Event Submission Guidelines

Before You Submit

  • Review the Events Calendar at http://www.drexel.edu/events/ to get familiarized with the style and format of events.
  • Double-check all information for your event. University Communications has provided a tip sheet.
  • Your event submission must have a clear affiliation with Drexel University.

Using the Submission Form

  • Access the Events Calendar submission page at http://www.drexel.edu/events/submit/event/.
  • Select the appropriate department for submission. Currently, events go through one of the approving entities formerly established for Drexel Digest submissions. We will be expanding the Events Calendar over the fall of 2011. Please see "Requesting a Departmental Calendar" for more information. Events from external sources may be accepted if they have a clear connection to Drexel. (Simply being available to students is not sufficient.) If there is not an appropriate department for submission at this time, select "University Communications".
  • Submit your event one time only.
  • Enter requested information in all required fields.
  • Attach an image. Pay special attention to image guidelines.
  • Provide contact information that is valid.
  • Select at least one category for your event.

Please Note

  • Submission does not guarantee that an event will be approved.

Notifications to Submitters

The event submitter will receive an e-mail notification at the following times:

  • When an event has been submitted.
  • When an event has been approved by the Events Calendar department admin.
  • If locked categories were selected during submission, when an event has been approved by the Events Calendar category owner.
  • When an event has been denied by the Events Calendar department admin or by the Events Calendar category owner.

Guidelines for Images

  • Images should reflect the event that is being submitted.
    Some ideas include:
    • Portraits of speakers (identify individuals in image alt text)
    • Photos from past year's events or print-quality posters
    • Screenshots of films or a poster/DVD cover for screenings
    • Scenes, settings or objects related to the event
  • Do not attach images that might be offensive, inappropriate or in violation of applicable copyright laws.
  • Image specifications:
    • Maximum File Size: 80 kB
    • File Type: .jpg (.jpeg) is preferred
    • Orientation: Portrait (longer height than width)