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Drexel Community Placements

Drexel Community Placements are for work study students who are interested in working for community organizations as work study interns. These students will be responsible for finding their own community site placements and working with the organization to make a schedule. These students will be supported by the Lindy Center for Civic Engagement with accessing their work study funding and managing the clearances process. Positions can range in scope but students must fill out an application and be approved by the Lindy Center to work with their organization before starting their placements. 

Please review the following Frequently Asked Questions if you’re interested! 

Who is eligible for the program? 

Every work study eligible student at Drexel University can join the Drexel Community Placement Program 


How Do I Get Started?

Step 1: Find an organization you would like to work with and reach out to them to see if they have work study placements available. If so, fill out the community site placement interest form and have the community site fill out the site application form as well. 

Step 2: Confirm your work-study package and funding with the Financial Aid department through Drexel One. 

Step 3: Reach out to the Lindy Center confirming you and your site have applied for the Drexel Community Site Placement and forward the work listing to the Lindy Center.

Step 4: Once the posting has been reviewed and approved - the Lindy Center will confirm with you and your placement that you are good to go! (On our end, we will work to hire you and get you clearances if needed!) 

Step 5: The Lindy Center will send over instructions on how to use the Galaxy Digital system for hours tracking and approvals. 

Step 6: Submit all hours on a bi-weekly basis on Drexel Galaxy Digital and have them approved by your manager. Once this is done, you will be expected to enter your hours in Drexel One to receive your work study. Failure to track hours in Galaxy will result in a delay in payment. 


How Do I Find A Community Placement Site?

This is up to you! Many community organizations often post listings for work study internships throughout the year. We also recommend reaching out to an organization that piques your interest. We have many organizations listed on our Drexel Galaxy Digital page for you to explore as well! 



What will I be doing at my non-profit placement site? 

This will be up to you and your community site placement and all expectations for this should be communicated with the organization before starting in your role.


Do I need clearances? 

If you are working with Minors, you do need clearances. Human Resources handles all clearance processing and can be reached at 


What is the commitment? 

Understanding the fast-paced, every-changing nature of the life of a Drexel University student, we recommend that students commit to just one full term at a time. Once approved, you are welcome to work with your site as long as you like. 

Are there opportunities to be paid? 

Yes! Students who have Federal Work Study funding may utilize funding for this position. Note that students may not have two work study positions at the same time but can have a work study and a student employment with another department if they don’t exceed 20 hours per week. 


How do I keep track of hours? 

All students, must track their hours in the Drexel Galaxy Digital Platform. The hours should be submitted on the site for community placement supervisor approval and 

are due to the Lindy Center every other Friday. Students are also asked to submit electronic time-sheets through the Drexel One portal to receive payment failure to do so will delay payment to the next payroll cycle.  

How does travel work? 

We recognize that it takes a commitment to work with an off-site community placement. Any travel must be arranged with your chosen site placement.


What are the expectations? 


Student Expectations: 

  1. Reporting and Communication: You are expected to communicate regularly with your placement site supervisor. We understand that life happens, but please COMMUNICATE! If you determine that you’re not able to continue with the program for any reason, please let both parties know as soon as possible. 
  2. You must have an approved Federal Work Study package through the Financial Aid department. This should be confirmed BEFORE applying. Any hours that exceed your work study funding will be considered volunteer hours. 
  3. Reporting Time on Drexel Galaxy Digital: This site is where the Lindy Center tracks all volunteer service hours. Once you are approved to serve with a community placement - you will be expected to track all hours in this portal. Your site manager is in charge of approving all hours and should do so on a biweekly basis. You must also report your hours electronically through Drexel One. 
  4. Representation: Please keep in mind that you are representing Drexel University at all times. It is the expectation that you will be punctual for your shifts with a good attitude. Your placement supervisor reserves the right to inform the Lindy Center of performance issues including termination from role.  
  5. Be Part of our Team: All Drexel Community Placements should prioritize attending Lindy Center programming during their term, the best way to do so is by staying connected with us through our weekly newsletter 


Placement Site Expectations 

  1. Sign-off on hours logged by student in the Drexel Galaxy Digital platform. To access this platform, you do need an organization page which must be set up through the Lindy Center.  
  2. $0 financial commitment 
  3. Sign work study off-campus agreement 
  4. Coordinate a schedule with the student and plan trainings to acclimate them to your system. 
  5. Provide daily supervision and clear duties 
  6. Liaise with Lindy Center for Civic Engagement for resources, training and workshops as needed.  


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