Last Day of University City Campus Clean-up

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Finance and Administrative Services
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September 29, 2023
12:00 — 12:00 AM

University City Campus
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Campus Clean-up
The annual University City Campus Clean-up begins Tuesday, Sept. 5, and runs through Friday, Sept. 29. This event is an opportunity for departments and offices to efficiently dispose of obsolete, broken or unwanted equipment, furniture, and other large, non-hazardous materials, improving the general appearance of our facilities and reclaiming much-needed space.

To participate, please complete the following steps:
  1. Submit a WebTMA work request noting "Campus Clean-up" and providing a description of the items to be removed in the action requested. (Some oversized pieces of equipment and sensitive items may not qualify for the Campus Clean-up and will require special handling for disposal.)
  2. Clearly identify the items to be discarded for Campus Clean-up. Indicate the work order number (FM-XXXXX) on the item/sign, if possible.
Items being disposed of from laboratories must be wiped down (disinfected or decontaminated) and may not include hazardous waste or dangerous chemicals. For all laboratory hazardous waste, please contact Environmental Health & Radiation Safety at 215.895.5891 to arrange a special pick-up.

Electronics may be sent for Campus Clean-up as long as hard drives have been wiped or removed. Electronics are recycled in a sustainable method. Please consult Drexel IT’s DBAN FAQ or contact for assistance with disk sanitization.
For items that have residual value but are no longer useful for the University, please contact to see if they can be sold through the Surplus Sales program.

For any other questions, please email or call 215.895.1700.

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