Christina Phan

Hometown: Houston, Texas
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class Year: 2022

Falling for Philly

“Philadelphia may be known as a historical landmark, but for me it has become home. There's so much to learn about Philly's culture and it has made itself so accessible through its transit system. It’s a great place to spend your early twenties. I couldn't have imagined going to college anywhere else, and Drexel was the perfect school location wise.”

Learning By Doing

“My favorite classes are usually those with lab components, because they bring all of the theories into real life! I think Experimental Mechanics I class was one of my favorite labs. It really helped solidify all the theories I had been learning in past classes.”

Fostering Community for Underrepresented Engineers

“I am currently on executive board for I am ME!, the first female Mechanical Engineering organization at Drexel. Women only account for around 10% of the mechanical engineering department, so this organization was founded to help build a community for women and other minorities in MEM to connect. Although it is brand new, I think that this organization provides an environment that fosters professional and personal growth. I am really excited to see how I am ME! will grow as an organization and positively impact a female mechanical engineer's time at Drexel.”

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