Frequently Asked Questions

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How can my advisor help me?

Your advisor will help you as you make the transition from high school to college life through academic goal setting and planning (BS/MS, minors, dual degrees, etc.), course selection, connecting you with support services, evaluating AP/transfer credits, and clarifying Drexel policies and procedures.

What if I’m not sure which Engineering major to choose? Can I wait to declare it?

If you are not sure about your major, you can review this guide. If you decide on one, you can email and let them know what major you want. You can also come in and start without a major and declare one by the end of winter. Since nearly all majors are the same courses fall and winter, it makes the switching easy.  Construction Management and Engineering Technology have slightly different courses in the first two terms, but it’s still possible to switch.

What’s the difference between the 4-year and 5-year program?

The 4-year program requires only one Cooperative Learning Experience (or Co-op cycle) and the 5-year requires three Co-op cycles. The academic programs are identical.

Which co-op option do most Engineering students choose and why?

Most engineering students choose the 5-year program so they can graduate with 18 months of work experience.

I’ve heard of the BS/MS program. Can I really get both degrees in five years?

Yes, the BS/MS program is designed for students to earn both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees within a 5-year program.Regardless of provisional acceptance given upon admission to the College, all students must officially apply after they have taken 90 credits at Drexel and before they’ve taken 120, plus meet their Engineering department requirements. Students should begin discussing this with their academic advisor in Year 2.

Can I have a double major?

Yes, we offer two pairs of majors that you can easily finish by your expected graduation date: Civil and Architectural Engineering, and Electrical and Computer Engineering. Combining other majors may take longer than your 4- or 5-year co-op program, so check with your advisor for more information. Double majors cannot be declared before you arrive on campus. Discuss this with your advisor during the fall term.

How do I change my major before I start at Drexel?

If you’d like to change your Engineering major before you begin, you can send an email to the Undergraduate Admissions office and the Admissions Office will evaluate your application to see if you are eligible for the desired change to your academic record. You can also change your co-op program from the 4-year program to the 5-year program or the reverse by emailing

Will I get to make my own schedule?

Your fall academic schedule will be made for you based on your placement test scores, AP scores, and transfer credits. You will be able to make your own class schedule for the winter term and beyond.

I’ve taken AP classes, how might that affect my college schedule?

Based on the AP exams that you’ve taken and the scores that you received, your results may directly affect your course schedule. Your advisor will create the schedule that best meets your academic needs.

I was in a dual enrollment program or have taken college credits. Will those credits transfer to Drexel?

Yes, if you earn a “C” or better in a college level course, including those from dual enrollment programs, your credits may be eligible to transfer into Drexel University. Please send your official transcripts to the College of Engineering Undergraduate Advising Center so we can evaluate them and let you know if you qualify for college credit.

When can I declare a minor?

Students are eligible to declare a minor once they have 30 earned credits here at Drexel.

How many credits does the average Engineering freshman take each quarter?

The average engineering student takes an 16-19 credits, or about seven classes per quarter during their first year. Please see the University Catalog for more detailed information.

What’s the difference between a quarter and a semester?

Drexel operates on a quarter term system, which means students are in classes for 10 weeks at a time, unlike most schools, which have 15-week semesters. These 10-week quarters mean a fast-paced, challenging, and engaging experience here at Drexel!

When can I start taking electives?

You may have room in your schedule to take electives in the fall term if you’ve received AP or transfer credit for some of your core courses. However, it is not recommended that freshman take more than 15-17 credits in their first term while they are transitioning to college, so electives may have to wait. Please see the University Catalog for more detailed information about your academic plan.

Do you know anything about my roommate?

Unfortunately, the UAC is not involved with the roommate process. The Housing Office will send you your roommate information as soon as it becomes available.

Am I required to have a computer and, if so, what kind?

Yes! Laptops are required so that you can use them in labs. PC's are preferred as some of the engineering software you will encounter will not run in macOS. Detailed specifications for engineering students are available here.

Can I study abroad and still do co-ops?

Drexel offers several study + co-op abroad options (such as CIDH in Costa Rica, UAS7 in Germany, ESCE in France, and Swinburne in Australia). Because of the academic calendar of these programs, it is often necessary for students to re-arrange their co-op and academic cycles in order to complete both aspects of the study + co-op. If you are interested in one of the study + co-op options, it is critical to meet with both a Study Abroad and Co-op Advisor during your freshman year.

Have more questions?

Contact the Undergraduate Advising Center at or 215-895-2211 and we’d be happy to answer them for you!