Dinh Nguyen

Hometown: Danang City, Vietnam
Major: Computer Engineering
Class Year: 2021

Passion Leads to a New Path

“I got my first degree in Marketing. But after graduation, I realized my true passion for engineering. I remember I used to break all the toys that I had and tried to invent some new toys. That's why I decide to do another degree in engineering and also choose computer engineer as I love coding a lot.”

The Co-Op Advantage

“Drexel has a huge network for the co-op programs. Students are able to complete a degree and add valuable working experience as well.”

Getting Involved

“I joined Drexel DragonHacks Associates which organizes a 24-hour hackathon. I also volunteered in Philly Material Day to present our experiment with the primary schools students to inspire them to study science. I am also supporting/working for ECE department as ECE ambassador, helping prospective and current students to make their college decision, choose their major and get them started at Drexel.”

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