Should a student perform poorly, he or she may be placed on academic probation or dismissed from the University.

An undergraduate student will be placed on probation if either the term or cumulative GPA falls below the established 2.00 grade point average. Probation requires that a student meet with his or her academic advisor to explore strategies for improvement.

An undergraduate student who has three consecutive terms of Probation will be Academically Dismissed from the University. A student who earns a term or cumulative GPA less than 1.00 in any term is subject to Academic Dismissal.

If a student wishes to appeal their dismissal, the student must complete a Request for Reinstatement. A determination will be made by the College of Engineering and communicated to the student. Please refer to the University’s policy on Academic Standing for more information.

If, after a dismissal, a student chooses to attend another college or university and then seek readmission to Drexel, the College of Engineering requires the student to complete a number of credits with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. The number of credits as well as the subjects the student takes will be determined in advance of this external coursework by the Committee on Academic Standing.