#WeAreDrexelECE: BS-EE Student Meghan Pierce

Meghan Pierce is a Electrical Engineering senior who recently studied abroad in Hong Kong. We asked Meghan a few questions about her time here at Drexel as she prepares for graduation.



What is the best experience you've had during your time at Drexel?

I would say that Study Abroad and co-op were my best experiences. In both, I was able to learn more about myself personally and as an engineering student. I was able to explore new ways of learning and new engineering approaches from the professionals and other students that I met in each experience. With Study Abroad, I was also able to get out of my comfort zone and travel to another country and learn more about the world outside of the classroom.

What's your favorite thing about going to school in Philadelphia?

My favorite aspect of going to school in Philadelphia is being in a city where everything affects your social, academic, and personal growth. In Philly, there are a lot of things to do so students are never out of interesting activities to explore, but it isn't as busy as other cities. In Philly, there are many companies in the city ready to take on Drexel co-op students, which makes it nice to learn more about companies that are in the area and how they can impact a student's education.

How did Drexel and ECE help to prepare you for life after graduation?

Drexel made me more confident in myself and really helped me to realize what I wanted to do with my life in engineering. Drexel helped me to learn more about how I interact in group settings and gave me the leadership skills I need to succeed in the engineering industry. The ECE Department does a great job with making sure that their students are prepared for whatever life throws at them and I honestly feel that I did a great job in engineering with the push and support that my professors and my advisors gave me! I feel that the ECE Department has professionals that all care about their students and want to see us succeed. I know that all of the professors want to make sure that they made a positive impact on all their students even after they graduate from the department.

What's one piece of advice you have for students interested in Electrical Engineering?

One piece of advice would be to take risks and learn from classes and everyone in the department. Electrical Engineering has many different concentrations and no one really knows exactly what they want to do when they are 18, but taking classes that seem interesting to you can help form a love/passion for EE and help develop skills that you didn't think would be necessary for where you see yourself in the future. Making connections and learning from your Drexel ECE professors will help you to be successful and confident because then you have a great support system that is rooting for you and constantly challenging you to do your best! So, network and take each experience in engineering as a learning experience because all of it is important in your career.

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