Jui Hanamshet

Hometown: Mumbai, India
Major: Computer Engineering
Class Year: 2021

Family Struggle Carves Academic Path

“During my last two years of high school, my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer. He would travel 6 hours from his village to Mumbai for his treatment, which cost him his life savings. I came to Drexel as a Biomedical Engineering major because I wanted to work on building affordable medical devices for people in developing countries, like India. I worked in Dr. Dandekar's lab for spring and summer term of freshman year and realized I loved coding much more than biology, so I switched my major to Computer Engineering. Now, I work on building technology that can be accessible for all.”

From Mentored to Mentor

“I have been involved in diversity in STEM organizations since my first quarter at Drexel. I served on the board of Society of Women Engineers for 2 years. Then I served as the Vice-President of Women in Computing Society for 2 years. Currently, I'm the President of Women in Computing Society. I also enjoy teaching so I volunteer with TechGirlz, where I teach middle school girls how to code. I like to mentor underclassmen students as well, my mentors helped me break into the tech community and I want to give back.”

Finding Space to Grow

“I took an Honors class called ‘The Laws of Habit’ taught by Dean Cohen, the Dean of Pennoni Honors College. I thought it would be an easy one-credit class where I would have to read some papers and talk about it in class. The class was life changing. It made me reflect on myself, my habits, my personality, and my life. It challenged me to talk about my personal experiences in a raw vulnerable way. We're conditioned to stay quiet about our difficult and challenging experiences, but this class showed me the power of being vulnerable.”

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