Olivia Szabo

Hometown: Newtown, Pennsylvania
Major: Environmental Engineering
Class Year: 2022

Our Reputation Precedes Us

“One of my top reasons for choosing Drexel was the co-op program. No other college offers hands on work experience integrated into the curriculum like Drexel does. Another was the location. Philadelphia is a great city, and it’s close to my hometown. My other top reason was the reputation of the engineering program. It’s an incredible program and one that’s known around the country.”

Practical Lessons from Co-Op

“I had a co-op position at Bristol Myers Squibb. What I learned there is that engineers have to wear several hats in the work place and need to adapt to solve the problem at hand. I learned to never be afraid to ask questions and take notes to look things up later if you don't know something.”

Peace on the Water

“I'm a part of Drexel's Men and Women’s rowing team. Every morning watching the sun rise over the water is a way to get away from stress of classes.”

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