Vincent Paul Sankuri

Major: MS in Robotics and Autonomy
Hometown: Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India

Ask Vincent a Question

When did you become interested in engineering?

Evans Avoka

Since childhood, I’ve always been a car enthusiast, astonished by the design and power under the hood. When I started to analyze how that sparkle comes and alters in a designer’s mind, I learned that engineers were the masterminds behind it. India is a mighty nation for providing a huge number of engineers, and my path has been structured perfectly to achieve my dreams. I took mechanical engineering as my major and finished with lots of experiences and cherishable memories.

What are your career plans

I want to learn how to design and fabricate a product that creates a simplified solution in the automation industry. As we all know, Industry 4.0 has begun, and I want to research and develop the advancements to achieve a better life for humans.

What made you choose Drexel’s graduate school?

With technology being advanced, automation has been evolving beyond the skies. Robotics and automation is a niche branch that not much of universities offer. Although I applied to a few universities, I saw Drexel already had the standards to develop and produce what I’m looking for. On top of that, Drexel is offering grad students co-op opportunities, which is working in internships while in college. Philadelphia is a nice place to start my journey in the USA.

What extracurricular activities do you enjoy?

I always love to connect with people irrespective of any culture. I’ve recently developed an interest in graphic designing and video editing, which keeps my artistic mind healthy. Traveling is my go-to activity to keep me excited about life.

What advice would you give students thinking of attending graduate school?

Anyone considering attending graduate school should ask themselves four questions. What is to be achieved, when, where, and why? CrLearn to have fun no matter what you do.