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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Preparedness

To prepare for any interruption to course delivery, the information below is being made available to assist faculty with 1) moving their final exams online and 2) preparing to teach courses remotely. These plans will only be utilized if and when the University makes a decision on a course of action. Technical details about both of these processes will be provided in linked resources.

Final Exams Online

Q: My class is small, so do I have to put my final exam in Drexel Learn?

A: If the campus is closed, then students will be unable to attend an in-person final exam. While we are recommending that faculty coordinate with the appropriate resources to translate their final exam into an online format, there are other alternatives available. Faculty can elect to change the final exam to either a take-home exam or written assignment. Both of these can be facilitated through Drexel Learn to ensure security of sensitive information. Faculty may also elect to cancel the final exam and grade based on the performance in the course to date.

Q: The final exam has a lot of questions of different types. Will all of these work in Drexel Learn?

A: The built-in Test tool for Drexel Learn provides for a number of different question types including, but not limited to multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank, essay, and file response. Blackboard has the entire list of question types on their website.

More information is available on the Tests DU IT website as well as the Drexel Learn Tests page.

Q: I have never created a Test in Drexel Learn. How will I get my final exam online in time?

A: For exams that have 10 or fewer questions, creating them directly within the course is the recommendation. Drexel licenses the Respondus 4.0 software which runs on Windows computers. This program can take as input a Word document and then export the test in a format that can be uploaded into Drexel Learn. The Instructional Technology Group is also prepared to assist faculty with this process by having them submit a form to have their exam processed. If faculty can follow the Respondus Test Format, that will aid in the processing of exams.

Q: I don't have a written final exam, but I am facilitating a final critique/evaluation/presentation. What can I do?

A: If the campus is closed then any physical space necessary for a critique, evaluation or presentation will be inaccessible. Consider documenting objects and spaces that cannot be moved to a student's home location using either pictures or video. Those files can then be used as part of a critique or presentation. There are a number of web conferencing options available at Drexel that can help to facilitate remote sessions. If you have questions about which one is right for you the Instructional Technology Group can make recommendations.

Remote Teaching Support

Q: I have a lot of content, assignments, and tests I need to get online. Where can I put all of this information?

A: All Banner courses have a presence in Drexel Learn that provides an empty shell which can be built out with content, assessments, and communication tools. Instructions for how to get started are provided on the DU IT website.

Q: The files I share with students are very specialized or large. Will I be able to add them into Drexel Learn?

A: Drexel Learn is content agnostic, meaning you can load any file you want into the course. The main consideration you need is whether or not the students will have access to software that will allow them to access the file. Also be aware that the larger a file is the longer it will take to download and should the campus be closed, students may not have access to a high speed connection.

Q: My classes were scheduled for [insert specific day and time here]. Should I still meet the students during those times?

A: One of the first things to consider when moving a course into Drexel Learn is how and when you will engage with your students. If you would like to stick to the scheduled time of the class, there are a number of web conferencing technologies that can be used to accommodate that. You can also choose to facilitate the course asynchronously, but should identify how you will provide for student-to-faculty engagement.

Q: I generally collect assignments from my students in class. How will I collect student work if I won't see them?

A: Drexel Learn has a built in Assignments tool that allows faculty to specify instructions and criteria for students to submit work digitally. Word documents, PDFs, and other file types are accepted. The interface also provides for electronic grading; however, submitted files can also be downloaded and printed.

Q: With everyone teaching remotely, how will the systems like Drexel Learn and Zoom handle the increased load?

A: DU IT has been in constant communication with all of our vendors to ensure that their are prepared to handle the increased utilization of our resources. All of them have provided us with statements regarding the measures they have taken to ensure a smooth transition to the remote teaching model.