Kyle Carstensen

Hometown: Jackson, New Jersey
Major: Architectural Engineering
Class Year: 2021

All the Right Reasons

I chose Drexel because of their reputation as a real-world approach institute. With their extensive relationship with local companies and foundations, as well as their esteemed cooperative education program, Drexel was at the top of my list. The fact that Drexel has an urban campus was just one more reason for my choice, as living in a city was something I wanted to experience, and I ended up loving it.

Bringing Engineers Together

“I am the President of Drexel's Chapter of the Architectural Engineering Institute ("AEI"), a sister organization to Drexel's Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers ("ASCE"). AEI is a professional development organization focused on bridging the gap between the professional community and Drexel's student body. In addition, we host several events throughout the year for the Drexel engineering community to get to know one-another and cross the lines of each specific major in a more social environment.”

Preparing for Work in the Real World

“The most challenging course I’ve experienced during my time at Drexel was definitely AE391, which is informally known as AE Junior Design. As engineers, we are constantly faced with challenging tasks and problems that need to be solved. AE391 focuses on a start-to-finish design project to replicate a real-world scenario. Of course, this meant a team of five engineering students of various concentrations working together to create a feasible and logical design given an architectural program. This includes structural design, architectural design, and building systems design. As challenging as the course had been, it truly prepared us for the real-world collaborative environment in which professional engineers function.”

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