Rasheem Clark

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Major: BS Mechanical Engineering/MS Engineering Management
Class Year: 2021

Catching a Break

“I was first exposed to engineering when I had surgery done on my left leg when I was 14. I remember having a conversation with my doctor about how the outer surface brace that was going to be connected to my leg bones was designed using 3D modeling software, and that being an application of engineering. Since then, I grew an interest in engineering and further expanded on my interest by attending workshops hosted at University of Pennsylvania through a program I was involved in during high school.”

Learning Engineering — and Time — Management

“The most challenging class I took was my first graduate level course that had a decent workload. I thought it was challenging because I had to review some old Calculus concepts that I hadn’t practiced since freshman year. I also took the course while I was on co-op, which always left me extremely exhausted. However, I found it to be quite beneficial because I became better at managing my time so I can leave room for decompression, which is so crucial in our everyday activities. We’re human after all.”

Extracurricular Music to His Ears

“I’m a violist who and part of Drexel’s chamber strings and Drexel University Symphony Orchestra. Music has always been a passion I had. I started out playing violin in grade school and eventually started to learn viola in the latter half of high school. The viola is a beautiful instrument that can produce rich, quality sound. As I continued practicing, I became more in love with it and decided to stick with the viola when I started Drexel. My favorite music experience at Drexel is performing with the Philly Pops for our Winter Term 2019 Concert featuring the music of Gershwin, Bernstein, Williams, and Copland.”

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