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Important Information about Final Exams

April 5, 2021

Exam Schedule 

The exam schedule is mostly finalized and available in the Registration and Exam Center. All times are EDT, i.e., Philadelphia time.

Exam Types

  • Exam4 Common Time means everyone is taking the exam at the same time, with the exception of students who have arranged otherwise in accordance with deferment and accommodation policies. 
  • Exam4 Open Window means that the actual time limit of the exam is less than the window in which it is available (e.g., an exam with a 4-hour time limit that can be taken any time within a 24-hour window). Please pay close attention to the latest time an exam can be submitted (“Latest Due” column).
  • Blackboard Exam means the exam will be administered in Blackboard according to the conditions set out by the instructor, and you will not use the Exam4 software or website.

Exam Modes

This exam period, exams taken using Exam4 will have one of two modes, OPEN NETWORK (also called OPEN LAPTOP + NETWORK) and TAKEHOME.

  • OPEN NETWORK allows all hard drive and internet access, but does not allow students to copy and paste from outside the exam into their answer. This is mainly used for timed exams, meaning that you will open the Exam4 software and type your answer directly into it as you would for an in-person exam.
  • TAKEHOME mode allows all hard drive and internet access, and also allows copy and paste from outside the exam. This is mainly used for longer exams where you may want to save your work in a Word document gradually, and then transfer the response into Exam4 at the time of submission. You MUST ultimately transfer the response into Exam4 to submit it; you will NOT submit the Word document.

Time Limits/“Padding”

Time limits are noted in the schedule. However, please note that when you begin the exam, the due time that displays will have an additional 8 minutes added to it. That is, if you download a 3-hour exam at 9 a.m., the due time will show as 12:08 p.m. This 8 minutes is intended to give you some space to figure out how to settle into the remote exam, to resolve connectivity issues, to print the exam, and/or to make electronic markups on the exam. This 8 minutes is not meant as additional substantive time, and you should plan to submit your answer within the actual time limit so that if you do have upload issues, you will have this extra time to resolve them. The number 8 was chosen to make it clear this is padding and not part of the time expected for the exam. Again, the 8 minutes will already be reflected in the “due date” displayed by Exam4; it is not added on top of that time, and anything submitted past that time will be marked Late.

Honor Code Statement

The Honor Code Statement continues to be included in all exams and should also be submitted going forward by students with all papers and non-exam assignments for the semester. You will note that the Honor Code Statement affirmatively obligates all students to report cheating by themselves or others, and requires all students to start all exam answers/papers and assignments with the statement, “I affirm that I will abide by, and that this exam answer/paper/assignment comports with, the terms of the Honor Code Statement.” If you forget to include this sentence in your exam, you will have 24 hours from the time of exam submission to send it in an email to Theresa Gallo ( Failure to provide the statement will result in your exam not being graded and potential additional disciplinary consequences. Any questions about the Honor Code Statement should be directed to Dean Oates,

Exam IDs, Software, Process, and Practice 

  • Exam IDs are available through the retrieval link in the new Registration and Exam Center.
  • The exam software for this term is available to download from You MUST download the finals version of the software to be able to take final exams. All students will be eligible for technical assistance regardless of whether they submit a practice exam, but it remains a really good idea to do a practice exam. 
  • A detailed Remote Exam Guide is available in the Registration and Exam Center. Common troubleshooting and the availability of support are also addressed.
  • All exam questions will be downloaded from unless the schedule notes the exam is being administered in Blackboard. A practice exam file will be available on so that you can run through the entire process described in Remote Exam Guide, if desired.

Exam Deferrals

Our regular conflict policy is in place, which is that if you have two or more exams scheduled in the same calendar day, you can request a deferral using the Exam Deferral Form. Generally, exams that span multiple days do not qualify for conflict deferral if you have an open day (i.e., a day without a scheduled exam) to take them. Additionally, deferrals may be requested, as always, for religious observance and exigent circumstance. Finally, students who are taking exams with common start times from a different (verifiable) time zone may request a delay if their exam would begin at an impractical time. All deferral requests, outside of emergency deferrals, should be submitted to LawOSA by 5 p.m. on April 16.

Exam Accommodations

Students with exam accommodations for disability will receive separate emails from Dean Gallo. If you are seeking accommodations, please ensure Dean Gallo has received or will receive your Spring 2021 AVL no later than April 23.