DEI Scholarships

Drexel Engineering Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Scholarships 

The college maintains a commitment to the goal of providing opportunity and support that promotes opportunity for historically underrepresented groups. These programs are just one component of a multi-faceted effort to foster the next generation of leaders and innovators in a diverse community of engineers. Current programs include AIME and the IDEAL scholarships.

Award to Increase Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Diversity

The Award to Increase Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Diversity (AIME) program is made possible by a grant from the National Science Foundation. Drexel Engineering has a deep commitment to fostering a community and providing support to traditionally underrepresented students interested in pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer engineering.

Students do not apply for this scholarship. Financial assistance is based on need applicable to tuition and fees as determined by the Financial Aid office. Awardees will receive notification by email shortly after admission to the University and the amount will automatically appear in the financial tab on their admissions web page. The awards are for four (4) years, with the opportunity to be prioritized for a separate scholarship in the fifth year.

AIME Scholars participants are eligible to receive:

  • Financial assistance based on need
  • A grant funded computer
  • Travel allowance
  • Scholarship to the DELTA Summer Program
  • Workshops, professional development, seminars, and undergraduate research opportunities
  • Personalized mentorship and advocacy in the College of Engineering
  • Outreach activities fostering community and support, including participation in the production of a podcast series about the student experience

AIME Scholarship Eligibility:

  1. Identify as member of an underrepresented group with a selected major in mechanical engineering, electrical or computer engineering
  2. Be a US Citizen or permanent resident
  3. Meet the criteria for low income as defined in the terms and conditions
  4. Be accepted to Drexel University full or part time
  5. Displays demonstrated financial need
  6. Selected by committee based on common application (excluding GPA and SAT/ACT), essays and letters of recommendation based on:
    • Demonstrated leadership ability
    • Community mindedness
    • Academic potential
    • Academic Aspiration

To maintain eligibility students will need to remain in good academic standing (>2.0 GPA) and stay in an engineering major. Participation in the workshops is strongly encouraged, but not required.

To learn more about the AIME Scholarship, visit our webpage here.

Research Study

The professors who designed the AIME scholarship program will be studying the effectiveness of programming and other interventions on academic performance and retention. AIME Scholars are invited to participate in the program evaluation and in a research study by Dr. Ahmad Najafi, PC Chou Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Jennifer Atchison, Assistant Teaching Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and Dr. Gail Rosen, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Recipients will receive a consent form for the study. Participation in the study is not required in order to receive the scholarship. Also, it is not required that AIME Scholars take part in the study to attend the opportunities/workshops/activities included in the program. The benefit of participation is in contributing to helping educators understand the best way to conduct professional development, mentoring, and academic enhancement activities. The risk of participation is minimal, with little health or psychological risks involved, only that research questions/interviews involves time for participation. Students can also agree to the study and partially participate, or completely withdraw from the study at any time. Should the student withdraw from the scholarship, they are invited to stay in the study fully or partially, or withdraw from the study.

IDEAL Scholars Award

As part of the effort to create a community of welcome and support for people of all backgrounds, the College of Engineering has created a scholarship program that will foster these ideals: the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access, and Leadership (IDEAL) of a diverse community. Applicants to not apply to the IDEAL Scholars Program. Financial Aid determines the eligibility of the students and determines the award for each student. Awardees will receive notification by email shortly after admission to the University and the amount will automatically appear in the financial tab on their admissions web page. 

Recipients are guaranteed acceptance to our Drexel Engineering Leadership Transformation Academy (DELTA) Scholars Program. This dynamic opportunity, occuring in late August, is an on-campus residential program that introduces students to engineering design along with foundational pieces of engineering in math and science.  Building a sense of community and belonging is essential to Drexel Engineering, and the DELTA program and other workshops and events for IDEAL Scholars will provide opportunities to form a community with peers starting before arriving on campus through to graduation.