type 2 diabetes; the application of novel complex systems modeling that can be used to examine spatial and socio-economic patterning of health behaviors/outcomes; air pollution epidemiology including the contribution of atmospheric conditions (temperature and barometric pressure) and vehicular traffic to air pollution in relation to cardiovascular-related endpoints.
epidemiology, public health

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Barson, PhD Jessica Barson, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy

Jessica Barson, PhD
Barson studies the brain to learn why certain individuals consume substances in excess, and alcohol, in particular. The major goals of the Barson lab are, first, to gain insight into how excessive ingestive behavior is promoted by neuropeptides and their interaction across different brain regions and, second, to determine how the activity of these neuropeptide systems differs between individuals. She hopes these findings will help in the development of new treatments for drug addiction.

addiction, alcoholism, neuroscience

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Baxter, PhD Jason Baxter, PhD

Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Jason Baxter
Baxter is an associate professor in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering in the College of Engineering. He is an expert in the areas of solar energy conversion and solar cell design. He can comment on new technologies being developed and used in solar energy technology.
solar energy, chemical engineering, renewable energy

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Becher, PhD David Becher, PhD

Associate Professor, Finance

David Becher
Becher's area of expertise includes banking and bank regulation, corporate control and mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, executive compensation, and regulation of financial service firms. His publications on corporate governance include, "Board Classification and Managerial Entrenchment: Evidence from the Market for Corporate Control," and "Why Do Good Takeover Bids Fail: Managerial Bargaining or Bad Faith?"
finance, corporate governance, business

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Bhargava, PhD Divya Bhargava, PhD

Assistant Teaching Professor of Aerospace Engineering

Divya Bhargava
Bhargava’s research focuses on airport safety, specifically the prevention of runway incursions — incidents that occur when airplanes or vehicles move into an incorrect or unauthorized place on or around the runway. 
aerospace engineering, accident modeling, aviation safety

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Bishop, PhD Ronald Bishop, PhD

Professor, Department of Culture and Communication

Bishop is a former sportswriter, newspaper editor and public relations manager. His most recent book, More: The Vanishing of Scale in an Over-the-Top Nation, published in 2011 by Baylor University Press, explores the narrative offered up by the media which suggests that we must engage in every activity – from having a baby to attending school to aging and dying – with zeal, élan and gusto. Bishop has served as faculty advisor of The Triangle, Drexel’s independent student newspaper, since 2003
communications, culture, media

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Bloom, MD Sandra Bloom, MD

Associate Professor, Department of Health Management and Policy

Dr. Sandra Bloom
Bloom is a Board-certified psychiatrist and author who speaks nationally and internationally about the impact of traumatic experience on individuals, families, organizations and cultures. From 1980-2001, she served as founder and executive director of the Sanctuary programs, inpatient psychiatric programs for the treatment of trauma-related emotional disorders. The Sanctuary Model® is now being applied in residential treatment programs for children, domestic violence shelters, group homes, homeless shelters and is being used in other settings as a method of organizational development.
public health, behavioral health

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Boss, JD Amy Boss, JD

Trustee Professor of Law

Boss is one of the nation's leading commercial law scholars. She is an expert on legal issues in electronic commerce and on codifying international commercial law through treaty.
electronic commerce, international law

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Breen, PhD David Breen, PhD

Professor of Computer Science

David Breen
Breen is an expert in geometric modeling, animation, simulation and visualization and conducts research at the intersection of biology, medicine, engineering and computer science.
graphics software, biomedical analytics, computer-aided design

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Brooks, JD Susan L. Brooks, JD

Professor of Law, Associate Dean for Experiential Learning

Brooks is a pioneer in the emerging field of therapeutic jurisprudence, the study of how legal systems affect the emotions, behaviors and mental health of people. She is also an expert on experiential learning, family law and children’s rights.
families, law, Experiential Learning

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Brulle, PhD Robert Brulle, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Department of Sociology

Brulle has authored numerous articles and book chapters on environmental science, and is a frequent media commentator on climate change. Brulle co-edited "Power, Justice and the Environment: A Critical Appraisal of the Environmental Justice Movement" (2005) with David Pellow, and is the author of "Agency, Democracy, and Nature: U.S. Environmental Movements from a Critical Theory Perspective" (2000).
communications, culture, environmental science

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Cairns, MD, FACEP, FAHA Charles Cairns, MD, FACEP, FAHA

Walter H. and Leonore Annenberg Dean, and senior vice president of medical affairs at Drexel University College of Medicine

Charles B. Cairns, MD, FACEP, FAHA
Charles B. Cairns, MD is the Walter H. and Leonore Annenberg Dean of the College of Medicine and Senior Vice President for Medical Affairs at Drexel University. Dr. Cairns has been leading Drexel through partnership with St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children and new regional campuses in both Pennsylvania and California, a record number of medical student applications and the opening of a new four year Tower Health campus in Reading.
Health, emergency medicine

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Capps, PhD Shannon Capps, PhD

Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering

Shannon Capps

Capps studies the health impact of pollutants, including fossil fuel and aerosol emissions. Her Atmospheric Modeling Lab is developing and testing the latest air quality modeling programs to estimate the influence of emissions sources on health, ecosystem and climate impacts of pollutants. 

environmental engineering

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Carey, PhD Veronica Carey, PhD

Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Behavioral Health Counseling

Carey has over 20 years of experience in behavioral health program planning and management, continuing education training and policy development.
health, behavioral health

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Chilton, PhD Mariana Chilton, PhD

Professor and Director, Center for Hunger-Free Communities

Mariana Chilton
Chilton's area of expertise includes human rights and health, race, ethnicity and poverty, nutrition and chronic disease, hunger, women and children, complementary and alternative medicine and religion and medicine.
public health, nutrition

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Cimino, JD Chapin Cimino, JD

Professor of Law

Chapin Cimino examines the roles of virtue, sincerity and objectivity in legal transactions and litigation. Her expertise includes contracts, constitutional law, communications law, damages, education law, equal protection, media law and affirmative action.

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Cohen, JD David S. Cohen, JD

Professor of Law

Cohen’s scholarship explores constitutional law and gender issues in the law that range from sex discrimination, abortion/reproductive rights and LGBT issues to interactions between gender identity and social policy. He received his J.D. from Columbia University School of Law. Before coming to Drexel, Cohen was a lecturer-in-law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. He also held adjunct professor positions at the University of Pennsylvania and Long Island University. He currently serves on the board of directors for the Women’s Medical Fund in Philadelphia.
law, LGBTQ, reproductive rights

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Connell, PhD James E. Connell, PhD

Associate Professor

James Connell
autism, special education

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Cook, PhD Charles Cook, PhD

Assistant Clinical Professor of Construction Management

Charles Cook
Cook is an expert in construction management and a clinical teaching professor in the College of Engineering. He has commented in the media for stories about construction safety issues, building collapses and construction procedures.
construction management

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Corbin, MD Theodore Corbin, MD

Professor, Emergency Medicine, Associate Dean, Community & External Affairs, College of Medicine; Co-Director, Center for Nonviolence & Social Justice; Faculty Lead, DrPH Program, Dornsife School of Public Health

Ted Corbin, MD
public health, violence, medicine

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Corrigan, PhD Rose Corrigan, PhD

Associate Professor, School of Law, Department of Politics, Department of Global Studies & Modern Languages

Corrigan is a law and society scholar who has a particular interest in social movements and the law. Currently director of the Women's Studies Program at Drexel University, Corrigan holds a joint appointment at the law school and the Department of History and Politics.
reproductive rights, rape law reform

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Curatola, PhD Anthony Curatola, PhD

Joseph F. Ford Professor of Accounting

Anthony Curatola
Curatola’s area of research interest includes federal and state income tax policy, fringe benefits taxation, retirement income and women and retirement income taxation.
business, accounting

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Curry Karen Curry

Adjunct Professor, Entertainment Industry Studies

Curry has extensive experience in broadcast journalism as a producer and executive. She created award-winning programs from around the world for NBC's “Today Show” and was NBC News’ London bureau chief. As bureau chief, she managed the largest bureau outside the United States and directed coverage of the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. She was responsible for covering major breaking stories, most notably the death of Princess Diana. Curry was also executive director of morning news programming at NBC where she launched “Weekend Today,” the first Saturday/Sunday edition of a network morning news broadcast. Curry previously joined CNN as vice president and New York bureau chief, where she directed the New York bureau's newsgathering efforts and was responsible for the production needs of CNN programs based in New York. She ran the bureau's coverage of 9/11 and its aftermath, including serving the needs of several new shows that were launched in the midst of the coverage.
communications, entertainment, media

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Daeschler, PhD Ted Daeschler, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Biodiversity, Earth & Environmental Science, Associate Curator of Vertebrate Zoology, Vice President for Systematic Biology and the Library, Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University

Daeschler has been at the Academy since 1987 and joined the faculty of Drexel’s Department of Biodiversity, Earth and Environmental Science upon its founding in 2012. His responsibilities at the Academy focus on research, collections building and on public programs within the museum. He served as a scientific advisor for the renovation of the Academy’s Dinosaur Hall and a variety of other paleontological exhibits.
biology, environmental science, paleontology

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Daly, PhD Brian Daly, PhD

Department Head, Associate Professor, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Daly is a clinical child and adolescent psychologist specializing in the assessment and treatment of children with a chronic illness, evaluation of adolescent health risk behaviors, development and evaluation of evidence-based psychosocial evaluations for youth, prevention and resiliency in urban youth and delivery of mental health promotion in schools. Following the completion of his doctorate in counseling psychology from Loyola University in Chicago, he completed a clinical internship in child psychology at the VA Maryland Health Care System/University of Maryland School of Medicine Psychology Internship Consortium. Subsequently, he completed a postdoctoral fellowship in pediatric psychology at Temple University Health Sciences Center. Following the fellowship, Daly was an assistant professor in the Department of Public Health at Temple University as well as the director of training for the APA-approved pre-doctoral clinical psychology internship program. He has co-authored two books, and more than 40 articles and book chapters. He is on the editorial board of Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, and a reviewer for more than 20 scientific journals.
psychology, behavioral health

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Dandekar, PhD Kapil Dandekar, PhD

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Kapil Dandekar
Dandekar is and expert on cellular communications, wireless antenna technology, microwave and receiver development sensor networks for homeland security, ultrasonic communication and ultrawideband communication.
electrical engineering, computer engineering

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Dardarian Nyree Dardarian

Assistant Clinical Professor, Nutrition Science Department and Director, Center for Nutrition & Performance

Dardarian is a licensed and registered dietitian and a board-certified specialist in Sports Dietetics. Her research projects focus on collegiate and professional athlete knowledge and behavior change, metabolism and nutrition centered workplace wellness.
nutrition, Food

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De Carolis, PhD Donna De Carolis, PhD

Dean, Silverman Family Professor of Entrepreneurial Leadership

Donna DeCarolis
DeCarolis is frequently called upon by local and national media for her expertise in small business and new venture creation. She is the founding dean of Drexel's Close School of Entrepreneurship. Previously in the LeBow College of Business, she served as a associate dean for graduate programs, leading all graduate and corporate programs for the college. In her previous role as associate dean for strategic initiatives, DeCarolis was responsible for the oversight and strategic direction of the Centers of Excellence at the LeBow College of Business.
business, entrepreneurship

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DeMatteo, JD, PhD David DeMatteo, JD, PhD

Director, JD/PhD Program in Law & Psychology, Professor of Law, Professor of Psychology

DeMatteo’s research interests include psychopathic personality, forensic mental health assessment and offender diversion. The DeMatteo Research Lab is focused on social science research that can be used to inform practice and policy in the criminal justice system, particularly as those practices and policies relate to offenders with substance use and/or mental health problems. Research in the lab is funded by leading federal and state agencies, as well as private foundations. DeMatteo conducts forensic assessments of adults and adolescents on a variety of psycholegal issues and is a sought-after expert witness in both state and federal courts.
law, behavioral health, psychology, forensic psychology

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De Oliveira, PhD Jaudelice De Oliveira, PhD

Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Jaudelice de Oliveira
Jaudelice de Oliveira is an expert in computer networking and her research focuses include network routing, optimization, and incentivizing cybersecurity practices. She also studies security in sensor networks -particularly smart-grid networks.
cybersecurity, computer engineering, electrical engineering

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Deutsch, PhD Jonathan Deutsch, PhD

Professor, Department of Food and Hospitality Management

Deutsch joined Drexel from Kingsborough Community College-CUNY, where he served as professor and founding director of the culinary arts program as well as deputy chair of the department of tourism and hospitality. He previously worked at CUNY Graduate Center as professor of public health and founding director of the food studies concentration. Deutsch’s research interests include social and cultural aspects of food, recipe and product development and culinary education. He received his doctorate in food studies and food management from New York University.
Culinary Arts

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Diez Roux, MD, PhD Ana Diez Roux, MD, PhD

Dana and David Dornsife Dean and Distinguished University Professor of Epidemiology

Ana Diez Roux portrait
Diez Roux is internationally known for her research on the social determinants of population health and the many ways that neighborhoods affect health. Her work on the impact of neighborhood conditions on health has been highly influential in the policy debate on population health and its determinants in Philadelphia and around the country and world.
public health, urban health, Neighborhoods and health, Health in Latin America

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Dion Genevieve Dion

Assistant Professor and Director, Shima Seiki Haute Technology Lab

Dion is an award-winning fashion designer who now directs the multisciplinary research of the Shima Seiki Haute Technology Lab in Drexel's Expressive and Creative Interaction Technologies (ExCITe) Center. Her current work includes reseach on knitted electronic components, smart fabrics, versatile mass production and wearable technology.
wearable technology, fashion, technology, smart garments

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D'Ovidio, PhD Robert D'Ovidio, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Criminology and Justice Studies

D'Ovidio researches the intersection of computer technology, crime and the criminal justice system. He directs Drexel's research program in computer crime and digital forensics. In the past, he has worked with the New York City Police Department and Philadelphia Police Department on research projects involving computer crime. His work with the law enforcement community also includes training investigators on techniques to trace Internet communication and seize electronic evidence and cell phones.
Criminal Justice

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Eisenstein, PhD Bruce Eisenstein, PhD

Arthur J. Rowland Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Bruce Eisenstein
Eisenstein is an expert in electrical engineering, pattern recognition and digital signal processing.
electrical engineering, engineering

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Epstein Larry Epstein

Emeritus Professor of Television and Media Management

Larry Epstein

Epstein is an expert on the media industry and management of media businesses.


television industry, television, media, entertainment, Entertainment and Arts Management

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Farnam, PhD Amir Yaghoob Farnam, PhD

Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering

Yaghoob Farnam

Farnam is an expert in the materials engineering of infrastructure such as buildings, roads, highways and airports. 

civil engineering, infrastructure materials

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Feit, PhD Elea Feit, PhD

Assistant Professor, Marketing

Elea Feit
Feit’s research focuses on leveraging customer data to make better product design and advertising decisions, particularly when data is incomplete, unmatched or aggregated.

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Field, PhD, JD Robert I. Field, PhD, JD

Professor of Law, Professor of Health Management and Policy, Director of JD-Master of Public Health Program

Robert Field

Field is a nationally known expert on health law and public health whose research focuses on ethical issues in managed care, public policy and legal facets of healthcare reform and genetic screening. In addition to being a professor in the Dorsnife School of Public Health, he also holds an appointment as professor of law at the Earle Mack School of Law at Drexel. He is the author of "Health Care Regulation in America: Complexity, Confrontation and Compromise," a comprehensive guide to the government's role in regulating health care, published by Oxford University Press.

health, law, public health

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Filler, JD Daniel M. Filler, JD

Dean, Thomas R. Kline School of Law, Professor of Law

Daniel Filler
Filler studies the effects of social anxiety on the development of criminal law. He is an expert on sex offender community notification, the death penalty and juvenile justice law. Before joining Drexel, Filler was a professor of law at the University of Alabama School of Law, where he created the school's Capital Defense Clinic.

Criminal Justice, law

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Fiori, PhD Christine Fiori, PhD

Professor of Construction Management

Christine Fiori
Fiori is an expert in construction management practices and safety, and head of Drexel’s Construction Management program. Fiori’s research focuses on sustainable construction practices and new techniques for construction management education. She has also authored several book chapters about best practices in construction safety, conservation and green building.
construction management, construction safety, construction in developing countries, ancient construction techniques

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Fleming, PhD Fraser Fleming, PhD

Professor, Head of Department of Chemistry

Fleming’s research focuses on stereochemistry, which is the spatial arrangement of atoms within molecules in materials, and organometallics, which are chemical compounds that feature at least one carbon bond with a metal.
chemistry, science and religion

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Fontecchio, PhD Adam Fontecchio, PhD

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Director, Center For the Advancement of STEM Teaching and Learning Excellence (CASTLE)

Adam Fontecchio
Fontecchio is the director of the Drexel Nanophotonics Lab and co-director of the Expressive and Creative Interaction Technologies (ExCITe) Center. He is an expert in electro-optics, liquid crystals, polymer dispersed liquid crystals, holography, remote sensing, color filtration, wearable technology and electrically switchable Bragg gratings.
computer engineering, electrical engineering

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Forman, PhD Evan Forman, PhD

Professor, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Evan Forman
Evan Forman, PhD, is a professor in Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences. The clinical psychologist studies health-related behavior change, especially related to problems of obesity and overeating, food cravings and neurocognition of eating. His research interests also include cognitive-behavioral and acceptance-based psychotherapies, and developing technological innovations — like smartphone apps and computer games — to treat health conditions.
psychology, nutrition, weight, WELL Center, obesity

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Forte, PhD Andrea Forte, PhD

Associate Professor of Information Science

Forte is an expert on social computing and learning sciences. Her research focuses on understanding new forms of information production and sharing that are made possible by participatory media.
social media, information science and technology

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Foster, PhD Aroutis Foster, PhD

Associate Professor

Foster is an assistant professor of learning, design, and technology and principal investigator for Drexel’s GLIDE (Games and Learning in Interactive Digital Environments) Lab. He teaches and conducts research on the theoretical and practical application of immersive digital environments. His research interests focus on exploring learning, design, and technology for human cognition, behavior, and identity exploration.
education, technology

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Frank, MD, PhD Arthur L. Frank, MD, PhD


Frank's areas of research include agricultural safety and health, pneumoconiosis, occupational toxicology, occupational cancers, occupational lung disease and environmental pollution.
public health

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Furrow, JD Barry Furrow, JD

Director of Health Law Program, Professor of Law

Barry Furrow
Barry Furrow is a pioneer in the field of health law. His expertise spans a wide array of health-related topics, including health care policy, regulation and finance, patient safety, patient privacy, mental health, provider accountability, medical ethics and bioethics and legal issues of pain management.
health, law

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Giarelli, EdD Ellen Giarelli, EdD

Associate Professor, Department of Graduate Nursing

Giarelli has over 15 years of experience conducting research with patients, family members and health care providers, including multiple intervention studies. For the past decade, she has studied the life-long medical, psychological, and social problems, and health care needs of people with genetic disorders diagnosed in childhood, that require life-long enhanced surveillance and self-management. Study populations include, individuals with Marfan syndrome, cancer syndromes such as familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP), multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2a MEN2s) and autism spectrum disorder.
autism, nursing

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Gillen, PhD Kevin C. Gillen, PhD

Senior Research Fellow at the Lindy Institute for Urban Innovation

Kevin C. Gillen, PhD

Gillen's background is in urban economics and real estate finance. His research is concentrated in applied work in the analysis of real estate developments and operation of real estate markets, including their fiscal, economic and financial implications. This work is deployed in advising both public and private sector entities on the economic feasibility of proposed development projects, the costs/benefits of local and regional public policy options, and the design and implementation of local economic development strategies. He also produces quarterly reports on the current state of the region’s housing market, providing insight and information on how the markets impact Pennsylvania. 

urban planning, urban economics

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Gitlin, PhD Laura Gitlin, PhD

Dean and Distinguished University Professor

Laura Gitlin
Laura N. Gitlin, PhD, an applied research sociologist, is nationally and internationally recognized for her research on developing, evaluating and implementing novel home and community-based interventions that improve quality of life of persons with dementia and their family caregivers, enhance daily function of older adults with disability and address mental health disparities.
aging, dementia, Alzheimers, geriatrics

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Gkatzelis, PhD Vasilis Gkatzelis, PhD

Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Vasilis Gkatzelis
Gkatzelis is a computer science professor with expertise in developing and analyzing algorithms for fair resource allocation and applying game theory to problem-solving situations. His research lies at the intersection of computer science and economics and is informed his industry experience at Google, Microsoft and HP Labs.
algorithm design, computer science, game theory

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Glaser Michael Glaser

Product Design Program Director, Associate Professor

Michael Glaser
Mike Glaser is a leader in the global design community. He brings twenty plus years of design experiences and expertise to Drexel University.
design, innovation

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Gogotsi, PhD Yury Gogotsi, PhD

Distinguished University and Bach Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Gogotsi is the director of the A.J. Drexel Nanomaterials Institute and leads research in the Nanomaterials Research Group in the College of Engineering. He is a foremost expert on carbon-based nanomaterials and is pioneering the use of new materials for energy storage.
materials engineering, nanotechnology

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Goldberg, PhD David Goldberg, PhD

Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Education, Professor, Department of Physics

Goldberg is a researcher in theoretical cosmology and astrophysics, focusing primarily in the field of gravitational lensing.  He is the author (with former student, Jeff Blomquist) of A User's Guide to the Universe: Surviving the Perils of Black Holes, Time Paradoxes and Quantum Uncertainty, a popular account of recent advances in physics and astronomy, and of The Universe in the Rearview Mirror (2013).
physics, space

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Gold, MD Marla J. Gold, MD

Dean Emeritus and Professor, Department of Health Management and Policy

Gold is an expert in infectious disease who served as Dean of Drexel's Dornsife School of Public Health for more than a decade of noteworthy growth. She previously served as Philadelphia's Assistant Health Commissioner for Infectious Disease Control in the Public Health Department, where she was responsible for all reportable and communicable diseases and conditions. Among her responsibilities, Gold designed and established the largest comprehensive HIV/AIDS care program in the Greater Philadelphia Region known as The Partnership.

public health

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Goldstein, PhD Naomi Goldstein, PhD

Co-Director of JD/PhD program in Law and Psychology, Associate Professor, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Goldstein specializes in forensic psychology and child and adolescent behavior problems. Her general research interest is in juvenile offenders, and she conducts research on adolescents’ comprehension of Miranda rights and their likelihood of offering true and false confessions to police. Goldstein also specializes in the development and evaluation of intervention programs for adolescent female offenders.
psychology, juvenile justice

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Goldstein, PhD Neal D. Goldstein, PhD

Assistant Research Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Neal D. Goldstein headshot
Goldstein’s work focuses on epidemiological analyses of data ranging from health issues of minorities in the LQBTQ community to the factors that contribute to pediatric disease spread, both at the neighborhood level and in health care settings.
public health, infectious disease, maternal and child health

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Gruber Roberta Gruber

Director, Fashion Design and Merchandising Program

Roberta Gruber
Gruber is an expert in fashion design and the business of the fashion industry. She began her teaching career after spending several years in industry as president of her own dress company and as a designer for other nationally recognized firms. She also creates wearable art and has been hired to develop fashion illustrations and graphic images for marketing and advertising purposes for a variety of companies.

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Gullo, PhD Dominic Gullo, PhD

Professor of Education, Associate Dean of Research

Dominic Gullo
Gullo’s areas of expertise include early childhood education, language and literacy development, urban education, child development, cognitive development, school reform, children of poverty, assessment of young children and program evaluation. His research interests include relative and long-range effects of kindergarten and pre-kindergarten experiences on children’s achievement and social adaptation to school routine, particularly among at-risk and high-risk children, as well as risk and protective factors in young children who reside in homes of economic poverty in order to develop longitudinal developmental trajectory models for academic and social competence. He previously worked as a professor at the Graduate Center of Queens College, City University of New York, and as a professor at the University of Wisconsin.

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Haas, PhD Charles Haas, PhD

LD Betz Professor of Environmental Engineering

Haas is an expert in water treatment, risk assessment, bioterrorism, environmental modeling and statistics, microbiology and environmental health.
environmental engineering

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Hammoudeh, PhD Shawkat Hammoudeh, PhD

Professor of Economics

Hammoudeh is an expert in gas and oil pricing, and its effects on the economy. He has served as the senior economist to the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries and as a researcher for the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research. He has earned grants to study world oil prices and is the co-author of journal articles on the price of gas and oil and its connection to the U.S. markets.
business, School of Economics

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Hancock, PhD Joseph Hancock, PhD

Professor, Department of Fashion Design, Department of Design

Joe Hancock

Joseph “Joe” Henry Hancock II, PhD, came to Drexel’s Department of Design having a 20-year retail operations, branding, merchandising and strategy background. He has worked for such companies as The Gap Inc., The Limited Corporation and Target Corporation.

fashion, branding, retail

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Harrington, PhD Paul Harrington, PhD

Professor; Director of the Center for Labor Markets and Policy

Harrington has authored or co-authored more than 14 books. He has studied workforce development and human resource policy for the Pennsylvania Department of Labor, the Rhode Island Board of Education, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research.
Center for Labor Markets and Policy, employment

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Hayes Lisa Hayes

Associate Professor and Program Director, Fashion Design

Hayes has more than 18 years of experience as a designer in the fashion industry primarily working in New York. She started her career at Albert Nipon in dresses, then moved up to the position of head designer at Liz Claiborne and Motherswork for Mimi stores. She has done freelance fashion illustration and continues to design on a freelance basis for home furnishings companies. She uses sustainable materials such as organic wool, organic cotton, leather tanned with an eco-friendly process and hand stitching. Her designs have been featured in stores throughout the US and UK in publications such as British Vogue, Glamour and various other fashion and home publications.

For news media inquiries, contact Alex McKechnie at, 215.895.2705 (office) or 401.651.7550 (cell).

fashion, sustainability

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Heilbrun, PhD Kirk Heilbrun, PhD

Professor, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Heilbrun received his doctorate in clinical psychology in 1980 from the University of Texas at Austin, and completed postdoctoral fellowship training from 1981-82 in psychology and criminal justice at Florida State University. His current research focuses on juvenile and adult offenders, legal decision-making, forensic evaluation associated with such decision-making and diversion from standard prosecution for individuals with severe mental illness. His practice interests also center around forensic assessment, and he directs a practicum within the department in this area. He is board certified in clinical psychology and in forensic psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology, and is a past president of both the American Psychology-Law Psychology/APA Division 41 and the American Board of Forensic Psychology.

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Heverin, PhD Thomas Heverin, PhD

Associate Teaching Professor of Computing and Security Technology

Thomas Heverin
Heverin is an expert in cybersecurity with specialties in computer forensics and using data modeling to assess risk in networks and systems. He draws on his background as a cybersecurity systems engineering and consultant for the U.S. Navy after serving six years as a surface warfare officer.


cybersecurity, computer forensics, cloud security, ethical hacking

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Hoover Green, PhD Amelia Hoover Green, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Politics

Hoover Green joined the Department of History & Politics as an assistant professor in September 2012, after completing her PhD in political science at Yale University. Her research concerns the dynamics of violence during armed conflict and the measurement of political violence, particularly wartime sexual violence.

Politics, history, human rights

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Hoque, PhD Simi Hoque, PhD

Associate Professor, Architectural Engineering

Simi Hoque
Hoque is an expert in building energy use and the design of high-performance indoor environments, such as hospitals, assisted living centers and offices. Her research focuses on how occupant comfort and energy efficiency are affected by design. In addition, she is a leader in the development inclusive educational opportunities for women in engineering.
architectural engineering, building energy use, indoor environment management, urban infrastructure, sustainability

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Howley, PhD Michael Howley, PhD

Clinical Professor, Marketing

Michael Howley
Howley spent the first 20 years of his career as a health care service provider. After going on to earn his MBA and a Ph.D. in business administration, Howley centers his research on health care marketing. He has authored or co-authored numerous articles including “The Influence of Different Types of Cues-to-Action on Vaccination Behavior in an Epidemic” for the Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice and “The Use of Apology in Health Care” for Journal of Medical Marketing 9.
business, marketing

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Hughes, PhD Joseph Hughes, PhD

Distinguished University Professor, Director, A.J. Drexel Institute for Energy and the Environment

Joseph Hughes
Hughes is the Dean of the College of Engineering and founding director of the A.J. Drexel Institute for Energy and the Environment. He is an expert in biological processes and applications of nanotechnology in environmental systems.
engineering, environmental engineering, energy, nanotechnology

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Huh-Yoo, PhD Jina Huh-Yoo, PhD

Assistant Professor of Information Science

Jina Huh-Yoo

Huh-Yoo studies and designs people’s use of technology to support health and wellness — from personal fitness devices and voice-activated assistants to social media and online forums. She is also interested the ethical and privacy implications of users sharing information about themselves through technology. 

information ethics, health informatics, social media

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Hyatt, JD, PhD Jordan Hyatt, JD, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Criminology & Justice Studies

Jordan Hyatt
Jordan M. Hyatt is an assistant professor in the Department of Criminology and Justice Studies at Drexel University whose research focuses on corrections and reentry. focuses
Criminal Justice

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Jabbari, PhD Shahin Jabbari, PhD

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Shahin Jabbari
Jabbari’s research and teaching focuses on questioning and exploring the ethical aspects of using algorithms to assist decision making.
algorithm design, technology ethics, machine learning, game theory

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Jordal, PhD Christian Jordal, PhD

Associate Clinical Professor, Department of Counseling & Family Therapy, and Program Director, Master of Family Therapy

portrait photo of Christian Jordal
Jordal is a licensed marriage and family therapist in the state of Pennsylvania and been clinically active for 14 years across a variety of university, agency and hospital-based settings.
couple therapy, family therapy, Sexuality and gender

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Joyce, PhD Kelly Joyce, PhD

Director, Center for Science, Technology & Society; Professor

Joyce's research investigates the role of medical imaging technologies in medical practice; scientific and technological innovations aimed at older people; and the lived experiences of people diagnosed with autoimmune illnesses. Her work highlights the cultural dimensions of medicine. She teaches courses on the social dimensions of health and illness as well as courses on the values embedded in technological design and use. Joyce previously was an associate professor of sociology at the College of William and Mary. She also served as a program director for the Science, Technology and Society program and the Ethics Education in Science and Engineering program at the National Science Foundation from 2009-2011. She received the Director's Award for Collaborative Integration for contributing to the education of ethical scientists, interagency collaboration and extraordinary efforts in integrating ethical expertise with scientific knowledge in 2011. Her book Magnetic Appeal: MRI and the Myth of Transparency won the Eliot Freidson Outstanding Publication Award, which is given by the Medical Sociology section, American Sociological Association.
sociology, Society

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Jushchyshyn Nick Jushchyshyn

Assistant Professor of Digital Media

Nick Jushchyshyn

Jushchyshyn is an expert in the field of digital media with specialties in visual effects, augmented reality, virtual reality and immersive media. He draws on more than wo decades of experience in creating visual effects for vilm and television, with credits that include "Girl With a Dragon Tattoo," "The Last Air Bender," and "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button."

animation, augmented reality, digital media, immersive media, visual effects, virtual reality, AR-VR

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Kaimal, EdD Girija Kaimal, EdD

Associate Professor, Creative Arts Therapies Department

Kaimal’s research focuses on understanding the way that creative self-expression affects human emotions and other brain processes. Her work particularly focuses on the ways people's experiences influence what they create, and how art-making can be used to reduce stress and stress-related issues.

creative arts therapies

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Kalhan, JD Anil Kalhan, JD


Kalhan’s principal interests include immigration law, criminal law, U.S. and comparative constitutional law and international human rights law. Before coming to Drexel, he was a visiting assistant professor of law at Fordham University and an associate in law at Columbia University. Kalhan previously worked as litigation associate at Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton, where he also served as co-coordinator of the firm’s immigration and international human rights pro bono practice group. He also has previously worked for the ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project in New York and served as law clerk to the Hon. Chester J. Straub (U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit) and the Hon. Gerard E. Lynch (U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York).

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Kalra, PhD Vibha Kalra, PhD

Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Vibha Kalra

Kalra’s research looks at the materials used to make energy storage devices, such as batteries and capacitors. She is director of the Energy Storage and Conversion Lab, where her team uses simulations and experiments to understand the correlation between material structure and the performance of energy storage and conversion devices including fuel cells, supercapacitors, batteries and solar cells.

chemical engineering, energy

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Kane, PhD Robert Kane, PhD

Department Head, Professor, Criminology & Justice Studies

Kane’s teaching and research interests center around police authority and accountability, the ecology of urban policing and the intersections among neighborhood violence, justice and urban health. Kane has conducted field research in Philadelphia, New York City, Phoenix and the District of Columbia. He has worked with the police and other justice authorities in the Netherlands, England and Ireland.
Criminal Justice

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Kerman, PhD Lucy Kerman, PhD

Senior Vice Provost, University and Community Partnerships

Lucy Kerman
community, Civic Engagement

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Kim, PhD Edward Kim, PhD

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Edward Kim

Kim’s research centers on the application and ethical design of artificial intelligence and machine learning, focusing on machine perception and computer vision. He also works to raise awareness of implicit bias in algorithms.

artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, neuromorphic computing, sparse coding

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Kim, PhD Youngmoo Kim, PhD

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Director of the Expressive & Creative Interaction Technologies (ExCITe) Center

Youngmoo Kim
Kim's research focuses on digital media technologies that will shape the future of entertainment, especially in the areas of sound and music. He is director of the Expressive and Creative Interaction Technologies (ExCITe) Lab and the Music and Entertainment Technology Laboratory (MET-lab).
computer engineering, electrical engineering

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Knight, PhD Richard Knight, PhD

Teaching Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Richard Knight
Knight has an extensive background in materials science with a focus on thermal plasma processes, plasma melting, high-velocity oxy-fuel flame spray process, thermal spray deposition and materials diagnostics.
materials engineering

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Koltick Nicole Koltick

Assistant Professor in Architecture + Interiors

Nicole Koltick
Nicole Koltick is the director of the Design Futures Lab where she leads a graduate research group in critical design practices and speculative proposals focused on three main areas of inquiry: tangible interaction in the built environment, the incorporation of novel advancements in science and computation into our built environments and new models for ambient communication.
Architecture, design

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Korschun, PhD Daniel Korschun, PhD

Associate Professor, Marketing

Portrait photo of Daniel Korschun
Daniel Korschun is an assistant professor of Marketing at Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business and a fellow of both the Center for Corporate Reputation Management and the Center for Corporate Governance at LeBow. His areas of expertise include brand and corporate reputation management, corporate social responsibility, internal marketing, marketing strategy, relationship marketing and country reputation.
corporate governance, corporate reputation management, marketing

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Kounios, PhD John Kounios, PhD

Professor, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

John Kounios is a professor in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences who studies cognitive neuroscience. The main focus of his research is the neural basis of creativity, insight and problem solving. He specializes in high-density electroencephalogram (EEG) recording of brain activity and other behavioral neuroimaging methods, such as fMRI.

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Landers, JD Amy L. Landers, JD

Professor of Law, Director of the Intellectual Property Law Program

Landers is an accomplished legal scholar and practitioner. She was previously distinguished professor of law and director of the Intellectual Property Law Concentration at the University of the Pacific’s McGeorge School of Law. Landers is an expert on patents and intellectual property law
law, Intellectual Property

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Lane, PhD Michael Lane, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy

Michael Lane

Lane is an expert in spinal cord injury and a member of Drexel's Spinal Cord Research Center. In particular, his research focuses on designing ways to improve respiratory function. 

spinal cord, neuroscience

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Lankenau, PhD Stephen Lankenau, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Community Health and Prevention

Lankenau is a sociologist who combines public health concerns and ethnographic methods to the study of high-risk youth, out- of-treatment drug users, homelessness and HIV/AIDS. Currently, he is leading a five-year project to study medical and non-medical marijuana use among young adults in Los Angeles. He has studied prescription drug misuse among young people in Los Angeles and New York to describe patterns of initiation, risk and protective behaviors and other unanticipated health consequences. He is also leading evaluation studies of overdose prevention programs in Los Angeles and Philadelphia to determine programs that effectively reduce the risks of fatal drug overdoses. Many of these studies are funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).
public health, sociology

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Lee, PhD Brian Lee, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics; Research Fellow, A.J. Drexel Autism Institute

Lee's research interests include the epidemiology of neurological development, maintenance and decline.  Current topics include prenatal environmental exposures and autism risk; neighborhoods and psychosocial "stress" in the cognitive decline of older adults; lead toxicity and white matter health; gene-environment interaction; maternal antibody exposure in utero and fetal outcomes.
autism, epidemiology, public health, health

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Lee, PhD Frank Lee, PhD

Professor of Digital Media; Director, Entrepreneurial Game Studio

Frank Lee

Lee is the co-founder of Drexel’s nationally ranked Game Design Program and founding director of the Drexel Entrepreneurial Game Studio. He is an expert in game design, serious games and the video game industry.


game design, game industry, technology

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Li, PhD Christopher Li, PhD

Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Christopher Li

Li is a professor in the Materials Science and Engineering Department and director of Drexel's Soft Materials Lab. His lab's research focuses on materials whose properties fall between solid crystals and fluids, such as polymers, gels, colloids, foams and liquid crystals. Li's group is able to engineer these soft materials for use in biomedical applications like drug treatment delivery, as well as for energy storage. 

materials engineering

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Lo, PhD L. James Lo, PhD

Associate Professor of Architectural Engineering

L. James Lo
Lo is an expert in the design and study of ventilation and its effect on indoor air quality. His research in the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, focuses on monitoring and modeling natural and mechanical ventilation and large-scale air movement in the urban built environment. 
architectural engineering, engineering, buildings

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López, JD Rachel López, JD

Assistant Professor and Director of the Community Lawyering Clinic

López’s scholarship primarily focuses on methods of accountability for human rights violations and reforms to transitional justice mechanisms. Prior to joining the law school, she was a clinical teaching fellow and then a visiting assistant clinical professor at Seton Hall University School of Law where she supervised law students on a wide range of cases, including immigration, human rights, death penalty, prisoners’ rights, family law and civil rights cases, in both domestic and international forums.
law, human rights

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Lough, PhD Amanda Lough, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Biodiversity, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Amanda Lough

Lough’s research focuses on earthquakes, particularly those related or connected to volcanoes. Her work encompasses seismic events related to active volcanoes and those that may be dormant, and includes a phenomenon called deep long period seismic events, which remain mysterious to the scientific community. 

seismology, earthquakes, volcanoes, geology

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Lowe, PhD Michael Lowe, PhD

Professor, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Lowe is a clinical psychologist who studies the psychobiology of eating and weight regulation, including dieting and preventing and treating obesity. His specific research areas include: the relationship between dieting, overeating and weight control; obesity and the prevention of weight gain and weight regain; eating disorders research; integrating biological and psychological perspectives on eating and weight regulation; and research on the "power of food." The “Power of Food Scale” assessment technique he developed and validated has been featured on “The Dr. Oz Show.”
psychology, nutrition

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Madan, PhD Vibhas Madan, PhD

Interim Dean

Vibas Madan
Vibhas’ research focuses on international trade theory, market power and product differentiation. He holds degrees from the University of Delhi and Michigan State University. He has authored or co-authored numerous publications on trade agreements and pricing, including “Preferential Trade Agreements, Market Power and Product Differentiation” for the Journal of Economic Integration and “Vertically Integrated Multinational Enterprises and the Relative Efficiency of Ownership Structures” for the International Trade Journal.
business, School of Economics, international

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Marenda, PhD Daniel Marenda, PhD

Associate professor, Department of Biology

Marenda studies how the brain’s neurons control organisms, and he especially looks at the way genes influence the development of the brain and the central nervous system. Many of the genes his research focuses on are related to human diseases, such as Pitt-Hopkins syndrome and alzheimer’s disease.
Developmental neurobiology, Developmental behavior

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Maxcy, PhD Joel Maxcy, PhD

Department Head of Sport Business and Professor of General Business

Headshot photo of Joel Maxcy

Maxcy joined Drexel in 2014 from Temple University’s School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, having previously worked at the University of Georgia and Ithaca College. His expertise is in the areas of economics of sport, labor economics and policy, economics of antitrust and regulation and sports analytics.

Sport Management

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McClendon Alphonso McClendon

Assistant Professor, Fashion Design

With over 15 years of fashion industry experience, Alphonso McClendon joined the design and merchandising faculty at Drexel’s Westphal College of Media Arts & Design in the fall of 2009. Most recently McClendon was director of product design for pants, denim, swimwear, hats, bags and prints at Nautica. In his more than 10 years at Nautica, McClendon held instrumental roles in global launches and new product designs. He has traveled extensively through Europe and Southeast Asia working with design and manufacturing professionals from China, Taiwan, Japan, England, Italy, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the Philippines.

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McEachron, PhD Donald McEachron, PhD

Teaching Professor

Donald McEachron

McEachron is an expert on circadian rhythms and biological responses to day-night cycles and natural light. His research examines the effects of sleep deprivation and erratic sleep schedules.

biomedical engineering

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McHugh Michelle McHugh

Department Head, Assistant Teaching Professor of Television Management

Michelle McHugh
McHugh is an expert in television production and management. An Emmy Award-winning producer, McHugh spent 14 years in the television industry and currently serves as a trustee for the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS), which oversees the Daytime Emmy Awards, as well as other industry award shows. McHugh is the associate director of Drexel’s television management program and advisor of DNews, Drexel’s news magazine program which airs locally on DUTV and on multiple social platforms. 
media, media management, television industry

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McKenna, PhD Ryan McKenna, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Health Management and Policy

McKenna analyzes how public policy effects access to health care and the use of health information technology. This includes how patient outcomes, physician behaviors and costs of care are all effected. He also specializes in health disparities and outcomes.
health care, health disparities

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Menon, PhD Usha Menon, PhD

Professor, Department of Anthropology

Usha Menon
Menon received her doctorate in human development from the University of Chicago in 1995. She previously worked as a visiting assistant professor of anthropology at Pitzer College, in Claremont, Ca. She has taught at Drexel University since September 1997. Menon has done fieldwork in the temple town of Bhubaneswar in Odisha, India, as well as in the northern Indian city of Meerut. She has written extensively on different aspects of Hindu society and civilization, in particular on goddess worship, family dynamics, gender relations, Hindu morality, Hindu women and liberal feminism and Hindu–Muslim religious violence. Her most recent book, Women, Wellbeing, and the Ethics of Domesticity in an Odia Hindu Temple Town, was published by Springer in 2013.
culture, international

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Molina, DLS Pablo Molina, DLS

Chief Information Security Officer; Associate Vice President of Information Technology

Pablo Molina
Molina serves as Drexel’s Chief Information Security Officer, charged with planning and implementing cybersecurity policy across the university. In addition to his expertise in cybersecurity methodology, he has an extensive background in ethics of technology and information management. Molina is the founder and executive director of the International Applied Ethics and Technology Association and on the board of the Electronic Privacy Information Center. He regularly comments on stories about privacy, ethics of tech companies, and laws related to technology and information management.
cybersecurity, information security, privacy, technology policy

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Montalto, PhD Franco Montalto, PhD

Professor of Environmental Engineering

Montalto is an civil/environmental engineer and hydrologist with a background in applied and theoretical approaches to solving complex environmental problems. He is an expert on green infrastructure, sustainable water resource engineering and urban environmental sustainability.


environmental engineering, civil engineering

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Moore Brian Moore

Associate Teaching Professor of Entertainment & Arts Management

Brian Moore

Moore is the program director for Westphal’s Entertainment & Arts Management Program has extensive background in both nonprofit and commercial entertainment management and marketing. He has  managed marketing for numerous productions on and off Broadway including Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” The Who’s “Tommy,” and “Angels in America.”

Entertainment and Arts Management

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Mostafavi, PhD Nariman Mostafavi, PhD

Assistant Teaching Professor of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

Nariman Mostafavi
Mostafavi’s research focuses on understanding the physical and human factors involved with engineering for climate resilience in urban areas.
engineering economics, environmental justice, urban resilience, urban energy modeling, environmentally responsive design, peace engineering

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Nitecki, PhD Danuta A. Nitecki, PhD

Dean of Libraries for Drexel University; Professor of Information Science

Dr. Danuta Nitecki, dean of Drexel University Libraries
Nitecki has held administrative positions in the libraries of Yale University, University of Maryland at College Park, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. She is active in national, state and regional associations, has served as a consultant and invited presenter throughout the U.S. and internationally and has published more than 90 articles, books, compilations and reviews.

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Núñez, MD Ana E. Núñez, MD

Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Professor of Medicine

Ana E. Núñez, MD
Núñez is the associate dean for urban health equity, education and research and a professor of medicine specializing in minority, women's and community health.
health, Minority health, Womens health

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O'Donnell, PhD Sean O'Donnell, PhD

Professor, Department of Biodiversity, Earth and Environmental Science and Department of Biology

Sean O'Donnell

O’Donnell is a biologist and ecologist with research interests that span evolutionary neurobiology, social behavior, population biology and community ecology.

biology, ecology, neuroscience

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Okamoto, JD Karl Okamoto, JD

Professor of Law; Director of the Business and Entrepreneurship Law Program

Karl Okamoto
Okamoto is an expert in corporate, venture capital, private equity and securities law and corporate finance. He has extensive experience as both an attorney and an investor.

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Onaral, PhD Banu Onaral, PhD

H.H. Sun Professor and Special Advisor to the President

Banu Onaral
Onaral is an expert in translational research and biomedical signal processing in ultrasound and optics.

biomedical engineering

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Ontanon, PhD Santiago Ontanon, PhD

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Santiago Ontanon
Ontañón's research focuses on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. His lab is developing artificial intelligence algorithms that can play video games and create stories. He can comment about how these algorithms are developed and what their future applications could be.
artificial intelligence, machine learning, video games

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Ortega, PhD Alex Ortega, PhD

Professor, Chair, Department of Health Management and Policy, Director of the Center for Population Health and Community Impact

Alex Ortega headshot
Ortega’s research focuses on health improvement and disparities in underserved populations, particularly Latino families and children. Much of his work has especially focused on undocumented immigrant populations or those who are disenfranchised in other ways, such as through language barriers.
health care, health disparities, Latino health, immigrant health

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Ottinger, PhD Gwen Ottinger, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Politics, Center for Science, Technology & Society

Gwen Ottinger, PhD
Ottinger’s research interests include social interactions surrounding oil refineries and the environmental justice issues related to emerging energy technology.
citizen science, energy, environmental policy, environmental justice, science and technology policy

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Poole, PhD Alex Poole, PhD

Assistant Professor of Information Science

Alex Poole
Poole is an expert in the creation and management of archives and digital records. His research focuses on the electronic preservation and curation of data and also looks at how technology and digital tools, such as social media, mapping, digitization, 3D modeling and 360 image visualization and augmented reality are being used to better understand and present humanities subjects.
archive management, digital curation, library science

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Popyack, PhD Jeffrey Popyack, PhD

Professor of Computer Science

Popyack is an expert in computer science education. He served as the head for undergraduate affairs in the Department of Computer Science at Drexel and is responsible for creating the undergraduate curriculums for both computer science and artificial intelligence tracks in the College of Computing & Informatics and is the advisor for many of the college’s K-12 computer science education outreach initiatives.

artificial intelligence, computer science

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Porpora, PhD Douglas Porpora, PhD

Director, Graduate Programs in Communication, Culture & Media, Professor, Department of Sociology

Porpora is a professor of sociology in the Department of Culture and Communication. He has published widely on social theory. Among his books are The Concept of Social Structure (Greenwood 1980), How Holocausts Happen: The United States in Central America (Temple 1992) and Landscapes of the Soul: The Loss of Moral Meaning in American Life (Oxford 2001). Porpora’s new book, Public Debate in Post-Ethical Society: The Attack on Iraq, Abu Ghraib, and the Moral Failure of the Secular, is scheduled for release from University of Chicago Press in 2013.
Religion, sociology

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Quinlan, PhD Jennifer Quinlan, PhD

Professor, Nutrition Sciences and Food & Hospitality Management Departments

Quinlan’s research focuses on identifying potential unique food safety risks for minority racial/ethnic and low-income populations. Quinlan co-developed the Don’t Wash Your Chicken campaign based on surveys conducted by her laboratory finding that washing raw poultry is a common unsafe handling practice across multiple demographics. Her laboratory also conducts basic research on Campylobacter jejuni, a leading bacterial cause of foodborne illness, which is common on chicken.
Food, nutrition

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Quistberg, PhD Alex Quistberg, PhD

Assistant research professor, Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, Urban Health Collaborative

Alex Quistberg headshot

Quistberg is an injury epidemiologist who has focused mostly on road safety and the built environment, such as studying what makes certain walkers more likely to be injured over others. He’s also studied how active transportation modes, such as biking or walking, are related to injury risks.

urban health, road safety

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Raghupathi, PhD Ramesh Raghupathi, PhD

Professor, Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy

Ramesh Raghupathi

Ramesh Raghupathi studies the short- and long-term effects of traumatic brain injuries (TBI), caused by violent assaults, motor vehicle accidents, collision-related events during contact sports and falls. His lab’s ongoing research efforts are aimed at addressing the feasibility of behavioral and pharmacological strategies to reduce and reverse TBI pathology.

neuroscience, traumatic brain injury, concussions

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Rich, MD John A. Rich, MD

Professor, Department of Health Management and Policy; Director, Center for Nonviolence and Social Justice

A leader in the field of public health, Rich’s work has focused on serving one of the nation’s most ignored and underserved populations: African-American men in urban settings. In 2006, Rich was granted a MacArthur Foundation “Genius” Fellowship. In awarding this distinction, the Foundation cited his work to design "new models of health care that stretch across the boundaries of public health, education, social service and justice systems to engage young men in caring for themselves and their peers."
public health

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Ridgley, PhD Stanley Ridgley, PhD

Assistant Clinical Professor, Management

Stanley Ridgley
Ridgley teaches entrepreneurship courses at Drexel’s LeBow College of Business and has created a DVD lecture series and book on strategic thinking skills. His expertise includes business communication, competitive intelligence, determinants of firm performance, new markets in emerging countries and Russian business culture. He is the recipient of numerous awards including the 2005 Musser Award for Leadership (Temple University), 1992-1993 Robert Wilson Instructor of Political Science (Duke University) and the 1984 George S. Patton Award for Leadership (United States Army 7th Army Academy, Bad Toelz, Germany).

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Robins, PhD Diana Robins, PhD

Director and Professor

Diana Robins, PhD
Robins is director and professor at the A.J. Drexel Autism Institute, where she also leads the Research Program in Early Detection and Intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Much of her work has centered around developing, validating and refining a widely used screening tool for ASD, the Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers. The original M-CHAT paper has been cited more than 1,600 times, and the validation of the recent revision, M-CHAT-R with Follow-Up (M-CHAT-R/F), demonstrated that the 2-stage screening questionnaire detects many cases of autism, and children in the study were diagnosed about two years younger than the national median, which improves access to ASD-specific early intervention.
autism, early detection

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Rogers, PhD Michelle Rogers, PhD

Associate Professor of Information Science

Michelle Rogers
Rogers research focuses on how the use of information technology in complex settings can change the way people work. She is specifically looking at how healthcare practitioners use clinical information management systems and the role of technology in patient safety. Rogers teaches courses in human-computer interaction, healthcare informatics and human factors in engineering.
healthcare informatics, information science and technology

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Rosenberg, PhD William Rosenberg, PhD

Professor, Department of Politics

Rosenberg specializes in local, regional and national politics and presidential elections and is a recognized expert on the American presidency and presidential campaigns. He has authored more than 60 articles, papers and technical reports and co-authored two books on presidential elections: The Politics of Disenchantment: Bush, Clinton, Perot and the Press (Praeger Publishers, New York, 1991) and New Verdicts (Paragon House, New York, 1995).

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Salvucci, PhD Dario Salvucci, PhD

Professor of Computer Science

Dario Salvucci

Salvucci uses cognitive models to examine how people perform more than one task at the same time. His research focuses on distracted driving and the challenges of implementing connected vehicle technology.


information science and technology, computer engineering, technology

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Sarcevic, PhD Aleksandra Sarcevic, PhD

Associate Professor of Information Science

Sarcevic is an expert in healthcare informatics, electronic medical records and human-computer interaction in times of medical emergency and crisis situations. Her research focuses on how medical professionals interact with each other and exchange information in emergency rooms and among trauma-response units. She has published extensively about how technology can aid collaboration and teamwork in these time and information-critical situations. 

healthcare informatics, human-computer interaction

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Sauro Clare Sauro

Curator of the Historic Costume Collection

In addition to her role as curator of the Drexel Historic Costume Collection, Sauro teaches courses in the history of fashion. Prior to this position, she supervised the Accessories Collection and worked as Assistant Curator in the Costume Collection at the museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology. At the museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, she contributed to several exhibitions including “The Tailor’s Art and Arbiters of Style: Women at the Forefront of Fashion.” In 2005, she co-curated the exhibition “Dutch at the Edge of Design: Fashion and Textiles from the Netherlands.” Sauro is a frequent lecturer on the history of fashion and has contributed essays to the Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion (Scribner Library of Daily Life, January 2005) and Ralph Rucci: The Art of Weightlessness (Yale University Press, February 2007).

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Schultheis, PhD Maria Schultheis, PhD

Vice Provost of Research, Office of Research and Innovation; Professor, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Schulthies’ clinical and research experience have been focused on the rehabilitation of cognitively impaired populations, including traumatic brain injury, stroke and multiple sclerosis. Specifically, she has specialized in 1) the application of technologies to the clinical, research and education of psychology and 2) studying the demands (physical, cognitive and behavioral) of driving following neurological compromise. Recently, she has focused on the development of new driving assessment protocols for individuals with disabilities. This includes research focusing on the application of Virtual Reality (VR) technology. Schultheis is also investigating the development of VR as a tool for ecologically valid assessment and retraining of everyday activities in rehabilitation. Schultheis' overall interest is in research related to the investigation and development of methodologies that have functional significance and can improve the quality of everyday life for persons with disabilities.d.
behavioral health, psychology, health

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Sell, ScD Randall Sell, ScD

Associate Professor, Department of Community Health and Prevention; Director, Program for LGBT Health

Sell is an expert in health disparities and health needs affecting gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender populations.
LGBTQ, public health

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Simmons, MD Brent Simmons, MD

Associate Professor

Brent Simmons

Simmons is an associate professor in the Department of Family, Community and Preventive Medicine and directs the Hospice and Palliative Care Fellowship program. His clinical interests include geriatrics and end-of-life care. He is board certified in family, geriatric, hospice and palliative medicine. He practices in Manayunk.

geriatric medicine, hospice

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Slaton, PhD Amy Slaton, PhD

Professor, Department of History

Photo of Amy Slaton
Slaton holds a doctorate in the History and Sociology of Science from the University of Pennsylvania, and has taught courses in the history of American science, technology and architecture, as well as in U.S. labor history and race relations. Slaton has long been interested in the social character of expertise and work, along with emerging issues of 'competency-based education," the rise of on-line higher education, and the role of community colleges in American technical education, workforce preparation and global economic competition. She has written on the history of building technologies and materials testing, with a focus on who gets credit when things go well and who gets blamed when structures and materials fail. Slaton is also interested in understandings of technical aptitude in American manufacturing and engineering , with particular emphasis on the role of race. Her most recent book is Race, Rigor, and Selectivity in U.S. Engineering: The History of an Occupational Color Line (Harvard University Press, 2010). Slaton produces the blog,, centered on equity in technical education and workforce issues.

education, technology

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Spanier, PhD Jonathan Spanier, PhD

Professor, Materials Science and Engineering; Affiliated Professor of Physics; Affiliated Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Jonathan Spanier
Spanier directs the Mesoscale Materials Laboratory in the College of Engineering, where his research focuses on designing, preparing and characterizing new materials. His current work includes developing materials to advance photovoltaic cells and energy storage.
materials science, engineering

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Spotila, PhD James Spotila, PhD

L. Drew Betz Chair Professor, Department of Biodiversity, Earth & Environmental Science

James R. Spotila
Spotila's research interests are centered in the areas of environmental science, physiological and biophysical ecology, fisheries biology and ichthyology and conservation biology. He is an expert in the physiological and population ecology of sea turtles.
biology, environmental science

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Steinberg Harris Steinberg

Executive Director of the Lindy Institute for Urban Innovation, Distinguished Teaching Professor of Architecture and Interiors

One of Greater Philadelphia’s leading practitioners and teachers of urban planning and one of the most respected professionals in civic visioning in the region. Harris came to Drexel from the School of Design at the University of Pennsylvania where he was the founding director of PennPraxis, the school’s applied research arm. Since 2001, PennPraxis has fostered faculty and student collaboration on real-world projects in architecture, landscape architecture, city and regional planning historic preservation and fine arts.

urban planning, Architecture

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Stein, JD Norman P. Stein, JD

Professor of Law

Stein is a nationally recognized authority on pension law, employee benefits and tax law. In addition to producing a rich body of scholarship, he is actively involved in policy development and testifies frequently before Congress. Stein's scholarship focuses chiefly on employee benefits law, federal taxation and social insurance.
law, Pension, taxes

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Stuart, PhD Brian Stuart, PhD

Associate Teaching Professor of Computer Science

Brian Stuart

Stuart is a scholar of computer history and his experience spans a variety of computer science disciplines including data storage, operation system development and machine learning and automation.

computer science, history, autonomous systems, machine learning, data storage, operating systems

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Sun, PhD Wei Sun, PhD

Albert Soffa Chair Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics

Wei Sun
Sun is director of both the Biofabrication Laboratory and Drexel's research center at the Shanghai Advanced Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. His research focuses on computer-aided tissue engineering, solid free-form fabrication and design and modeling of nanodevices.
mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, biological engineering, engineering

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Suri Rajneesh Suri


Rajneesh Suri portrait photo
A professor in Drexel’s LeBow College of Business, Suri’s area of research includes pricing, promotions and branding.
marketing, consumer behavior

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Susskind Andrew Susskind

Associate Teaching Professor of TV Production and Media Management

Andrew Susskind

Susskind is an accomplished television producer and director who is the head of Westphal’s TV Production & Media Management program. He has spent his career working in, studying and teaching about the television industry.

television industry, media management, entertainment

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Taylor, PhD Jennifer Taylor, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Environmental and Occupational Health

Taylor uses principles in the field of injury prevention and control to address safety issues in health care settings and in certain occupational groups, including firefighters. Taylor’s research unites evidence from the fields of injury prevention and control, quality improvement and occupational safety. She employs an integrated public health approach to these issues through the study of patients, health care workers and the policy environment. As director of the NIH-funded FIRST project at Drexel, she is developing and piloting a comprehensive system to record nonfatal firefighter injuries to better aid prevention efforts.
public health

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Traud, JD Michael Traud, JD

Assistant Clinical Professor, Program Director of Hospitality Management, Department of Food and Hospitality Management

Traud has experience cooking in Italy and South Korea. His research interests are hospitality law, Italian cuisine and the implementation of Korean cuisine in the United States. Traud was a member of James Beard Award-winning Chef Marc Vetri’s Osteria opening staff. He spent two years at Osteria during which he was sous chef, and then spent a year at Vetri Ristorante. During his time with Vetri, Traud worked for two James Beard Award-winning chefs and both restaurants were rated top Italian restaurants in Philadelphia and the nation. Traud practiced law before entering the hospitality industry. He received his juris doctorate from Villanova Law School and his associate’s degree in culinary arts from Johnson and Wales. Traud is a member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association.

Food, Hospitality Management, law

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Trojian, MD Thomas Trojian, MD


Thomas Trojian
Tom Trojian is a sports medicine physician with expertise in osteoarthritis (OA), ACL injuries and injury prevention. He serves as the chief medical officer for Drexel Athletics and heads the Sports Medicine fellowship program at Drexel.
sports medicine

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Trout Rosemary Trout

Program Director, Culinary Arts & Food Science; Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Food and Hospitality Management

Headshot of Rosemary Trout director of the Center for Food and Hospitality Management
Trout teaches and writes laboratory exercises for food science, food microbiology, food composition and sensory analysis courses. She has done research in anti-oxidant properties of fruit juices, chocolate sensory appeal, and has had funded research on food sustainability and reduction in food waste-centered curriculum development with colleagues through the James Beard Foundation and new dairy-based food product development and sensory analysis for the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. Trout is a member of the National Restaurant Association ServSafe Safe Food Handler Certification, the Institute of Food Technologists, the International Association for Food Protection and Research Chefs Association.

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Tucker, JD Lisa Tucker, JD

Associate Professor of Law

Lisa McElroy
Lisa Tucker is an expert on legal research and writing and the Supreme Court, and has published extensively in the field of legal pedagogy.

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Vakharia Neville Vakharia

Assistant Professor and Research Director, Arts Administration Program

Neville Vakharia is assistant professor and research director in Drexel's graduate arts administration program, teaching courses in management, strategic planning and entrepreneurship.  He joined Drexel after overseeing the operations, expansion and strategic direction of the Cultural Data Project (CDP) at The Pew Charitable Trusts.
culture, technology, arts administration, innovation

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Vanderkluysen, PhD Loÿc Vanderkluysen, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Biodiversity, Earth & Environmental Science

Headshot of Loÿc Vanderkluysen standing outside
Loÿc Vanderkluysen studies all levels of volcanic systems and particularly researches how volcanoes can be monitored.
volcanoes, geology

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Walkling, PhD Ralph Walkling, PhD

Stratakis Chair in Corporate Governance and Accountability, Director of the Center for Corporate Governance

Walkling is internationally known for his research involving corporate governance and corporate acquisitions. He has been listed in the top one percent of more than 12,000 finance authors in terms of academic citations to their work.
business, corporate governance

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Waring, PhD Michael Waring, PhD

Professor of Environmental Engineering

Michael Waring

Waring is the head of the Indoor Environment Research Group at Drexel. He studies indoor air quality, this includes: how to monitor it, the effect of various household and external chemicals on it, how particles form indoors and their effect on air quality, and how to improve indoor air quality.


environmental engineering

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Weingarten, MD Michael Weingarten, MD


Michael Weingarten

Weingarten is the medical director of the Hahnemann Hospital Comprehensive Wound Healing Program and the College of Medicine Non-Invasive Vascular Laboratory. He has been chief of vascular surgery at Drexel Medicine since June 2004. He sees patients in Center City


vascular surgery

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Weitzner Robert Weitzner

Assistant Teaching Professor, Music Industry

Robert Weitzner
Weitzner is an expert in all aspects of the business side of the music industry, including digital asset management, online streaming and distribution. He has more than 20 years of experience in leadership roles throughout the industry where he worked at the nexus of music, digital media and technology. 
music industry, digital media

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Wen, PhD Jin Wen, PhD

Professor of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

Jin Wen
Wen’s research centers on designing and retrofitting buildings to maximize and improve energy efficiency.
environmental engineering, sustainability

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White, PhD Ebony White, PhD

Assistant Clinical Professor, Counseling and Family Therapy Department

Ebony White has worked in community mental health for over 17 years with incarcerated women and men, homeless adults, clients with severe and persistent mental illness, clients with dual diagnoses, and adolescents with cognitive, behavioral, and addictions concerns. Her advocacy and clinical work are currently centered on mental health in black communities locally, nationally, and globally.
mental health, race, adoption

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Williams, PhD Jake Williams, PhD

Assistant Professor of Information Science

Jake Williams
Williams is an expert in natural language processing and text analysis. His research focuses on using algorithms and statistical theory to analyze text. This work has been applied to create tools that can discern fake accounts and bots on social media, identify when and where political protests are happening and even judge a person’s caloric intake by looking at the food and physical activities they’re tweeting about.
natural language processing, mathematical linguistics, information science and technology

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Yudell, PhD Michael Yudell, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Community Health and Prevention

Yudell is a researcher in the fields of ethics, genomics and the history of public health. His work focuses on the history, risk communication and ethics of autism spectrum disorders, as well as emergency preparedness, vaccines and the history of the race concept in biology.
autism, public health

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Zelenkauskaite Asta Zelenkauskaite

Associate Professor, Department of Communication

Zelenkauskaite received her doctorate in Mass Communication from Indiana University, Bloomington, with two minor specializations in information science and linguistics. Her research focuses on the ways in which communication occurs through computer network environments as well as mobile telephony. She is interested in the changes that social media bring to mass media landscape by studying these phenomena from a multi-method approach to analyze changing understanding of content, audiences, and media companies. Most of her work bridges disciplinary boundaries methodologically and conceptually through her collaborative work with computer scientists and information science scholars.
communications, culture, social media

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Ziccardi Charles Ziccardi

Assistant Teaching Professor, Culinary Arts and Food Science

Chef Ziccardi specializes in classical and regional Italian cuisine and culture. He has been a full-time chef instructor in the Hospitality Department at Drexel University in Philadelphia since August 2000.
Culinary Arts

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Zillmer, PsyD Eric A. Zillmer, PsyD

Carl R. Pacifico Professor of Neuropsychology, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

A licensed clinical psychologist, Zillmer is a Fellow of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, the American Psychological Association, the Society for Personality Assessment, and the National Academy of Neuropsychology for which he also served as president. He has written extensively in the areas of sports psychology, neuropsychology and psychological assessment, having published more than 100 journal articles, book chapters and books.
psychology, sports

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Zitcer, PhD Andrew Zitcer, PhD

Assistant Teaching Professor, Arts Administration Program

Zitcer has been part of the Philadelphia arts and culture community since helping to found the Rotunda in the late 1990s. The Rotunda is a community-gathering place fueled by the belief that art is a catalyst for social change and that the arts can lead to the formation of meaningful partnerships between the University of Pennsylvania and surrounding neighborhoods.
culture, public policy, urban planning

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