2021 Co-op Options

2021 Spring/Summer Co-Op Options for Engineering Students Without a Job

You can also download a print copy [PDF] of this information.

  • International Students and NCAA Athletes have more restrictions; please discuss with ISSS or Athletics to ensure your choice is in compliance. 
  • Each of the options listed below may have different consequences depending on your major, how close you are to graduating, if you brought in AP or transfer credits, how many co-ops you’ve already done or planned to do, if you are BS/MS student, and if you get certain types of financial aid. 
  • You will want to discuss options with your academic advisor to find the best plan for you, factoring in time to graduation, which terms the courses you need are offered, how many co-ops to complete, and how each option affects future years.
  • You will want to speak with Drexel Central before making a final decision so that you understand the potential financial impact of more terms full-time taking classes, potentially lost financial aid down the road, and what you’ll be billed if you exceed the number of tuition-free credits (6 for those without a job; 4 for those with one).
  • The University Provost’s FAQ on co-op is here: Degree Progression Options & FAQ For Spring/Summer 2021 Co-ops

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