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Consulting and Training

There is a long history of institutional racism and systemic discrimination in many U.S. systems including employment, education, criminal justice, and public assistance programs. Through its research and programmatic work, the Building Wealth and Health Network has developed a wealth of experience in creating trauma-informed, healing-centered spaces that support individuals and diverse communities to:

  • Engage in individual and community healing
  • Become empowered in reaching their personal and financial goals
  • Lead policy change and cultural shift that create healthier and wealthier communities
  • Counter the many systemic issues that support ongoing issues of poverty and hunger in America

Network Training Channel

As the Network continues to learn and develop its own practices, it became clear that in order to create healthier and wealthier communities there must a city, state, and country filled with individuals and communities engaged in healing. To create a public service system rooted in healing-centered approaches, the Network began sharing what it discovered from its programming to help train others and developed the Network Training Channel.

The Network Training Channel prepares professionals in education and public service roles to provide their services with dignity, integrity, and effectiveness without perpetuating the victim blaming mentality and anti-blackness, racism, classism, and other biases that are often experienced in public spaces. This is achieved by helping professionals look at their everyday work through a trauma-informed, healing-centered lens. 

The Network Training Channel provides the space to ask questions challenging the traditional workplace and provide support to create a work environment that allows people to bring their whole selves: their skills, their stories, their culture, and yes… even their trauma, in a way that actually creates more productivity and simultaneously promotes healing.

The Network’s training brings its evidence-based, trauma-formed, and healing-centered model to organizations to create more resilient, liberated, and joyful spaces where they can better support their clients, students, and community.


The Network Training Channel has and is prepared to provide training and support to the following audiences:

  • Case workers
  • Social workers
  • Educators (K-12, higher education, community-based)
  • Financial service professionals
  • Human service professionals
  • Criminal justice professionals


The Network Training Channel has and is prepared to offer training and support in the following formats:

  • Online
  • In-person
  • Hybrid
  • One-time 
  • Multi-session 


The Network's trainings utilize political and popular education (a learner-centered, participatory education model) paired with cutting-edge research to push their participants to reflect critically on their surroundings and practice new approaches create more trauma-formed, healing-centered, resilient, and liberated spaces.

  • Introduction to Individual and Collective Trauma and Healing

This workshop provides participants a beginning overview of individual and collective trauma as well as healing. The workshop begins with research and theoretical frameworks of trauma and healing then moves on to ways participants can begin making more healing spaces within their organization.

  • Trauma-Informed, Healing-Centered Workshop for Front Line Workers

This workshop provides participants the internal tools they need to provide healing spaces and encounters that will motivate clients to make changes they want in their lives. Participants will gain a larger perspective about the collective trauma that can amplify and worsen trauma in communities and families. They will discuss how to counteract it and begin to create a culture of healing in your organization and healing-centered policies. This training is a beginning of a journey to becoming a trauma-informed and healing-centered organization.

  • Trauma-Informed, Healing-Centered Financial Coaching

Money cannot be separated from life. When a person sits down for financial coaching, it is not uncommon for it to bring up life altering trauma like domestic violence, unemployment, discrimination as the cause of financial trouble. This training will equip participants with tools to provide financial support and coaching that will not re-traumatize their clients and will encourage improved financial success by addressing their clients' emotional and financial barriers.

  • Ethics of Boundaries and Dual Relationships

This workshop provides participants the opportunity to explore ethical dilemmas and questions about professional and personal boundaries with clients. Using their organizations' polices as a guide, participants will come up with boundaries that feel true and comfortable to them, while also using best practices, research, and expert advice to inform their choices.

  • Run Your Own Community Meeting

The Sanctuary Model’s™ Community meeting brings calm, focus, and emotional grounding to meetings and makes them more efficient, enjoyable, and holistic. Through learning how Community Meeting works and practicing it in this training, participants will walk away with a new tool that will reduce the trauma and stress responses in clients and staff and create more productive meetings and workspaces.

  • Systems Checks: Trauma-Informed, Healing-Centered Conflict Resolution

To be a trauma informed organization, one must address the conflict and tension that is inherent in any group of humans. Conflict is a natural and healthy way of getting work done authentically. In this training, participants learn how to use the Systems Check tool created by HopeWorks (adapted from The Sanctuary Model’s Red Flag Meetings), including what a Systems Check is, when to have one, and how to use it to create positive open communication in their workplace.

  • TANF History and Context: A Political Education

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) is an essential public assistance program and safety net for Americans struggling with poverty, domestic violence, discrimination, and other political, social physical, and mental health crises. In this workshop, participants learn about TANF's history, the political and social context of its creation, how it’s racist and classist roots impact the perception and effectiveness of the TANF program today, and what can be done to mitigate these harmful effects.

  • Financial Self-empowerment

What is financial self-empowerment? In this workshop, participants learn how to build their clients' self-esteem, consciousness, and motivation to bring about better financial and personal outcomes.

Additional trainings are developed regularly, and individualized training opportunities can be created to meet an organization's needs. Future training topics may include:

  • Human Connection across Anti-Blackness in the Welfare System
  • Creating a Trauma-Informed, Healing-Centered Organization: A Workshop for Organization Leadership


"I really liked learning about and using the feelings wheel as part of the community meeting tool. I often prefer just saying, 'good' or 'fine' when asked how I'm doing. I didn't know that there were so many human feelings and emotions."

"I really enjoyed the positive and calming personalities of the presenters. They were fabulous!"

More Information

Interested in finding out more? Email Alie Huxta at to schedule a meeting to explore how your organization can become more trauma-informed and healing-centered in your work.