Giving Opportunities

How would YOU like to make a difference?

Consider what you would like to accomplish with your money that would be meaningful to you.

Whether you wish to help future Drexel engineers afford college, promote excellence in teaching and research, and/or support valued programs at Drexel, your gift will make a permanent impact in your life and the life of the institution.

Please contact Lauren Anglum at or 215.527.3465 for guidance through the process. Her role is to assist you in matching your wishes to the College of Engineering’s priorities.

Please keep in mind that gifts are designed to be paid over 5 years and that you may want to consider using tax-advantageous ways of giving through stock, charitable gift annuities, your estate plan, IRA rollover, and/or more.

Named Deanship: $5 Million

Our Dean is the visionary leader guiding all aspects of the College of Engineering. An endowed deanship provides discretionary funds to help the Dean realize his or her vision. Universities with endowed deanships have a significant advantage in recruiting or retaining the best possible deans. As the College searches for its next Dean, an endowed Deanship is of utmost important to the Provost’s ability to recruit the best and the brightest.

Endowed Department Chair: $3 Million

The College of Engineering has 7 departments, each led by a department chair. An endowed chair is crucial to retaining and recruiting top faculty to lead their respective departments. Top universities are able to attract the brightest minds to offer the best education to the very best students. An endowed faculty department chair offers Drexel a competitive advantage by enriching the academic environment for our students to ultimately create the very best engineers.

Endowed Chair: $2.5 Million

An endowed chair is among the highest honors that the university can bestow on a faculty member. It is both an honor to the named chair of the appointment and an enduring tribute to the donor who establishes it. By funding an endowed chair, the university can convene the brightest minds to focus on a problem or issue and spur advances in a specific area of research. The funds can propel research, help fund graduate students, or create opportunities for collaboration with scholars around the world.

Rotating Faculty Fellowships: $500,000

Rotating faculty fellowships allow the College of Engineering to support early-career, talented faculty by giving them the support they need until reaching tenure. These fellowships are awarded to professors who show remarkable potential. Once the professor reaches tenure, the fellowship is then given to another rising star.

Naming of Labs or Classrooms: $250,000+

Making a gift to name a lab or classroom with your own namesake or to honor someone close to you permanently leaves a legacy on campus, and the name of that room will be seen by generations of Drexel engineers. We can help you select a naming opportunity that is suited to your passion or personality or in a space on campus that you remember fondly. Your support will purchase essential equipment, furnishings, and technology, as well as contributed to maintenance over time.

Lectureship: $150,000 Endowed; $50,000 for Current-Use

Funding for lectureships provides experts (non-Drexel employees) the opportunity to visit our campus to speak to our faculty, staff, and students. Endowed lectureships support the lecturer’s stipend, event-related costs, and promotional materials. Special annual lectureships add a dimension to the College of Engineering experience by supplementing the curriculum for our students and offering professional development for our faculty and staff.

Undergraduate Scholarship: Endowed - $100,000, Current-Use - $25,000

Scholarships often make the difference in whether talented students can attend and afford Drexel. Scholarships allow students to focus more exclusively on academics and to pursue extracurricular opportunities that lead to learning and personal growth. As a recruiting tool, scholarships help the university attract outstanding individuals to campus. Scholarship donors are informed of their recipient annually and have the opportunity to meet the student in-person.

PhD Fellowship: $25,000+

Graduate students play a key role in the academic environment of an institution. Faculty members rely on their support while teaching and conducting research. And whether they go into industry or academia, graduate students' career accomplishments highlight the quality of Drexel.

Operation Graduation: $5,000-$15,000

Operation Graduation is a special initiative for our seniors. Operation graduation dollars are emergency financial aid funds that students can apply for if they experience financial hardship, which could prevent them from graduating. To qualify for Operation Graduation funds, a student must be in good academic standing and in need of funds specifically to get them to Graduation Day. This is a great way to help a rising engineer finish his or her degree without additional financial burden. All donors who support Operation Graduation are also welcome to attend our Commencement ceremonies (by request).

Funding for Diversity Efforts: $10,000+

The underrepresentation of women and minorities in engineering presents a growing challenge to the United States’ global competitiveness. Women comprise more than 50% of earned bachelor’s degrees but only 20% of those earned in engineering. African Americans and Hispanics earn only 3-4% of engineering bachelor’s degrees. In addition, educating female and minority engineers is essential to economic prosperity within these populations.

Funding for diversity initiatives allows the Dean to expand offerings in this arena and remain committed to supporting and growing our underserved populations through a targeted, strategic approach. Diversity programs can revolve around student activities, special events, and more.

Student Activities Fund: $10,000+

Funding for student activities is vital to the College of Engineering and reinforces our mission of experiential learning. Student groups such as the Society of Women Engineers, National Society of Black Engineers, Society of Mechanical Engineers, Engineers without Borders, and many more need your support to operate on an annual basis, especially as the groups represent Drexel at national competitions which typically require travel expenses, registration fees, and support to execute the creation of a project. Participating and winning these competitions increases Drexel’s brand, reputation, and ultimately rankings.

Senior Design Projects: $5,000+

Senior Design has a long-lasting tradition at the College of Engineering. Many alumni fondly remember their senior design projects, even starting their own companies from their capstone project. Each senior design team is comprised of 4-5 seniors within a major. The teams require an average of $5,000 per project to execute/build their design. You can sponsor a Senior Design team as a donor. Or you can be more actively engaged as a donor-advisor in which case a team works on your own idea as you advise them through the project.

Dean’s Priorities Fund: Starting at $1.00

Gifts to the Dean’s Priorities Fund allow the Dean to meet his or her highest priorities by having easy access to funding quickly. Gifts to the Dean’s Priorities Fund support student lounge renovations, travel stipends for students and faculty, staff retention efforts, and seed funding to launch special programming. Every dollar to the Dean’s Priorities Fund, large or small, makes a difference.

New funding ideas?

If you’d like to support a priority not listed above, we welcome your thoughts!

In many cases, a donor’s vision can become a reality through conversation.

Please contact Lauren Anglum at or 215.527.3465 to share your ideas or to arrange a private meeting.