Graduate Student Fellowships


Each year, the College of Engineering awards gifts and endowed fellowships to graduate students for academic excellence. In previous years, over $150,000 has been awarded to students in our graduate programs. Departments nominate students and the final selection made by a College Awards Committee. Contact your department advisor for more information regarding annual awards and the selection criteria.

Learn more about special funding opportunities for new engineering graduate students. For national and international fellowship opportunities see the Drexel Fellowships office webpage.

The Chuck Pennoni Civil Engineering Fellowship Fund

The Chuck Pennoni Civil Engineering Fellowship Fund is awarded annually to a deserving Civil Engineering graduate student, selected by the Department Head of the Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering Department.

Contact: Kim Spina,

The George Hill, Jr. Endowed Fellowship

The George Hill, Jr. Endowed Fellowship fund is used to provide a stipend and/or tuition assistance to a new students who will be partially supported by a research or teaching assistantship in the College of Engineering. Recipients have demonstrated excellence in their undergraduate and graduate careers and the potential to achieve academic excellence at the PhD level. Awards will be made at the time of their acceptance into the program and at the request of their advisor/department.

The Harry Brown, Jr. Endowed Fellowship Fund

This fund is used to provide financial assistance to graduate level students in the College of Engineering based on academic merit.

The Koerner Family Fellowship

Sponsored by Robert M. and Paula W. Koerner (along with children, Michael R. Koerner, George R. Koerner, and Pauline B. Koerner), the Koerner Family Fellowships are awarded to one graduate student per year in each department of the College of Engineering. Student that receive this award are recognized for their dedication to their doctoral studies and meet with their peers and donor during the academic year.

The Kling-Lindquist Partnership Engineering Fellowship

This fund is used to provide financial assistance to hard-working full or part time graduate students who demonstrate academic excellence.  Candidates must be graduates enrolled in either the Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering Department or the Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics Department of the College of Engineering.

The Joseph and Shirley Carleone Endowed Fellowship Fund

This fund is used to provide financial assistance to graduate students in the College of Engineering. Selection is based on academic merit.

Lee Smith Travelling Fellowship

The Lee Smith Travelling Fellowship pays for a Drexel graduate student(s), preferably from engineering, to travel to Asia, preferably China, for the purposes of presenting a paper at a conference, visiting universities, visiting companies, and meeting with their counterparts. Fellows are selected from the pool of applicants by a committee; in the past the committee has shown preference for students that have not previously been to Asia. The call for nominations goes out in early January. Decisions are announced in February.

Contact: Dr. Alan Lau,

The Leroy Resser Endowed Fellowship Fund

This fund is used to provide financial assistance, in the form of awards, to graduate students in the College of Engineering, based on academic merit.

The Steven E. Giegerich Memorial Scholarship

The Steven E. Giegerich Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to graduate students in the College of Engineering’s Civil, Architectural and Environmental Department. In 1984, John Giegerich established this scholarship to honor his son, Steven, who, while a student at Drexel, was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident. The purpose of the Scholarship is to provide tuition aid to deserving graduate students who are in need of financial assistance and do not qualify for other financial assistance provided at the federal or state government levels.

Contact: Kim Spina,

The Weggel Family Fellowship Fund

This fund provides scholarship awards to graduate students in the College of Engineering studying Civil or Architectural Engineering in the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, or Electrical Engineering in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.


The Patrick Dewar PhD Fellowship Award

The “Dewar Fellowship” is for the benefit of graduate students enrolled at the College of Engineering and shall provide financial support in the form of a fellowship awards to doctoral students based on academic merit. Preference is given to US citizens. 

Engineering Design Fellows

The Engineering Design fellows, together with faculty, lead lab sections of freshman engineering courses during the fall, winter and spring quarters. Ph. D. candidates from any engineering discipline with strong communication and technical skills are encouraged to apply. Ideal candidates are also enthusiastic and enjoy helping students succeed.

Contact: Brandon Terranova,

Bridge to the Doctorate (BTD) Fellowship Program

The Bridge to the Doctorate (BTD) Fellowship Program funded by the National Science Foundation is committed to engaging students from underrepresented populations (African American, Native American and Latino) in graduate study within science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields of study. For more information on this program please visit the Bridge to the Doctorate webpage.

Paul D. Coverdell Fellowship

This program is for returning Peace Corps Volunteers that qualify for the Coverdell Fellows program. As part of the program students that are accepted and enrolled in any of the College of Engineering’s fulltime MS programs will receive a discount of 25% off tuition and fees as long as they remain in good academic standing. Coverdell Fellows will need to satisfy at least 150 internship hours. Hours above this amount will vary depending on the student’s internship and plan of study. Advisors will work with Coverdell Fellows to incorporate the internship requirement into the Fellow’s plan of study. For more information about this program please see the Coverdell Fellows program.

Coverdell Fellow applicants will be evaluated and selected using the same admission criteria into the Master degree program to which they are applying. Application criteria and deadlines can be found online. Once an admission decision is made, the applicant will be notified about their acceptance into the degree program and that they have been awarded the Coverdell Fellowship. This notification will include financial information that highlights their tuition discount and any other benefits of the Coverdell Fellowship program. Newly confirmed Coverdell Fellows will receive information stating the requirements and expectations for the Coverdell Fellowship. They will be invited to a special orientation where they will meet with their College Coordinator, staff and advisors.

Prospective Fellows can contact Sherry Levin, Director for Graduate Programs in the College of Engineering via email at to let her know they are interested in applying.

Seiberlich Endowed Ph.D. Fellowship

This is designated for the benefit of a graduate student enrolled in a PhD program at the College of Engineering and will be used to provide financial support in the form of a fellowship. Selection of the award recipients shall be based on academic excellence. Recipients shall be notified of the award at the time of acceptance into the programs.

Frank and Agnes Seaman Endowed Fellowship

This is used to provide financial assistance to graduate students in the form of a fellowship award.  The award will go to a student in Electrical and Computer Engineering Department based on academic merit and the recommendation the department.

GAANN (Graduate Assistantships in Areas of National Need) Fellowships sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education

The College of Engineering is the recipient of six Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) grants from the U.S. Department of Education. The fellowships bring Drexel University’s accumulated GAANNs to 21 as of this year, putting it in the top three of universities and colleges in the country and demonstrating Drexel’s commitment to graduate research. Roughly 100 Drexel students have been supported through this funding mechanism. Of that total, 40% are women and 11% are minority students. Grants are awarded to programs and institutions to sustain and enhance the capacity for teaching and research in areas of national need. The fellowships awarded to Drexel cover four areas of multidisciplinary research, and provide funding towards three years of tuition and stipends for superior graduate students (PhD and MS) with demonstrated financial need.

Applicants with a research background in one of the fellowship areas will be evaluated to receive a GAANN Fellowship.

The six GAANNs are:

  • Graduate Fellowships in Cybersecurity
    Under this grant, three fellows per year will step up to the significant challenge of securing cyberspace. Faculty mentors will assist by exposing graduate students with a background in engineering, computer science, and information science to a cybersecurity curriculum focused on the “security by design” principle.
  • Graduate Fellowship in Engineering for Pharmaceutical Problems
    This is an inter-disciplinary grant, including students from any engineering discipline who work on pharmaceutical-related research. The grant will fund five graduate students.
  • Graduate Fellowship in Materials for Environmental Sustainability
    The grant will fund five graduate students whose research will focus on sustainable materials within their own fields. Fellows will take classes in chemical, materials, and civil engineering as part of their graduate studies.
  • Graduate Fellowship Addressing Labor Shortages and Systems Understanding of Infrastructure
    For full-time students in the Masters of Systems Engineering program, this fellowship focuses on the need for rebuilding infrastructure in the US.  Managing these projects requires special skills using systems thinking approaches and methodologies to understand the dynamic interaction between project components combined with effective techniques to combat inherent risks.
  • Graduate Fellowship in Mechanical Engineering
    This single discipline GAANN is for 6 doctoral students who will receive exceptional training in the emerging fields of mechanical engineering that specifically address critical infrastructure challenges facing the US.
  • Graduate Fellowship in Educating Energy Engineers
    GAANN Fellows will pursue the discovery of new, superior materials and the development of novel processes for energy conversion and storage.

Those interested in learning more can contact Sherry Levin at