Anjali Desai

Hometown: Sugar Land, Texas
Major: Civil Engineering
Minor: STEM Education, Construction Management
Class Year: 2021

Finding a Place in a New City

“The big city life has taught me more than just independence. Academics and extracurriculars alike have been challenging and have taught me to have balance in life and to not be so hard on myself. Being the daughter of immigrants, the expectations are set high, but doing it all alone for the first time — though a daunting task — has been extremely rewarding in learning more about myself and the world as a whole.”

How Engineering Can Serve the Greater Good

“I chose Civil Engineering after a mission trip to southern, rural India during winter break of my senior year of high school. I met these people who had little or no engineering education teach themselves how big companies make sanitary pads for female hygiene and used those techniques to buy old, broken machines (or the materials to make/build said machines) for cheap and fix them up on their own to provide jobs for widowed women who wouldn’t otherwise be employable. I saw the impact engineers could have in the world and knew I wanted to do just that.”

Goals After Graduation

“I hope to work for a company that will allow me to gain new experiences and see more of the world, while inspiring others to grow and develop through STEM and engineering.”

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