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Temporary Employee/Co-op/Per Diem/Stipend Hiring Workflow & Hiring Guide

Temporary Employee Hiring Guide

Below is a guide to take Hiring Managers through the process of hiring a temporary employee. Talent Acquisition should be used as a resource for temporary employee searches both internally and through a staffing agency.

Please note that temporary employees should not begin work until an Authorization to Hire form is submitted AND all necessary onboarding processes are completed with HR.

Please follow the steps below for hiring a temporary employee.


Hiring Managers who are considering recruiting temporary employees should first:

  1. Determine whether an existing position/role can be modified to incorporate the temporary role responsibilities. Depending on the responsibilities and dedicated time needed, this could result in a stipend for the existing employee.
  2. Determine the type of temporary employee needed
    • Full Time Temporary employees (F/T Temp) can work at least 40 hours per week.
    • Part Time Temporary employees (P/T Temp) can work between 20-39 hours per week.
    • Casual employees can work a maximum of 19 hours per week and are scheduled to work on a regular basis.
    • Per Diem employees are scheduled on an “as-needed” basis and do not work a fixed schedule.
    • Co-op employees are classified as temporary employees. Co-ops are approved by Steinbright Career Development Center (SCDC).
    Please note the following:
    • Students cannot hold temporary/co-op AND student positions at the same time as they are taxed differently. Your TA Specialist will reach out to the hiring department if they receive paperwork that could cause tax issues.
    • Temporary hire fringe rates apply at 11.5 percent. This rate is subject to change on a yearly basis.
    • Temporary employees are not eligible for any benefits or time off, unless they meet the eligibility for Sick Leave, under section 2.
    • Temporary employees may qualify for health benefits under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), if they work over 1000 hours in a 12-month period. Eligibility for health benefits and a 403(b) Retirement Plan according to government law ERISA are offered to the employee, but are optional. This process is tracked by our Benefits team, departments are not required to take any action.
  3. Complete a Temporary Employee Request form [PDF] and email it to your Talent Acquisition (TA) Specialist to discuss a recruitment plan.
    • Talent Acquisition will review the job duties and hourly rate expectations. TA can loop compensation in to review and approve an hourly rate.

Recruiting and Interviewing

  1. Talent Acquisition will start a candidate search via Drexel Workforce Development, TA pipeline candidates and/or Indeed. TA will review resumes submitted and send qualified applicants to the hiring manager.
    • TA can discuss whether a temporary employment agency would be necessary to find a qualified applicant. TA can advise on the best agency to use, one with which Drexel is already in contract.
  2. TA can conduct phone screens and make recommendations to interview or hire, upon request.
  3. The Hiring Manager is responsible for interviewing candidates with regards to their suitability and interest in the position.

Offers and Onboarding

  1. Once the finalist is selected, the Hiring Manager will establish an appropriate employment start date that accommodates the timeline for conducting background check and/or PEBC.
  2. HR requests that start dates are set at least 2 weeks from the time of making an offer in order to complete the new hire paperwork and background check.
  3. The Hiring Manager can inform the finalist of the hourly rate and potential start date, in addition to the work hours and expected duration of assignment. And let them know that TA will reach out shortly with new hire paperwork.
  4. The Hiring Manager will complete an Authorization to Hire (ATH) form [PDF], obtain appropriate signature approvals within department/college and submit it to The ATH will get routed through the HR approvals and reach your TA Specialist.
  5. TA will email the finalist new hire paperwork and send an email to complete their I-9 form. The Hiring Manager will be copied on this email.
    • All employees who have not been employed within one year, or are new to Drexel, need to complete new hire paperwork.
    • After receiving their new hire paperwork, a background check email will be sent to the finalist to complete within 3 days.
    • If the finalist is an international employee, please see Hiring an International Employee section below for additional steps.
  6. TA will notify the Hiring Manager when the paperwork is completed and will confirm the start date. Employees are not permitted to begin work until they have completed their new hire paperwork, background check and have a completed I-9 form on file.
    • As the final HR approver, HRIS will verify position numbers, funding availability, labor distribution, and either enter the form into Banner or communicate any issues to the originator within two business days.
    • All temporary employees are required to come to the HR Office to complete their I-9 on their first day of work.
    • Either prior to or within the first three days of employment at Drexel University, employees must present acceptable documentation of their identity as well as proof of U.S. citizenship or alien status with authorization to work in the United States. Their employment will be contingent upon them meeting this requirement. Please see the list of acceptable I-9 documents.

Onboarding and First Day

  1. TA will email the employee prior to start date to welcome them to the University and instruct them to come to HR on their first day by 8:30 a.m. to complete their I-9. The supervisor will be copied on this email.
  2. New employees can pick up their computer accounts through the Computer Accounts Management Service.
  3. Once the accounts are picked up online, the employee is active and can now see job information in the Employees tab in DrexelOne. Their timesheet will be available in DrexelOne for worked hours to be submitted.
  4. For payroll information, please visit the Payroll Schedule on the Comptroller's website.
    • If the temporary employee does not submit a timesheet within the payroll schedule timeframes, the supervisor will need to complete a payroll resolution form for the employee to be paid.
  5. The Supervisor is responsible for onboarding the employee within the department as well as arranging for employee training as necessary.

Closing the Loop With Other Candidates

  1. Candidates who were interviewed but not selected should be notified. Either TA or the Hiring Manager can notify those candidates. TA can provide a template to email to those candidates.

Follow-up from HR

  1. TA will follow up with the Supervisor after the temporary assignment is completed with a survey. The survey will ask about the performance of the temporary employee to determine if that employee may be referred for other opportunities at the University.

Hiring an International Employee

  1. If the finalist is not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, this person is considered a foreign national and must be directed to the Office of International Students and Scholars Services (ISSS) to begin the foreign national employee hiring process. ISSS can be reached by phone at 215.895.2502 and/or via email at
  2. Once an offer is made, the required documents must be submitted to ISSS. Any foreign national that requires an H-1B or J-1 visa to work should fill out the required documents and submit them to ISSS. ISSS may requires 2-3 months processing time for documents.
  3. All foreign nationals are required to complete the International Student/Employee Notification Sheet and return it to the Tax Office or the relevant Talent Acquisition Specialist in Human Resources. TA will send this form to the employee after they complete their new hire paperwork.
    • Once the form has been received by the Tax Office, the employee will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the Glacier Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance System requirements. Once the employee has been entered into the Glacier system, the Tax Office will provide HR with a GOAINTL form, which indicates that the employee is authorized to work.
  4. To be entered into the Payroll system, all employees must have a social security number. Foreign nationals must provide HR with a receipt of their social security number application prior to their first day of employment. Keep in mind that the Social Security Administration (SSA) suggests that foreign nationals be present in the U.S. for at least ten consecutive days before applying for a social security number. The typical wait time for receiving a social security card is 4 weeks from the date the application is submitted to SSA. Once the card is received, the employee must bring the original card to HR and the Tax Office. Please contact your Talent Acquisition Specialist with any questions.

Hiring a Temporary Employee From a Staffing Agency

  1. Department is to complete the Temporary Employee Request form and submit to the Talent Acquisition (TA) Specialist.
    • If hiring a temporary employee without an agency is not feasible, TA will recommend a staffing agency depending on the need.
  2. TA or the Department can reach out to the agency to receive resumes and select the best qualified candidate for the need.
  3. When a finalist is selected, Department will send agency contact the Non-Employee Associate (NEA) form to have the finalist complete. This form must be completed by the finalist, not the agency, and must be signed. Once completed, the Department can send it to HRIS to be processed.
    • The finalist will not have to complete any other new hire forms for HR.
  4. HRIS will email the Manager on the form with details for account pick up and accessing a computer/program license and their ID through Saleforce.
  5. The finalist will submit their time to their agency and the Manager is responsible for approving their time through the agency designated time approval process.
  6. The agency will send the invoices for time worked directly to the Manager. The Manager can submit the invoices through Procurements SmartSource.
    • HR/Talent Acquisition is responsible for negotiating and coordinating final contracts for staffing agencies.

Timelines: Hiring an International Temporary Employees and Background Checks

International Temporary Employee Hiring
Estimated Processing Time in Business Days


U.S. Citizen


11-19 days


U.S. Citizen working with minors


14-31 days


Foreign National


18-34 days


Foreign National working with minors


20-34 days


Pennsylvania Enhanced Background Checks (PEBC) (For employees interacting with minors)
Estimated Total Time of Completion: 15-20 days


FBI Fingerprint Check


Up to 2 days


Child Abuse Check


Up to 15-20 days


PA State Police Criminal Record Check


Up to 2 days


Motor Vehicle Background Check Release (For employees driving on behalf of the University)


Completion of MVR Check


3-5 business days

Rehiring a Temporary Employee

  1. If a temporary employee’s assignment is being extended, departments can extend via Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) as a rehire.
    • The employee will not have to complete any new hire paperwork.
  2. If a temporary employee is being hired into a different position than their original position within 12 months of working, complete an Authorization to Hire form and submit it to
    • This employee will not have to complete new hire forms, since they worked within the past 12 months.

Supervisors may not make commitments or guarantees as to the likelihood of future employment but may describe the opportunities generally available to all applicants including positions posted on Drexel Careers website.

For more information on how to handle performance issues or employee relations with your temporary employee, please contact your HR Business Partner.

Should an employee disclose a disability, please make the referral to the Office of Disability Resources.

As an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer, Drexel is proactively committed to diversity and inclusion in all of its policies, practices and services.