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SharePoint 2010 Access Support

Common SharePoint 2010 Sign-in Issues

The information on this page relates to Drexel's on-premises SharePoint 2010 system. If the site that you're having trouble with has an address that contains (e.g.:, then the information here applies. If the address of the site you're using starts with, then that site is in SharePoint Online in Office 365. In that case, please email

Signing in to SharePoint 2010 should be easy, but a variety of factors - such as which browser you're using, the permissions for the site you're trying to access, etc. - can complicate things.  Below are some of the typical sign-in problems along with information on how to go about resolving them.  If you are unable to sign in to SharePoint and this information is not helpful, please email

SharePoint keeps asking for my username and password and won't let me into a site

​If you are continually prompted for your credentials before you get into a SharePoint site, then either your username or password or the combination of the two are not correct.  One of the solutions below should help you address this problem.

Solution 1 - Make sure that you are entering the correct username.  You should be entering the username you use for DrexelOne (typically your initials followed by 2 or more digits) followed by "".  So, if your username is abc99, you would enter

Solution 2 - If you are entering your correct username in the proper format and still not able to sign in, then the password you're entering must not match your Drexel Domain password.  To check, go to, enter your username and the password you believe to be correct, then select "Drexel Domain" in the "On what system is that account?" field.  If you are able to sign in to the Accounts page, then the password you entered is, in fact, your Drexel Domain password.  If not, you can contact the Accounts team at 215-895-2020 for assistance in resetting your Domain password.

I get a message that "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"

Internet Explorer, especially older versions (8 or 9 in particular) can become corrupted in such a way that SharePoint pages will not load correctly.  When this happens, the most expedient solution is to Reset Internet Explorer.  See this blog post for instructions on how to do that.​

I get an "Access Denied" message when I try to sign in to a SharePoint site

​In this situation, SharePoint is recognizing who you are, so the username and password you've entered is correct, but it's telling you that you do not have permission to access that specific site or page.  Our SharePoint Home site ( is accessible to everyone with current and valid Drexel Domain accounts (that is, all Faculty, Staff and Students).  However, other sites within the environment have different permissions which are often managed by the "Owners" of that site. 

If you are trying to access a site from a link that was emailed to you or one that is posted on a department's website, contact the sender of the email or the department on whose site the link appears.  If you're unable to determine who to contact, you can email  Be sure to include the address of the site you're trying to get into and any other relevant information (such as why you are trying to access the site). 

SharePoint keeps asking me to sign in when I go to another site or open a file

This occurs when you cross from one "security zone" (typically a site or site collection) to another, or when using a different application (for example, Microsoft Word) to access a file stored in a SharePoint site.  Depending on your circumstances, there may not be much you can do eliminate this issue.

I you have a Windows computer that is joined to the Drexel Domain (that is, you sign in to the computer with your Drexel username and password), then you can configure it to automatically authenticate to SharePoint or SharePoint-based resources.  See the Auto Login Instructions for more details.​

If you have a Windows computer that is not joined to the Drexel Domain, or any non-Windows computer, your options are somewhat limited.  If you have a Mac and use Microsoft Office 2011, you can save files directly to SharePoint Document Libraries by following these instructions.  If you typically interact with just a few Document Libraries, you can use those instructions to save a connection to each of them.  Another option (again, specifically for Document Libraries) would be using Microsoft Document Connection.

I get a "Critical Error" message when opening a SharePoint page or a form

This most often occurs when using Internet Explorer 11 and is related to a compatibility issue between it and SharePoint 2010.  You can resolve the issue by enabling Compatibility Mode for Drexel websites.  To do this: ​


  1. Click the gear/cog icon that appears in the top right corner of the Internet Explorer window
  2. Click Compatibility View Settings
  3. In the Add this website box, type in if it's not already there
  4. Click the Add button
  5. Click the Close button
  6. Try opening the form again and it should work

You can also see this blog article for more information.