Graduate Student Update

Kapil Dandekar
Dr. Kapil Dandekar
Associate Dean

In anticipation of the 2020 Spring Quarter in the new remote learning environment, the College of Engineering held a Graduate Student Virtual Town Hall on April 1, hosted by Dean Sharon Walker, together with Associate Dean for Enrollment Management and Graduate Education Dr. Kapil Dandekar. Sentiments were shared, expressing gratitude and compassion for what our students our facing. The main topics covered were spring quarter updates relating to the campus closure and its impact on academic affairs and research and ISSS updates. News was shared about the development of online resources. Dr. Walker highlighted several efforts that the college, and Drexel, are taking to support the graduate community.

Dean Walker stressed that students should take time for themselves and their families during these unprecedented times and then pivoted to taking questions from the students that attended. Questions ranged from inquiries about lab space, and RA/TA responsibilities as well as specific concerns from our international students. Several other members of the community attended, including Bridget Bello-McFadden, International Student Advisor and Anyi Ye, International Student Advisor, and from the Graduate College Melissa Richman, Director of Administrative Services & Co-chair Emergency Preparedness Subcommittee as well as other College of Engineering representatives.

For questions, please contact Sherry Levin ( or Kapil Dandekar ( Also visit the resource page for frequently asked questions.