3+1+1 Program for Global Education Students


  • Years 1-3 – Students study at their home institution in a STEM or engineering-specific field.
  • Year 3 - Between January and March of the third year of study, the student will apply to be provisionally accepted into the Drexel 3+1+1 program by selecting a major and completing the application online. 
    If the student needs to attend the English language program, this will take place in August, prior to the start of the academic year in September.
  • Year 4 – Students will be Study Abroad students advised by the College of Engineering. In September at Drexel University, the student will start taking a mix of undergraduate and graduate courses as a provisionally accepted student in the engineering master’s degree program. Students will take a full-time course schedule (a minimum of 12 credits or 4-5 courses) in Fall, Winter and Spring quarters, completing their undergraduate requirements and 3-6 graduate level courses that will be counted towards the master’s degree, with a grade of 3.0 or higher. An advisor will work with the student to create a customized plan of study and register for courses.
  • In March, the student’s grades will be evaluated for the requirements of the provisional acceptance. After review, and once the provisions are satisfied, they will be accepted into the MS program and their status will be changed from provisional accept to accepted Drexel master’s student.
  • Summer quarter (June – August) – Students that are continuing in the take a vacation quarter over the summer and start the MS program in September (Fall quarter).
  • Year 5 – Students take courses in Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters and graduate in June.

Provisional Admissions and Acceptance Letter

Once the application materials are received it will be reviewed and if accepted, the applicant will receive a letter detailing the provisions of their acceptance into the master’s program and next steps.

If additional English language instruction is required, students will start the Drexel Graduate Preparation (Grad Prep) program through the English Language Center (ELC) in August before the anticipated September start (year 4) of the 3+1+1 program. Students will be directed to register for this program through ELC. Once complete, you will be contacted to schedule a language assessment with the ELC, this exam includes a computerized exam and oral examination.  The application fee will be waived.  The ELC will review the application materials and make a recommendation. Once accepted, ISSS will reach out to assist with the I-20, and the ELC will register the students.

If no English language instruction is required, students will receive a provisional acceptance letter outlining academic requirements and next steps.

A provisional accept letter will include:

If an English Language program is recommended:

  • Instructions on how to confirm acceptance.
  • English language requirements that must be met in advance of the 3+1+1 program.
  • A link to apply to the ELC Graduate Preparation program and to schedule an assessment.
  • Provisions required to matriculate into the MS program (standard language used in the provisional acceptance letter).
  • Request to send additional documents with timeline.

If no English Language program is required:

  • Instructions on how to confirm acceptance
  • Minimum grade requirements (typically must achieve a 3.0 or higher) in undergraduate and graduate courses taken in the fall and winter quarters.
  • Request to send additional documents with timeline.

Course Selection

Both an undergraduate and graduate advisor will work with the students to recommend and schedule courses. Students will identify courses needed to satisfy their undergraduate and graduate degree requirements, at their home institution and Drexel University, respectively. The plan of study will be submitted and approved from the degree granting institution before they arrive in their fourth year.

The undergraduate courses taken at Drexel will be transferred to their home institutions upon approval from their home institution for undergraduate degree completion.

The Drexel graduate courses taken during the 4th year will be applied to their MS degree providing that they did not use these courses to satisfy any other Drexel University degree requirements.

Costs and Fees

Students will be charged the full-time undergraduate degree tuition in year 4 of their program.  Students that matriculate into the MS program will be charged the per credit tuition rate and graduate student fees starting in the summer of year 4.  Graduate courses taken during their 4th year, as an undergraduate student, may be counted towards their master’s degree program if not counted towards an undergraduate degree.  Any special discounts or scholarship awards will be determined at time the student is accepted into the MS program. Students who were recommended for the University Preparation English Language program will be charged an additional fee for that program.

Program Costs:

Pre-program start – University Preparation Program fees if recommended – see program costs below
Year 4 – Fall Winter and Spring quarters - Undergraduate tuition and fees
Year 5 – Graduate per credit tuition (27-30 credits) and student fees.

For current costs:

How to Apply

Students interested in applying for the program will use the online application.

When applying be sure to select the program of interest and preferred start date. Application materials will be reviewed using guidelines for admittance to the master’s degree programs with the understanding that the student has completed two years of undergraduate coursework. For the 3+1+1 program an additional Letter of Support from the Curriculum Advisor or International Office Advisor from the home institution approving participation in the program is required.

In preparation, students should have the following documents ready:

  • College transcripts in English – unofficial transcripts may be used for the application review, but an official copy must be provided before the start of the program.
  • Standardized test:
    • GRE (optional)
    • TOEFL, IELTS or Duolingo – for non-native English speakers.
      • Students with TOEFL, IELTS and Duolingo scores that fall below the requirement for direct acceptance may be provisionally accepted with the condition that they complete an English Language training program with the ELC.
          English Language program recommended  No English Language Program recommended
        TOEFL 79 - 84 85 and above
        IELTS 6.0-6.5 6.5
        Duolingo 100 110
  • Personal Essay highlighting your interest in the program and why you would like to attend Drexel University (no more than two pages).
  • Resume
  • 1 Letter of Recommendation strongly supporting your decision and ability to attend this program.
  • Letter of Support from the Curriculum Advisor or International Office Advisor from the home institution approving participation in the program.

Visa Guidelines

Students in this program will apply for the F Visa (non-degree). Once they meet the provisions and are accepted into the MS program of their choice, they must submit for a change of status from non-degree to a master’s level student.

The International Student & Scholars Services office will assist with the I-20 process.

Some guidelines to remember:

  1. Students must be enrolled in at least 12 credits each term in year 4 (full-time enrollment).
  2. Students participating in the first portion of the program at Drexel (+1) have a 60-day grace period after the program end date (same as I-20 end date) to either depart the U.S. or transfer their SEVIS records another U.S. institution. Students may not study or work during this time. Unless they get admitted into the master’s program and they accept admission,
  3. If students are admitted into the master’s program and accept admission, they need to submit the necessary documentation to ISSS to change their degree level in SEVIS from a student non-degree to a master’s level student. Students may remain in the U.S. between the end of their non-degree program and the start of their master’s program. They may not study or work off-campus (they are not eligible for OPT or CPT at that stage). However, regulations do allow students who are between academic levels at the same school to work on-campus.