Tim Cross

Hometown: Collegeville, Pennsylvania
Major: Electrical Engineering
Class Year: 2021

Tinkering Becomes a Passion

“I've always been interested in machines and how they work, but my engineering interest was first piqued when I joined my high school's robotics team. Doing so gave me my first hands-on experience with engineering and introduced me to the possibilities of designing and building things for a specialized purpose. As I spent more time on the team, I became more and more interested in the electronics that made the robot work, which pushed me towards an electrical engineering major.”

Practice Makes Perfect

“In my free time, I tutor at the Academic Center for Engineers. This allows me to help other students through the same program I've gone through, and allows me to reflect back and continue to learn about class material from a different perspective, even after I've taken the class. It also gives me the opportunity to continue help others with my experience, just as many people have helped me.”

Working toward the Automated Future

“When I graduate, I'd like to work in the robotics or automation industry, finding unique, creative, and effective solutions to problems that humans have been unable to address.”

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