Bhargav Patel

Major: MS in Engineering Management
Hometown: Madhya Pradesh, India

Ask Bhargav a Question

When did you become interested in engineering?

Evans Avoka

I was unsure whether I wanted to be an engineer. I actually made the decision based on the fact that I had the necessary skills and could make a good living doing it. That may appear to be a hasty decision, but it has actually worked out quite well. Math and science have always been my passions, and they come naturally to me. My early work as an engineer was all about using that skill to solve problems, so it was enjoyable and satisfying. I took on more people coordination and eventually people leadership as my career progressed because I enjoy interacting with people and making decisions.

I'm simply not patient enough to let things linger when a decision needs to be made. Another wonderful aspect of engineering is that there are so many ways to apply an engineering education that you almost can't go wrong.

What are your career plans

Back in India, I worked in various roles, such as project engineer, business development, and APM. I wanted to combine my experience and align it with my vision, so I chose engineering management, which would provide me with management skills and engineering knowledge. I'd like to work as a project manager, associate, or operations role.

What made you choose Drexel’s graduate school?

I always look for colleges that offer more than just classroom knowledge. Talking to alumni on social networking sites before enrolling assured me that Drexel is the right fit for me. Their co-op program gave me the confidence to move forward with my decision. Drexel distinguishes itself by providing a perfect blend of knowledge and its application during co-op. Aside from that, Drexel hosts a variety of activities on campus to engage students in extracurricular activities.

What extracurricular activities do you enjoy?

Extracurricular activities are important in developing one's overall personality and body, so any form of exercise, such as sports or gym, is important for me because it helps me stay focused and active. Social clubs and speaking clubs are also important because they help me make friends and improve my social skills.

What advice would you give students thinking of attending graduate school?

Anyone considering attending graduate school should ask themselves four questions. What is to be achieved, when, where, and why? Create a rough road map in your mind accordingly, and this will help you the entire journey to stay focused and achieve the vision you cast. If things don't work out as planned, preparing your mind to be flexible will help you not be discouraged and move forward with a positive approach.