Gbetingan Marien Patern BALOITCHA

Major: MS in Cybersecurity, Information Systems Track
Hometown: Benin Republic

Ask Marien a Question

When did you become interested in engineering?

Marien Graduate Student

I became interested in engineering in high school and decided not to pursue general studies like my other friends. When I graduated from high school, I opted for vocational studies and started my studies in civil engineering in 2007. I don’t regret having decided this at an earlier age, and I have great experiences in the field.

What made you choose Drexel’s graduate school?

The main points that attracted me were the diversity, study facilities, and highly qualified lecturers.

What extracurricular activities do you enjoy?

Playing and watching soccer, listening to music, dancing, and spending time with my loved ones.

What advice would you give students thinking of attending graduate school?

Choosing to pursue a graduate program is a great experience. One must be mentally prepared because there are many challenges, and it’s a big commitment!